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Dic 10 2007, 4:32

Sorry if I’m sort of echoing what everyone else is thinking as of late, but nowadays I’m just not feeling what’s new in hip hop, to me everything seems watered down and un-passionate, no real pride, nothing behind the lyrics. To me Houston based rapper Z-Ro is what I believe all other mainstream “rappers” should set their standards to. Asides from the obvious greats (pac, pun, big r.i.p.) I’ve never heard an artist demand so much respect while remaining true to himself on the mic as Z-Ro. His raps are insanely personal, and very gripping, he reminds me in a sense of Cormega and Joe Budden minus all the boasting about lyrical ability, in the sense that a theme to both of their music seems to be betrayal, and pain encountered while making their come up to fame. Anyone can feel his raps because they deal with what everyone goes through, fraudulent friends, jealousy, hopelessness, the desire to hustle to make ends meet, wanting to leave poverty, and the frustrations that come with doing so. Z-Ro doesn’t preach very much, and when he does you get the sense he’s on the inside of the ghetto looking out as opposed to almost all mainstream rappers these days who seem to be on the outside looking in. His baritone voice and cunning delivery demand respect and remind me a bit of 2Pac (they have very similar voices), except Z-Ro subject matter is a lot more personal than Pac, he started with a tongue twisting flow reminiscent of Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, but slowed down as his career progressed, throw in that tough talk southern twist reminiscent of Bun B of UGK and a of course the ability to sing memorable hooks similar in nature to Nate Doggand Cee-Lo, and that’s pretty much what you get with Z-Ro. So please do your ears a favor, put what ever you’re listening to on pause right now and give this man a chance, listen to some of the highlight tracks from his albums and I PROMISE you will NEVER be able to look @ other music the same again. And to those who don’t listen to someone unless their heavy in the streets, Z-Ro is a well respected Five Deuce Hoova Crip, not that it matters but some of you just won’t have it any other way. So feel free to comment, show love, hate, questions, requests for anything else just make sure you listen…I promise you won’t regret it (BTW I don’t have links for full albums, you just might have to go buy them yourselves, I can up more songs if u want but NOT full albums)

And on another note sorry for all the nuisance I caused in the chat boxes I just want people to be entitled to discover great music.


Look What You Did to Me

In my book: Z-Ro’s debut released under the Fisherboy Entertainment Label, in my opinion his darkest album, reminded me a lot of E.1999 Eternal by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Z-Ro was down with Houston collectives South Park Coalition, Killa Klan and Street Military before he joined S.U.C., which explains all the guest appearances on the album, Murder Dog Magazine acknowledged this album as “ground breaking” it received and continues to receive acknowledgement as Z-Ro’s best album for his anger filled passionate lyrics and his tongue twisting flows and dark beats.

1. "Guerilla Till I Die" (feat. T.A.Z)
2."Look What You Did To Me"
3."City Of Killers" (feat. Bam, Trae & T.A.Z)
4."Life Story" (feat. Bam)
5."Ghetto Crisis" (feat. T.A.Z)
6."Pimp On"
7."Mercy" (feat. The Fakkulty & T.A.Z)
8."Where Is The Love?"
9."R U Down" (feat. The Fakkulty)
10."Dedicated 2 U" (feat. Mr. 3-2)
11."Lord Tell Me Why"
12."Tall Tale Of A G"
13."Paper Game"
14."And 2 My G's" (feat. T.A.Z)
15."Z-Ro The Crooked"
Standout Tracks:
Look What You Did to Me I guarantee this song will give you goose bumps, in my book one of z-ro’s best EVER

And 2 My G's (feat. T.A.Z) a heartfelt ode to two of his partners one who was shot and one who was snitched on and sent to jail

Where Is The Love? peep the passion in this one



In my book: Guerilla Maab was formed before Z-Ro’s debut, it consists of Z-Ro, his cousin Trae, and childhood friend Dougie D, the album also featured numerous guest appearances from unofficial members T.A.Z. and female rapper Cl’Che. The album was a bit more positive compared to Z-Ro’s debut, he seemed to have matured a bit and served as the sort of “host” on this album.

