new 2cd ___dREàgänN|||||| album & Pale Tongues album!


Ago 25 2010, 14:43

2 new albums released on Sarutra's Music, one a 3" album by newcomer Pale Tongues, the other is in a special new format by ___dREàgänN|||||| and a lot of other artists contributing.

SMlp001: ___dREàgänN|||||| - Reincarnation
With the release of this album, we're starting off a new type of release here at Sarutra's Music, dubbed the "lp". 2-cd albums in a self-constructed cardboard mini version of a double-lp album. Given that you can see a third 3" disc, that's just an exception on the format. Prices for tehse albums are a little higher than regular albums (10€), but that stands to reason, as you get 2 cd's and it comes in a very nice handmade package.
The first disc contains a 2 brand new tracks, called Reincarnation, which is also the title of the album. It mostly contains analogue noise, recorded in numerous locations, mixed in with some digitally created home sampling. There is an apparent use of both ambient and field recordings, and harsh wall noise, even in one and the same track.
The second disc contains tracks made by other artists, using material previously created by ___dREàgänN|||||| in some sort of remix kind of way, which is of course nonsense in the noise scene. There's a good variety in the genre the different artists play, from dark ambient to harsh wall noise and everything in between. The artists are, in order of appearance:Hanachirusato, Fukte, The Mist Toggles, Taklamakan, Catacombs of Doom, Kamikaze Deadboy, [C.T.D.], Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo, and METEK.
The extra 3" disc contains a remake of ___dREàgänN||||||'s album Spring Mechanical Bird by noisician RedSK. Initially RedSK a remix by playing the album an recording live guitar and bass over it. After that he put those remixes through a sequencer and into an amp, accompanied by various metal object inside metal boxes, some delay pedals, guitar and bass, a broken microphone, and he surrounded a tape recorder with 4 amps and did a live mashup remix of the original remixes. Everything was recorded straight to tape live and then transferred to wav.
This is limited to 25 copies.

SMph025: Pale Tongues - Self Contained (3")
Newcomer in the Power Electronics music scene Pale Tongues rages through his Sarutran debut on this 3" mini-album. I will refrain from making comparisons with Whitehouse, because that would be a step down. Pale Tongues brings a new level of intricacy to what has become a rather dull and uninspired genre nowadays. The low rumbling brushes through the thick lush forest of high screeching pedal manipulations, without ever feeling too familiar with stuff you already heard before. A first listening sets the grounds for extraordinary noise pleasure, at a second listening though, genre-specific manipulations become apparent. 5 tracks. 25 copies.

price (postage paid):
regular album: 6€
price/album decreases when more are bought (this includes all titles, except for the Season Box): 2=10€, 3=12€.
lp album: 10€
price for multiple purchases: contact me.

If you have any questions or want to order, email @ or leave me a private message here.

Also available:
SMph003: Dotåbåtå - Cloudburst
SMph006: Reaching. - Châtelperronian Industry
SMph007: Smetnja - Beautiful Imprint
SMph009: N.R.Y.Y. - [kuro]
SMph010: 1+1= a window - A Cunt Amongst Gods (3")
SMph011: Saturn Form Essence - Philosophy Of Chaos Structure (3")
SMph012: Earth Incubator / ___dREàgänN|||||| - Loli Treasures (3")
SMph014: Whitewater Orgasm - Lust Year
SMph015: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - A Gathering Of Geminis
SMph016: Fear And Aghast - Troubled Thoughts
SMph017: the mist toggles / Baron Knoxburry - Unconventional
SMph020: Julia LaDense - Sexy Noises
SMph021: ___dREàgänN|||||| - Music For A Winged Man
SMph022: 1+1= a window - Black & Red (3")
SMph023: Saturn Form Essence/Corpoparassita/+C+P+B+ - Nothing Compared To The Rest
SMph024: Earth Incubator - Wake Up

Meer lezen:
Fukte & Ezcaton - Season box

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  • sxesven

    LP thing looks good!

    Ago 25 2010, 21:09
  • logbut

    ooh i want one of each!

    Ago 28 2010, 5:22
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