Another Top Ten thing...


Ott 2 2006, 1:57

1.AFI(first love and forever)
First Song: "girls not grey"
Fell in Love With: "Malleus Maleficarum"
Current Favorite: "Today's Lesson"

2.The Smiths
First Song: "How Soon Is Now"
Fell in Love With: "Ask"
Current Favorite: "William, It Was Really Nothing"

First Song: "All The Things She Said"
Fell in Love With: "Stars"
Current Favorite: "Ya Tvoi Vrag"

First Song: "Heart of Glass"
Fell in Love With: "Rip Her to Shreds"
Current Favorite: "Denis"

5. Tiger Army
First Song: "rose in the devil's garden"
Fell in Love With: "True Romance"
Current Favorite: "Swift Silent Deadly"

6.The Misfits
First Song: "The Last Caress"
Fell in Love With: "The Last Caress"
Current Favorite: "Eagles Dare"

7. Tegan and Sara
First Song: "So Jealous"
Fell in Love With: "Living Room"
Current Favorite: "Take Me Anywhere"

8. Scarling
First Song: "baby dracula"
Fell in Love With: "Hello London"
Current Favorite: "We Are the Music Makers"

9. Fear Before The March Of Flames
First Song: "On the Brightside She Could Choke"
Fell in Love With: "On the Brightside She Could Choke"
Current Favorite: "Go Wash Your Mouth Out...I Don't Know Where It's Been"

10. Flyleaf
First Song: "Fully Alive"
Fell in Love With: "Cassie"
Current Favorite: "Perfect"


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