1."Keep Watching Me"
2."Interlude" (Psalms)
5."Fondren & Main"
6."South Side Story"
7."Not My Home"
8."Still Here"
9."World Keep Turning"
10."Live My Life"
11."Ain’t Getting Shit"
12."Jealous Nigga"
13."What Will It Take"
14."Scotty" (skit)
16."Interlude" (Final Cry)
17."Speak On It"
18."Bonus Hidden Track"
19."Bonus Hidden Track #2"

( positive song here, on some anthem shit, great hook by Tanya Herron

Fondren & Main
( this was the biggest hit of the album, real chill beat here, great hook courtesy of Ro, and I bet this is where Chamillionaire got the idea for Ridin’ Dirty

Still Here Z-Ro solo here, in my eyes one of Z-Ro’s best songs, peep the passion


Z-Ro vs. The World

In my book: This release saw Z-Ro on a new record label Straight Profit and taking a much more mainstream approach and go a sort of commercial route, that’s not to say this album is bad in anyway its just very different from Look What You Did to Me. It falls under the category of your stereotypical “Houston rap album”, probably because Z-Ro was now a member of the Screwed Up Click Houston’s biggest rap collective. There is still some great material on this album though and really is a great release.

1."Nigga from the Hood" (feat. Big Moe)
2."World Wide"
3."Dirty 3rd" (feat. Wood & Enjoli)
4."Hustling Is All I Can Do" (feat. Mr. 3-2 & Point Blank)
5."Swang on 4's" (feat. Big Moe & Cl'Che)
6."Looking Good" (feat. Papa Rue)
7."3rd Coast" (feat. Den Den & Dat Boy Grace)
8."One Thug"
9."Gonna Get Easier"
10."Screwed Up Click on da Rise" (feat. Dat Boy Grace)
11."Still My Life"
12."Let's Chill" (feat. Cl'Che)
14."To Love A Thug"
15."Steady Ballin" (feat. Big Hawk)
16."Smoker’s Anthem"

World Wide ( great song w/ an addictive hook

One Thug ( a MUST listen, even if you don’t like anything else I’ve given to download, you HAVE to download this

Still My Life ( - a remix of a song on his previous album (Life Story) my favorite ‘Ro song, peep the frustration he vents here  this right here is a video for the song Looking Good, real low budget, it seems like they where just chilling one day and decided to play the song and lip sync it for a real quick video, entertaining nonetheless though, just thought I’d up it.  and here he is spitting a flaming freestyle


King of da Ghetto

In my book: This album saw Z-Ro veer off that mainstream tip and vent a lot more, talks about frustration with his financial situation, family, friends, and people that just don’t seem to give his music a chance, released on Straight Profit

1."I Found Me" (feat. Trae)
2."Block Bleeder" (feat. Den Den)
3."Wonder If I'm Blessed"
4."Gripping Grain" (feat. Den Den)
5."Haters Song" (feat. Trae & Slimm Chance)
6."Passenger Side"
7."In My Prime" (feat. Trae)
8."Real Niggaz"
9."Wake Up" (feat. Mussolini)
10."Friends" (feat. Den Den & Slimm Chance)
11."All Fall Down" (feat. Den Den)
13."Sunshine (Wastin’ Time)"

I Found Me ( Z-Ro’s cousin Trae was just acquitted of robbery charges when he spit this verse, he comes out swinging but Ro really steals the show, a MUST have if you claim to be a fan of Z-Ro

Pain ( venting, a full track of straight venting, takes the tune from “Broken Wings” for the chorus, another must have if you’re a Ro fan

Sunshine ( more venting, tight track, sort of a letter to his deceased mother, real deep  little interview right after Z-Ro left Straight Profit and went to KMJ, talking about his past, present Guerilla Maab situation, and future gutter ass video for “I Found Me” classic Z-Ro


Screwed Up Click Representa

In my book: Before Z-Ro got to KMJ he had a minor stint with a record label Presidential which he had a lot of trouble with and ended up having to sue to get out of. While he was there however he began to make an album, and when he left Presidential went ahead and put it out. Really not a great album, lots of piss poor beats and wack guest appearances, save your money and download the songs I upped…

