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BLOG (Polish)

1st track: Aerosmith - The Other Side
500th track: Sum 41 - Nothing on My Back
1000th track: Sum 41 - Ride the Chariot to the Devil
1500th track: Carlos Santana - Satellite (Spanish Version)
2000th track: Blink-182 - Go
2500th track: Scorpions - Humanity
3000th track: Sum 41 - Still Waiting
3500th track: The Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper
4000th track: Queen - Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)
4500th track: Tina Turner - The Best
5000th track: R.E.M. - E-Bow the Letter
5500th track: INXS - Heaven Sent
6000th track: Green Day - Know Your Enemy
6500th track: Quiet Riot - Winners Take All
7000th track: Bad Religion - What It Is
7500th track: Nazareth - Turn On Your Reciever
8000th track: Guns N' Roses - IRS
8500th track: Chris de Burgh - Last Night
9000th track: The Offspring - Black Ball
9500th track: Led Zeppelin - Wearing and Tearing
10000th track: Green Day – Good Riddance
10500th track: P. Houston & Billy Joe - Angel And The Jerk
11000th track: O.N.A. - Jestem silna
11500th track Bad Religion - Slaves
12000th track: Distemper - Кислое вино
12500th track: Queen - Love of my life
13000th track: Bryan Adams - Run to you
13500th track: Green Day- Holiday
14000th track: Sex Pistols- E.M.I
14500th track: Cinderella- Make Your Own Way
15000th track: Green Day- Ha Ha You're Dead
15500th track: Green Day- ¡Viva La Gloria!
16000th track: Bad Religion- Slumber
16500th track: Nickelback- I Don't Have
17000th track: Sum41- A.N.I.C
17500th track: Linkin Park -Hands Held High
18000th track: Ramones- I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
18500th track: Metallica- Enter Sandman
19000th track: Green Day- Basket Case
19500th track: Queen+Paul Rodgers-Through The Night
20000th track: Green Day- 21 Guns
20500th track: Ramones- Pet Sematary (single version)
21000th track: Cinderella- The More Things Change
21500th track: Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Deja Vu
22000th track: Red Hot Chili Peppers- Under The Bridge
22500th track: The Rolling Stones- Flip The Switch
23000th track: Kult- Idiota Stąd
23500th track: Gotthard- Immigrant Song
24000th track: The Rolling Stones- Mother's Little Helper
24500th track: Def Leppard- Ring of Fire
25000th track: Sum41- King Of Contradiction
25500th track: Gotthard- All We Are
26000th track: Freddie Mercury- Let's Turn It On
26500th track: El Canto Del Loco- Super Héroe
27000th track: Theory of a Deadman- Not Meant To Be
27500th track: Bruce Springsteen- Dancing In The Dark
28000th track: The Corrs- Angel
28500th track: Nightwish- Wishmaster
29000th track: Madsen- Verschwende dich nicht
29500th track: Chylińska- Wieczny Problem
30000th track: Green Day- Strangeland
30500th track: Def Leppard- Don't Believe a Word
31000th track: Quiet Riot- I'm Fallin'
31500th track: The Clash- I Fought The Law
32000th track: Bad Religion- Sensory Overload
32500th track: The Corrs- Only When I Sleep
33000th track: Edyta Bartosiewicz- Ostatni
33500th track: Distemper- Кислое вино
34000th track: Janis Joplin- Try
34500th track: Joan Jett- I love rock&roll
35000th track: Green Day- Jackass
35500th track: YUI- Please Stay with Me
36000th track: Hey i Chylińska- Angelene
36500th track: Mötley Crüe- Kickstart My Heart
37000th track: John Williams- Haunted Brownstone
37500th track: El Canto del Loco- Escuela de calor
38000th track: Jerry Lee Lewis- Wild One (Real Wild Child)
38500th track: Gotthard- Movin' On
39000th track: Sum41- Welcome To Hell
39500th track: Guns N' Roses- Bad Obsession
40000th track: Michael Jackson- Billie Jean
40500th track: Sum41- Never Wake Up
41000th track: Sam Phillips- Reflecting Light
41500th track: Rancid- Blackhawk Down
42000th track: Aerosmith- Fallen Angels
42500th track: Nirvana- Plateau
43000th track: Duff McKagan- Hope
43500th track: Skid Row- Rattlesnake Shake
44000th track: The Offspring- Demons
44500th track: Aerosmith- Three Mile Smile
45000th track: Europe- On The Loose
45500th track: Gotthard- Everything I Want
46000th track: Emily's Army- Broadcast This
46500th track: Blink-182- TV
47000th track: Ramones- I Can't Give You Anything
47500th track: Pernice Brothers- Clear Spot
48000th track: Guns n' Roses- It's so easy
48500th track: DJ Ashba- Ballad of Death
49000th track: Sixx:A.M.- Accidents Can Happen
49500th track: Izzy Stradlin- Gone
50000th track: Cinderella- Back home again
50500th track: Sum41- Thanks for nothing
51000th track: Ashba- Walk - Don't run
51500th track: Black Sabbath- Breakout
52000th track: Deep Purple- You fool no one
52500th track: Sum41- Still waiting
53000th track: The Clash- London's burning
53500th track: Led Zeppelin- D'yer Mak'er
54000th track: Sixx:A.M.- Heart Failure
54500th track: Aerosmith- Rats in the Cellar
55000th track: Paramore- Miracle
55500th track: Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams
56000th track: Green Day- When I Come Around
56500th track: Sixx:A.M.-Lies of the beautiful people
57000th track: Rancid- Start now
57500th track: Sixx:A.M.- Tomorrow
58000th track: The Clash- Tommy Gun
58500th track: Skid Row- Get the Fuck Out
59000th track: Scorpions- Love Em Or Leave Em
59500th track: Skid Row- Mudkicker
60000th track: Metallice- Through the Never
60500th track: R.E.M.-The Great Beyond
61000th track: Papa Roach- Lifeline
61500th track: Steel Panther- Gold-Digging Whore
62000th track: Steel Panther- Fat Girl
62500th track: Iron Maiden- The Numer of The Beast
63000th track: Gotthard- Blackberry Way
63500th track: Papa Roach- Never Said It
64000th track: Dire Straits- On Every Street
64500th track: Steel Panther- Death to all but metal
65000th track: Green Day- Homecoming
65500th track: The Pretty Reckless- Hit me like a man
66000th track: Green Day- Longview
66500th track: Rod Stewart- You're in my heart
67000th track: Guns n' Roses- 14 years
67500th track: ASHBA- Who I am
68000th track: Motley Crue- All in the name of...
68500th track: Janis Joplin- Move over
69000th track: The Pretty Reckless- U make me wanna die
69500th track: Pop Evil- Last Man Standing
70000th track: Sixx: A.M.- Intermission
70500th track: Sixx: A.M.- Help is on the way
71000th track: Green Day- ¡Viva la Gloria!
71500th track: Sixx:A.M.- Smile
72000th track: Green Day- Fuck Time
72500th track: Queen- Too Much Love Will Kill You
73000th track: Queen- I Was Born to Love You
73500th track: Sum41- Over My Head
74000th track: Ramones- Blitzkrieg Bop
74500th track: All Time Low-Remembering Sunday
75000th track: Nickelback- Figured You Out
75500th track: All Time Low- Damned If I Do Ya
76000th track: Steel Panther- I Want It That Way
76500th track: Cinderella – Shelter Me
77000th track: Steel Panther- Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
77500th track: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons- Big Girls Don't Cry
78000th track: Iron Maiden- Run to the Hills
78500th track: Blink-182- The Rock Show
79000th track: All Time Low- The Girl's a Straight-Up Hustler
79500th track: Cinderella- Gypsy Road (live)
80000th track: Dirty Dancing- Hungry Eyes
80500th track: Alice Cooper- Feed My Frankenstein
81000th track: El Canto del Loco- Acabado en A

