• Simply Amazing.

    Nov 27 2009, 5:17

    Thu 26 Nov – Pixies (1 a.m. show)

    I still can't believe I saw the Pixies last night, I just can't get over it. From hearing various bootlegs over the years I was expecting a great show...what I got was a life changing experience.

    Seeing the Pixies was like seeing some mythical creature like Bigfoot, it's just something that you can't believe until you see it in person.

    The band looked to truly be enjoying themselves which is a plus for me and some of the songs they did just sent chills up my spine.

    The 5 minute "Into The White" was mind blowing and hypnotizing at the same time. Every song was good and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

    Overall I'd give this show a 10/10. Simply Perfect.