Giu 19 2009, 9:33

Thu 18 Jun – Metro Station, The Giant Leap

Oh my FUCKING god, last night was... Amazing!! Seriously, definitely one of the best nights AND days ever... My feet&legs hurt like shit, voice is a bit gone, head hurts, back hurts... Pretty much every fucking place hurts. But last night, Metro Station... Was definitely worth it. Just wow... Can't wait to see them again!!
OK, sure it could've lasted longer... Not sure how long it actually was, maybe 40mins or something... But still, those 40mins were pretty much heavenly (big lol for the word "heavenly") but that is what it was.


  • equilibrium1337

    haha he listens to The Acacia Strain, fuckin deathcore xD nice!

    Giu 22 2009, 0:08
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