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Ago 17 2007, 17:30

How much time do you spend looking at your music?

I think I spend way too much time with iTunes and my iPod. I am constantly ordering, reordering, tweaking, updating, swapping tunes off and on the iPod, making a variety of playlists and smart playlists.

I've seen many versions of this type of sorting on various Users pages. Being a little bored and curious about the results, here are my Sorting results:

Alpha sort by song name:
First: Abandoned Masquerade / Diana Krall
Genre: Jazz
Last: 9 AM / Crash Season Remedy
Genre: Emo/Pop

Alpha sort by artist name:
First: The Abdomen / Summer Rain
Genre: Alternative Rock
Last: !!! / Hello? Is This Thing On?
Genre: Alternative Rock

Alpha sort by album name:
First: Acoustic Heart / Adrian Gurvitz / The Journey
Genre: New Age
Last: 80 / B.B. King / Rock This House (feat. Elton John) (live)
Genre: Blues

Alpha sort by genre name:
First: The Truck Got Stuck / Corb Lund
Genre: Alternative Country
Last: Girl From Ipanema (feat. Jao Gilberto) / Stan Getz
Genre: World

Sort by duration:
First: Then / O.A.R.
Genre: Folk/Rock
Time: :08
Last: Mountain Jam (live) / The Allman Brothers Band
Genre: Jam Band
Time: 33:36

italics = song name

The above results are based on the music I listen to while I toil away at my job...oh, the horror!

Here are similar results based on the music I listen to at home:

Alpha sort by song name:
First: '04 Ed. / Shotgun & Jaybird
Genre: Indie Rock
Last: Zurich Is Stained / Pavement
Genre: Alternative Rock

Alpha sort by artist name:
First: 'N Sync / Bye Bye Bye (...yeah, yeah, reality bytes; it was somewhat magical in it's time; certainly disposable, but it caught a lot of ears...I think?)
Genre: Pop
Last: ZZZZ / Bandit King And Queen
Genre: Indie Rock

Alpha sort by album name:
First: '60's Groovy Hits / Wayne Fontana / A Groovy Kind Of Love (...old school, eh??)
Genre: Oldies
Last: Zoysia / The Bottle Rockets / Mountain To Climb (...of course there were all those durn "no-name" albums that filled the end of my list! Work with me and allow me to drop them into oblivion...I'm working on the naming thingy, but I can't seem to fill in the blanks!!)
Genre: Country

Alpha sort by genre name:
First: Hot Sake / 00 Soul
Genre: Acid Jazz
Last: It's Getting Late / Buckwheat Zydeco (dag, more "no genre" filling the end of my list...please ignore the obvious?)
Genre: Zydeco/Cajun

Sort by duration:
First: The Burning Land / The Apes
Genre: Rock
Time: 0:00 (although looking at the file size, it wants to be about 12 mins. long...I guess I gotta look into that!!)
Last: Concert Très Très Privé (live) / Texas
Genre: Rock
Time: 47:47 (whoa, a whole live set in one file...sweet!)

italics = song name

FWIW, the biggest difference is that I'm tracking <4000 songs at work and >19,000 songs at home.


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