• AFI was absolutely AMAZING!!

    Ott 8 2009, 4:46

    Fri 2 Oct – AFI
    AFI's show was amazing! The opening band was Gallows. They were pretty good. When AFI came out, the place went INSANE! It was awesome! Davey came out with this awesome jacket on, but took it off after the first song or two (it was a little hot in the venue). They played so many great songs. They played some tracks form Crash Love, Decemberunderground, Sing the Sorrow, and even played Ny-Quil, a track from Answer That and Stay Fashionable. To top it all off they even played an unreleased track, On the Arrow! It was extra cool because it was the first time in a year and a half that AFI was touring the US, and their first stop was here in Minnesota! Bottom Line: perhaps the greatest show I have ever been to. Most highly reccomended.
    EPIC @ - Minneapolis,MN
    Fri, Oct 2, 2009

    Favorite moment: Four of 'em: Davey doing a front flip into the crowd, On the Arrow, The Leaving Song, Death of Seasons

    Setlist: Dancing Through Sunday, Ny-Quil, On the Arrow, The Leaving Song, The Leaving Song Pt. 2, God Called in Sick Today, Miss Murder, End Transmission, Veronica Sawyer Smokes, Love Like Winter, Kill Caustic, Death of Seasons, Girl's Not Grey, Silver and Cold, The Missing Frame, Medicate, The Torch Song, 6 to 8

    Opening act(s): Gallows