Reasons why I shouldn't sign up to Facebook!


Ott 28 2007, 12:40

My friends make it difficult for me to keep in touch with them. They're never on MSN, they don't respond to shoutbox comments, they rarely reply to texts, and I'm too lazy to email them. I know for a fact that they're all on facebook, so surely signing up would be ideal?

Facebook goes against everything I believe in. It's self serving, super lazy, inflates egos, and at my university takes on an almost maniacal dimension. In any computer room, almost everyone is using it at the same time, and interrupting my dissertation work with whatever shit is funny on there. What's more, it's Microsoft owned (boooo!). Plus:
Goodbye Privacy!


Facebook sends you porn!


  • El_Paulo

    All true, but it's still better than Myspace. If you set your privacy settings right and ignore all the useless applications people send you, then you can achieve your aim of keeping in touch with people and not be weighed down by all the extra bullshit that goes with it. The reason I never got a Myspace account was because of the terrible webpages it produced, the constant errors, the ego-whoring, the spamming and endless useless crap that cluttered up peoples pages. Facebook gets rid of most of that. It's not perfect, but it's the best thing around at the moment for keeping in touch the way you've suggested. Also, you can play scrabble!!!

    Ott 31 2007, 21:32
  • EctoDave

    Keep it on the DL, but I just reactivated my account (yes, i had already signed up to facebook for shame) and found that Phil had uploaded zero photos of him and I at our graduation, which I found a little bit poo. I like your points, so I was just thinking of whether I prefer MySpace or what I've just viewed on Facebook, and to be honest I reckon I could live without either of them, so I'm not sure why I had a big rant in the first place. Maybe it was hearing someone using the word 'Facebooked'.

    Nov 5 2007, 15:11
  • Koalaspirit

    yes I agree....I also do not use facebook. And I agree to that my Dissertation will be definitly is already time consuming enough, and more intresting :-) All that music, I always have to search for new things during work ;-)

    Feb 28 2008, 19:49
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