Gen 23 2007, 22:06

I finally discovered how to scrobble the tracks from iTunes to tha Last.fm software. Easy? Yes, but I had missed one little detail in the installation procedure... DUH!

So now I can, at last, play the tracks I want to play instead of just the ones I discover as I tune in to the radio. Discovery is great though...

I also found a way to make people read my journal, and some of my neighbours said hello. Everybody's friendly. Nice community this is. Discussions about music can really start conversations between strangers... It's a really emotional, sometimes even religious, thing. When I want to get to know somebody, both in real life and on the net, I ask about his or her taste in music before I ask what the person does for a living.

So what have I scrobbled today? I played some not-so-known Swedish songs (mostly Eurovision stuff, for those of you who know what I'm talking about) but I also made sure to add some more of my favourites Woven Hand and Songs:Ohia to my chart statistics. I want people to know my background as much as my new discoveries... If anybody gives a darn! :-)

One of my new neighbours was happy that I listened to both Lcd Sound System and Steely Dan. Steely is a long-time classic, but LCD... Can't remember scrobbling that, must be when I listened to some radio. Will listen more closely.

While checking out what my friends were scrobbling, I found Blanche. Another lovely, sleazy redneck band. There is a husband and wife, just like the sweeter and neater Victoria Williams and Mark Olson.

Steve Adey is a beautiful singer-songwriter, the kind that paints atmospheric landscapes. Brian Eno-ballads? Always appreciated.

Playing my recommendation-radio today, I scrobbled Travel by Sea twice in quite a short time. I take that as a hint, and I downloaded all the free mp3s I could find. It was a correct recommendation as well, just the kind of americana I prefer the most. Made me think of Shearwater for some reason.

Must sleep now...


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