I seen live:


Gen 24 2010, 14:42

Bands, which I saw live:

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9mm Assi Rock´n´Roll (at G.O.N.D. 09)

Adept (at Summer Breeze 2011)
Agathodaimon (at Ragnarök 7)
Agnostic Front (at Victim in Pain)
Agrypnie (at Ragnarök 8) ---> [Trophy: 1 Plectrum]
Akrea (at Ragnarök 7)
Alpha Galates (at Rock im Park 08)
Alter Bridge (at Rock im Park 08)
Amorphis (at Summer Breeze 2011)
Arafel (at Paganfest 2011 and Ragnarök 8) ---> [Trophy: Helge Stang's T-Shirt]
Arch Enemy (at Summer Breeze 2011)
Arkona (at Ragnarök 7)

Basanos (at Road to Redemption Tour 2011)
Battlelore (at Ragnarök 8)
Belphegor (at Ragnarök 7 and Metal Invasion IV) ---> [Trophy: 1 Plectrum]
BlackShore (at Ragnarök 8)
Bullet for My Valentine (at Rock im Park 08)

Call To Preserve (at Victim in Pain)
Crimfall (at Death Tyrants - Tour 2011)
Ctulu (at Ragnarök 8)

David Garrett (at Rock Symphonies Summer Tour 2011)
Death Angel (at Christmas Metal Festival 2010)
Debauchery (at Metal Invasion IV)
Demonical (at Summer Breeze 2011)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (at Christmas Metal Festival 2010)
Die Toten Hosen (at Rock im Park 08)
Disturbed (at Rock im Park 08)
Do Or Die (at Victim in Pain)
Dust Bolt (at Kairos European Summer Tour 2011)

Ektomorf (at What doesn't kill X-Mas..., Metal Invasion IV and Road to Redemption Tour 2011) ---> [Trophy: 1 Plectrum]
Eluveitie (at Metal Invasion IV and Paganfest 2011) ---> [Trophy: 1 Plectrum]
Emancer (at Metal Invasion IV)
Emil Bulls (at 18. Pösinger Open-Air, Phoenix-Tour 2009 and Summer Breeze 2011)
Engel in Zivil (at G.O.N.D. 09)
Enkelz (at G.O.N.D. 09)
Ensiferum (at Ragnarök 7 and Heidenfest 2010)
Equilibrium (at Ragnarök 7, Heidenfest 2010 and Neckbreaker's Ball 2011) ---> [Trophy: 1 Plectrum]
Exodus (at Christmas Metal Festival 2010)

Finntroll (at Christmas Metal Festival 2010)
Frei.Wild (at G.O.N.D. 09)
F.U.C.K. (at G.O.N.D. 09)

Glorreiche Halunken (at G.O.N.D. 09)
Gorgoroth (at Ragnarök 7)
Gorthaur's Wrath (at Road to Redemption Tour 2011)
Grailknights (at Ragnarök 7)

Haggard (at Ragnarök 7)
HammerFall (at Summer Breeze 2011)
Hämatom (at What doesn't kill X-Mas...)
Hatebreed (at Summer Breeze 2011)
Heathen Foray (at Ragnarök 7)
Heaven Shall Burn (at Christmas Metal Festival 2010)
Heidevolk (at Heidenfest 2010 and Paganfest 2011)

Ignis Fatuu (at Ragnarök 8)
Illdisposed (at Metal Invasion IV)
Imperium Dekadenz (at Ragnarök 7)
In Extremo (at Summer Breeze 2011)
In Flames (at Rock im Park 08)
Ingrimm (at Ragnarök 7)

J.B.O. (at Summer Breeze 2011)

Kalmah (at Metal Invasion IV)
Kampfar (at Summer Breeze 2011)
Kataklysm (at Neckbreaker's Ball 2011 and Summer Breeze 2011)
Kid Rock (at Rock im Park 08)
KIM? (at Phoenix-Tour 2009)
Kivimetsän Druidi (at Paganfest 2011)
kneipenterroristen (at G.O.N.D. 09)
Koma (at G.O.N.D. 09)
Korpiklaani (at Metal Invasion IV and Paganfest 2011)
Korzus (at Road to Redemption Tour 2011) ---> [Trophy: 1 Plectrum]
Krawallbrüder (at G.O.N.D. 09)

Leaf-fat (at Phoenix-Tour 2009)
Legion of the Damned (at Neckbreaker's Ball 2011) ---> [Trophy: 1 Plectrum]

Månegarm (at Neckbreaker's Ball 2011 and Ragnarök 8) ---> [Trophy: 1 Plectrum]
Marduk (at Summer Breeze 2011)
Marc Terenzi (at Awesome Clubtour 06)
Metallica (at Rock im Park 08)
Midnattsol (at Ragnarök 7)
Milking the Goatmachine (at Neckbreaker's Ball 2011)
Moonsorrow (at Paganfest 2011 and Death Tyrants - Tour 2011)

Nachtgeschrei (at Ragnarök 7)
Nightwish (at Rock im Park 08)

Orphaned Land (at Ragnarök 8)



Rage Against the Machine (at Rock im Park 08)
Ragnaröek (at Ragnarök 7)
Ravenlore (at Ragnarök 7)

Scared to Death (at Metal Invasion IV)
Sepultura (at Kairos European Summer Tour 2011) ---> [Trophy: 1 Drumstick and 1 Playlist-Paper]
Skyforger (at Ragnarök 7)
Sodom (at Metal Invasion IV and Summer Breeze 2011)
Sportfreunde Stiller (at Rock im Park 08)
Stereostoned (at Kairos European Summer Tour 2011)
Störte.Priester (at G.O.N.D. 09)
Suicidal Angels (at Christmas Metal Festival 2010)
SuidAkrA (at Ragnarök 7)
Swashbuckle (at Heidenfest 2010 and Summer Breeze 2011)

Tenside (at What doesn't kill X-Mas...)
The Offspring (at Rock im Park 08)
The Sorrow (at Summer Breeze 2011)
This Is Hell (at Victim in Pain)
Thyrfing (at Ragnarök 8)
Turisas (at Summer Breeze 2011)
Tuxedo (at Metal Invasion IV)
Twilight of the Gods (at Heidenfest 2010)
Týr (at Death Tyrants - Tour 2011)

Ultrawurscht (at Metal Invasion IV)
Unleashed (at Paganfest 2011)

Van Canto (at Ragnarök 7)
Varg (at Paganfest 2011)
Vreid (at Metal Invasion IV and Summer Breeze 2011)

Wilde Jungs (at G.O.N.D. 09)
Wolves in the Throne Room (at Ragnarök 7)





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