• Fletcher Honorama - the making of EJ Norman's cover

    Lug 7 2008, 16:52

    In the middle of 2007, a good friend of mine, Kev Hook, contacted me about a Sparks compilation he was putting together. He was particularly excited because this project, "A Rainbow Over the Freeway" had been given the green light by the Mael brothers themselves!

    He asked me if I'd like to submit a track for consideration, and, being a Sparks fan myself, I said I'd be honoured. Did he have any suggestions, I asked, aware that some of the more popular tracks may have been nabbed! He said he could really hear me doing a version of Simple Ballet from Sparks eponymous debut album.

    So, I dusted off the vinyl that I'd inherited from my mum, and relistened to the whole album. Simple Ballet passed me by, but Fletcher Honorama, a track I hadn't listened to in years, suddenly jumped off the player and I could hear, almost immediately, how I could give it the EJ Norman treatment.

    Some days and time spent at the computer later, I played the semi-finished backing track to my writing partner, Richard Blandford. Together we stripped down the track, pulling out and refining the best elements, (the repeated synth riff, the strange "boing" noises, the electro drums, and so on....) and honing the overall sound, until we had the bare bones to lay my vocal on.

    Next the recording of the vocals, in Kev Hook's tiny home studio, and there, amongst the ashtrays and Kev's gentle praise, the vocal was recorded and polished.

    Back home, myself and Richard continued with the final mix, adding vocal effects, and polishing the sound, until the track finally sparkled and the vocals seemed to glide over the backing.

    The track went back to Kev and his team for mastering and pressing, to become the version you can hear on the final Rainbow Over the Freeway album, released in November 2007.

  • Joining Last FM

    Lug 6 2008, 20:43

    Well, here I am, early July 2008, and I've just joined Last FM. I'd heard the hype, I'd seen the website, and now, finally, I've got round to joining.

    And, I have to say, I'm fast becoming a convert!

    Within a few hours I met someone who was into my own music, listened to some great tracks by other artists, and got my whole music collection out there, shared with the world.

    It seems to be a really fun way to share your musical taste and find new listeners for your own music.

    I think I'm gonna like it here.....