My Mega-Week!


Feb 20 2009, 22:45

It seems that each time Megadeth hit the shores of our little island here, I need more!

The first time I saw them (2005, BTU tour) I saw them just the one time. The second time I caught them, I went to 2 (Download and London), the 3rd time 3 times (Nottingham, Birmingham and Manchester) and finally this recent "Priest Feast" which I caught 4 of the shows (Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester and the Newcastle Headliner). It'll be only fitting that next time, I attempt 5 of the shows, haha.

As per usual, it's been fantastic! There's a definate energy to Megadeth live that's unparallelled. Of course you know that Dave's gunna go to the right hand side of the stage and headbang furiously during the fast part of In My Darkest Hour, of course you know Dave's not gunna sing the Peace Sells chorus (opting for the lyrics "Let me hear you sing" and "Sing, LOUDER!") and many other "choreographed" Mega-moments, but each time you see them, it still seems special and worth seeing again and again!

The setlist will be a great introduction to those hearing Megadeth for the first time, and it's suited perfectly for the die hards as well.

Overall, my favorite show was the Manchester show, but each were fantastic. Of course I may be slightly biased, but the Apollo is one of my favorite venues, somewhere I hope Megadeth get the oppertunity to headline on the tour supporting "Studio Record Number 12". The Manchester show was also the show I got to meet the band again, so there may be a bit of a weight leaning towards this in terms of preference...

Newcastle was ace because it was the headliner, and we got the added gems of Ashes in Your Mouth, Kick the Chair and others.

Birmingham was a nightmare to drive to, but great in the end. Pretty cool to see a Judas Priest home town show, and a surprising amount of attractive young females...

Sheffield was the first I attended, and so the most "surprising" as such.

It's been a fantastic week, been great catching up with my buddy Willie (Megadeth road crew), seeing my favorite band, meeting them again, trying out different venues around the country, eating lots of fast food (gotta love the Colonel, King and Ronald, haha) and the added bonus of seeing Testament and Judas Priest a ton too!

Thanks for an awesome week Megadeth, you're welcome back any time!


My meet and greet photos:


  • matt551188

    Megadeth 10 times :O I salute you sir. And i agree there were alot of attractive females at the bham priest feast gig !, did you think it [bham gig] was a little empty during testament and megadeth? It seemed REALLY quiet during testament to me!

    Feb 21 2009, 0:43
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