Pick a song and answer the questions (yes, I'm doing this too)


Dic 11 2010, 13:56

So... Found it on a couple of people's profiles, decided it's a nice thing to try out:

Pick your favorite singer or band and answer the questions with names of his / her songs. That's a good way to discover new music from your friends.

Chosen Artist: Scorpions

1. Are you a man or a woman? Robot Man

2. Describe yourself: Raised On Rock

3. What do people think about you? Deep And Dark

4. Your last relationship: Lonesome Crow

5. Your current relationship: I've Got To Be Free

6. Where would you like to be right now? Alien Nation

7. What do you think about love? No Pain, No Gain

8. How is your life? Crazy World

9. Make a wish: Send Me An Angel

10. A wise quote: Love'em Or Leave'em

11. To finish: Let's Rock!
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