The Invaluable Darkness Tour 5/19/07 Soma San Diego, CA


Mag 20 2007, 18:32

Sat 19 May – Dimmu Borgir, Unearth, DevilDriver, Kataklysm

Last nights show was such freakin awesome. One of the best shows I have ever been to. Kataklysm came on and destroyed, best reaction to an opening act I have seen. They really got the place going.

DevilDriver, a band I was not expecting much from, was the most pleasant surprise of the night. They really put on an awesome show, really full of energy and fun. At the end of the show, DevilDriver got the biggest pit I have ever been in. It was the biggest circle pit I have ever seen. I jumped in and it went on for the whole end of their set. It got me really fucking ready to see Dimmu Borgir.

Unearth came on next, they were definitly the weakest show of the night. They played a few songs, and kinda left abrubtly, it looked as though some thing happened and they had to leave early. Oh well because....

Dimmu Borgir was coming up. They came out to a smoke filled set, and ominous lighting to be had. They came out firing with Prognencies of the Great Apocalypse and followed it up with.....

Vredesbyrd! My favorite fucking Dimmu song. They went on to play a lot of older stuff too, which was awesome! I really was expecting a lot of the new album. The only songs they played from the new album was The Serpentine Offering, and the second track, it is slipping my mind for the moment. They closed out the night with an encore of Spellbound and Mourning Palace, a fitting end to a great night.

I was pretty close to the front the whole show, and it was pretty damn rough. I got elbowed a couple times, kicked in the face by a crowd surfer, and almost got in a fight with this chick that kept starting shit with everybody. All in all....

It was a fucking blast!


  • FiNNTroLL557

    yeah mourning palace was fucking sick

    Mag 20 2007, 21:20
  • Invalidation

    I actually stayed in the lobby for Unearth to rest for Dimmu (that, and I was advised that they weren't very good). I'm glad to hear I wasn't missing much.

    Mag 21 2007, 7:06
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