1.Does it Matter? (intro)
2.Real (feat. Lil’ O & Kev-O)
3.Guerilla Till I Die (feat. Den Den & Lyrical 187)
4.Life (feat. Mr. 3-2 & H2O)
5.Gotta Let Go (skit)
6.U Gotta Let Go (feat. Billy Cook & Lil’ Keke)
7.The Third Coast
10.Southside Can’t Stop (feat. Den Den)
11.All Night
12.How Does It Feel (feat. Big Rodsta)
13.Freestyle (feat. Bettye Sterling)
14.My Sermon
15.S.U.C. 4 Life (feat. KT)
16.Maintain (feat. Big Hawk)
17.Final Curtain Call (feat. Pup & Bettye Sterling)

Life ( wack beat + guest appearances, but Z-Ro alone made this song grow on me, great verses + hook

H.A.T.E. ( - definitely one of Z-Ro’s better songs, peep the passion in these verses, a must have

Maintain ( - Houston legend Big Hawk (RIP) shows up on this one, contagious hook on here, and nice flowing on the verses by Ro and Hawk


In my book: After the Presidential label scandal, Z-Ro met up with Eugene Brooks founder of KMJ Records, and was soon signed and immediately had a self titled album to release. This album saw Z-Ro take a more mainstream approach and actually getting good beats, his flow is off the chain, but his songs really aren’t as personal (aside from the three I upped) as in the past.

1.What’s My Name?
2.Look At Me
3.Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
4.All Night Long (feat. Billy Cook & DP)
5.Still Standing (feat. Lil’ Flex & Big Mello)
6.Sunshine (feat. Lil’ Keke)
7.How Does it Feel?
8.Dirty Work (feat. Black Mike & Pharaoh)
9.Still In the Hood
11.Hard Times (feat. Trae)
12.Life’s a Bitch (feat. Billy Cook)
13.Shelter From Da Storm

Hard times ( - CLASSIC Trae + Z-Ro collab

Life is a Bitch ( - great song, widely regarded as one of Z-Ro’s best

Shelter From Da Storm ( Z-Ro is half Jamaican so that explains the reggae part, great song, stressing the faults of the hood


In my book: After a 3 year hiatus, Z-Ro, his cousin Trae, and Dougie D came with another Guerilla Maab album after going through some minor beef. To me this really wasn’t as good as Rise, a lot of funky production on here, just too experimental for me; nonetheless it is entertaining and overall a good come back.
3."Where The Haters At"
4."Time Rolls By"
5."I's A Playa"
6."Nothing Left 2 Live 4"
7."Who Could It Be"
8."How Could You Do This To Me"
9."Can't You See"
10."Tell Me What You See"
12."Stay Away From Me"
13."Can't Fade These G's"
14."We Gone Swang"
15."All My Dawgs"
Nothin Left 2 Live 4 ( )- this was their first single off the album, deep cut with emotional lyrics, w/ an addictive hook commemorating those who’ve past, classic Guerilla Maab here

How Could You Do This to Me ( - good look here talking about stress encountered in the streets, great beat

Tell Me What You See ( - another song guaranteed to give you goose bumps, Z-Ro goes solo on this one spits straight for two minuets, kind of an autobiographical one here, a MUST listen


In my book: I actually really enjoyed this album, it was a real authentic and heartfelt CD even though the audio quality is bullshit, basically venting about frustration on this one, good look.

1.Get Yo Paper
2.Screw Did That (feat. Point Blank)
3.Make It (feat. Mexican D)
4.Will I Go Crazy? (feat. Miss Demeanor)
5.Life (feat. Puff)
6.Life is a Struggle & Pain (feat. Cl’Che)
7.Change of a Scenery (feat. Cl’Che)
8.Hatin’ Me
9.It’s Gonna Be Alright
10.Let me Live my Life
11.Lost Another Soldier (feat. Trae, Tony Montana, Dougie D, & Cl’Che)

Life ( great song tight beat that grows, an addictive hook, and Ro’s energy is something to be beheld, comes out swinging

