• Hybrid is back

    Set 28 2006, 16:19

    It's already been seven years since Hybrid's first album, Wide Angle. And now it finally has gotten a decent follower with I Choose Noise. Wide Angle was an excellent album in almost every aspect and I liked pretty much all the tracks on it. Morning Sci-Fi had too much (bad) vocals for my taste and some of the tracks were really monotonous so I was disappointed with it. I never bought it but I thought I'd give Hybrid another chance and got me I Choose Noise.

    And to my surprise, the album is very good. It has some male vocals I don't like (Hybrid shouldn't use Perry Farrel for the vocals because he sounds boring and depressed), but since everything else I like Hybrid for is there, it really isn't a big problem. The big strings and the epic feeling Hybrid has is just great. I also like how the tracks have lots of going on on the background.

    I was also surprised to see that Harry Gregson-Williams has been helping with composing and orchestration on this album.