The most important concerts I've been to:

O.N.A. - 07.2001 [Gdańsk, Poland]
Guns N' Roses - 11.07.2012 [Rybnik, Poland]
Chemia - 11.07.2012 [Rybnik, Poland]
Scorpions - 31.08.2012 [Wrocław, Poland]
Green Day - 18.06.2013 [Łódź, Poland]
All Time Low - 18.06.2013 [Łódź, Poland]
Steel Panther - 24.02.2014 [Warsaw, Poland]
Exlibris - 24.02.2014 [Warsaw, Poland]
Chemia - 16.03.2014 [Poznań, Poland]
Aerosmith - 12.06.2014 [Łódź, Poland]
Walking Papers - 12.06.2014 [Łódź, Poland]
The Treatment - 12.06.2014 [Łódź, Poland]
Alter Bridge - 12.06.2014 [Łódź, Poland]
Iron Maiden - 24.06.2014 [Poznań, Poland]
Ghost - 24.06.2014 [Poznań, Poland]
Slayer - 24.06.2014 [Poznań, Poland] (SO BORING, DON'T GO IF YOU CONSIDER GOING!!)
Of Mice & Men - 03.07.2014 [Poznań, Poland]
Blink-182 - 15.08.2014 [Prague, Czech Republic]
A Wilhelm Scream - 15.08.2014 [Prague, Czech Republic]

Going to see in 2015:
Steel Panther - 24.03.2015 [Berlin, Germany]
Def Leppard - 19.05.2015 [Warsaw, Poland]
AC/DC - 25.07.2015 [Warsaw, Poland]

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