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Nov 4 2009, 16:57

New releases from Sarutra's Music:

SMph010: 1+1= a window - A Cunt Amongst Gods (3")

The second Sarutran release covering artist 1+1= a window is a textbook example of digital noisism. Straight forward harshness from the depths of a deteriorating motherboard. You shouldn't buy this one for its improvised (or better: random) pedal bended pretentiousness, which it lacks, but for its delicate details, shifting unnoticeable in the background. Limited to 20.

SMph011: Saturn Form Essence - Philosophy Of Chaos Structure (3")

We are proud to present our first dark ambient release. Space themed, we embark on a cold journey into the known territory of rumbling ambient tummy noises. Space-suit-up because these soundscapes will leave you breathless without your protective helmet. 20 minutes of real alien adventures, unfortunately in your own home, everyone will hear you scream... Limited to 20.

SMph012: Earth Incubator / ___dREàgänN|||||| - Loli Treasures (3")

___dREàgänN|||||| returns with fellow craftsman Earth Incubator, providing us with a loli-themed split album. Loli Treasures features luscious Japanese samples intertwined with digibient droplets of sound (Earth Incubator part) and distorted phallic flute frenzy (___dREàgänN|||||| part). Limited to 20.

SMph013: Fukte & Ezcaton - Season box pt.2 (Summer)

The second chapter in what seems as a best of collection of both artists sets off loud and ends in headache. You'll be surprised to hear what these noise magicians pull out of their mix table, sounding similar to their last effort, but going at it in an entirely different way. We know these are a bit tardy for something called "Summer", we'll try to pump up the release rate in time for Autumn. This is a second part of a collection box; if you ordered the Season Box, you'll get this disc automatically in your mail.

Season Box (Fukte & Ezcaton = 4 albums) is 20€ (+ shipping outside Europe).
Other releases are 6€ postage paid.
Price will decrease with multiple purchases (10€ for 2, 12€ for 3).
Paypal = available (ask for address).

Also available:
SMph003: Dotåbåtå - Cloudburst
SMph004: ___dREàgänN|||||| - Eviltricity
SMph006: Reaching. - Châtelperronian Industry
SMph007: Smetnja - Beautiful Imprint
SMph009: N.R.Y.Y. - [kuro]

as distro: Veterinarian No More & The Uvtopobos Djinn by ___dREàgänN|||||| (released through Cantankerous Records and Subliminal Recordings respectively).

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  • ArcH13

    It's summer in australia! Also. I want these. Trade?

    Nov 5 2009, 7:20
  • Dreagan_luna

    trade is fine, you got something to trade for?

    Nov 5 2009, 14:07
  • GodLord0

    nice :d

    Ott 16 2012, 4:00
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