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Dic 15 2008, 19:03

Yes! One of the top groups on my "See before I, I mean they, die" list. I caught the first announcement of their tour, and then the cancellation announcement due to Jon's voice, but completely missed the announcement of the tour sans Jon.

So today I'm reading yesterday's paper (spent the day on the road for one of The Bunkie's gymnastics meets), and I see they're playing in Clearwater tonight! Can't get a sitter, but The Blonde says, "If you don't mind going alone, go!" There is no better wife. I said, "See you around midnight," and she said, "I won't wait up."

Oh, and it's Rick's son Oliver on keyboards, and I read that the vocalist has the chops, so I'm looking forward to a great show with a great view: row J, seat 19, just three seats stage left of dead center (I guess I'm not the only one who didn't know about the show)! Better not forget my earplugs (tough to be an old fart)!


  • JoeIsListening

    Yay! I'm glad you're getting to see them finally. I got to see them on the Going for the One tour, with Rick on keys. I was at the peak of my Yes fandom then, and that was my favorite album of theirs at the time, so it was a good show for the. The only one that could have been better was with Horn and Downes for the Drama tour a couple years later, but I missed it. Of course, you'll have to give us a complete report on the show. I've seen some YouTube clips of the fill-in singer, and his vocal resemblance to Anderson is amazing. This should be a cool show because I've heard they're going to throw in some songs from Drama, which Anderson refuses to sing.

    Dic 16 2008, 14:06
  • PMaz

    Very cool. I do remember reading all about the new vocalist. I also remember that Squire said it would give them an opportunity to play songs that Jon vetoed. Curious to know what they might have played that might not be so familiar. If I was still living in Safety Harbor, I would have went with you. Unless tickets were over $75 each. I can't see going to see a different vocalist for that much. I saw Yes on the "Talk" tour and though I am probably in the minority, I liked that lineup. But I DID take my wife and she claims to hate Yes, though I know she likes a few songs. I remember Jon was in some one piece jump suit constantly clapping his hands and Squire looked hideous in his ALL grey outfit with big, tan boots. But they sounded great and, like you, I was just happy to see them before I died. I actually had tickets to ABWH when I was in college, but when I drove back home to see them (about a 2.5 hour drive), I found out the show was canceled because Howe was sick. But then I did get to see Howe at Ruth Eckerd Hall when Asia did the 25th anniversary tour. So all is good.

    Dic 16 2008, 18:01
  • DudeTheMath

    I'll be posting a review shortly. I could have easily gotten a cheaper ticket, but I went for the $75 one (mostly because it was only me, so I didn't have to justify paying over $100; of course, once TicketMaster got their inconvenience fees, it was over $90). And to get ninth row center? Totally worth it.

    Dic 17 2008, 1:25
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