Change of Scenery ( dark song here, on the Look What You Did to me tip

It’s Gonna Be Alright ( very deep, soulful song, a MUST have

2003 <-- scroll down to the Z-Ro Interview for a 40 minuet audio interview with K-Rino Houston underground legend, good look here, you need real player though

Trae And Z-Ro- Assholes By Nature

In my book: Z-Ro & Trae collab on a real entertaining mixtape here spitting flames over some real hot beats (not their own, but dope nonetheless)

2.In My City (feat. Lil’ Boss)
3.Still Watchin’ (feat. Jay’Ton & Lil’ Boss)
4.Get That (skit)
5.My Momma
6.Fuck Wit Y’all
7.Gotta be a G (feat. Mike D, Warren G, & Billy Cook)
8.Gangsta (feat. Lil’ Boss, Yung Redd, & J-Doe)
10.Get That (skit)
11.SK (feat. Lil’ Boss, Warren G, & Reggoe)
12.For the Bootleggers (skit)
13.Miss My Dawg (feat. Billy Cook)
14.Within Myself
15.Ain’t Shit Changed (skit)

In My City ft. Lil Boss Hogg ( Real hot song, talking about what goes on in the over the G-Unit “Robbery” beat, addictive hook, and passionate verses from Ro and Trae

Fuck Wit Yall ( My favorite song here, the beat is filled with all sorts of tight guitar riffs (not sure what song its from), the hook is on some anthem shit, and Ro and Trae really bring the heat here and take shots at Presidential Records

Within' Myself ( Real short and to the point this song is over the Nas/AZ “Masterminds” beat, and song commemorates two faced friends CLASSIC Z-Ro/Trae collab <-- interview right after Z-Ro’s big money move to Rap-A-Lot


The Life Of Joseph W. McVey

In my book: After suing to get away from the fraudulent Presidential Records it was time for a change. Z-Ro made a big move to Houston’s most well-known label Rap-A-Lot records. This album is real aggressive and passionate, Z-Ro fittingly sounds like a man who’s ready to kick down the door and ready to eat after a long period of fasting. REAL good look here and EASILY one of Z-Ro’s best albums.

1. "On My Grind"
3."These Niggaz" (feat. Scarface)
4."King Of The Ghetto"
5."2 Many Niggaz"
6."I Hate U"
7."Hey Lil' Mama"
8."So Much"
9."That'z Who I Am"
10."Everyday" (feat. Trae)
11."Crooked Officer"
12."Why?" (feat. Tanya Herron)
13."Happy Feelingz"
I Hate U Bitch( - Song about fraudulent woman, lots of soulful production and singing here, good look

That’z Who I Am ( - Slow song, where a puffed up Z-Ro addresses all his drama he’s going through calls out Swisha House (paul wall’s label) affiliated DJ Micro Watts

Crooked Officer ( Z-Ro’s un-friendly ode to police…real good look here  great video here for the song “I Hate U”, since Z-Ro was incarcerated @ the time , in all the scenes outside of jail, Z-Ro is played by Dougie D from Guerilla Maab since they look alike  Short little interview with Z-Ro in jail. He got incarcerated, while preparing the Life of Joseph W. McVey album, for drug possession.

Z-Ro Tolerance

In my book: KMJ CEO Eugene Brooks had an idea for a Z-Ro/Daz collab album but Z-Ro and Daz only hooked up for a handful of songs before Z-Ro left KMJ, those songs plus a few leftover recordings from Z-Ro’s KMJ are found here. I personally haven’t heard the album in it’s entirety so I can’t say if it’s hot or not...

1.Go to War (feat. Daz & Thug Dirt)
2.Definition of a Real Nigga (feat. Phenom & Mr. Drastic)
4.Party (feat. Daz)
5.I’m a Gangsta (feat. Daz, Tony Montana, & Law Fleze)
6.Stranger in the Midst (feat. Klondike Kat)
7.Keep Runnin’ (feat. O-N-E & Slater)
8.Who could it be? (feat. Trae, Dougie D & Cl’Che)
9.Jus’ a Hoe (feat. Daz)
10.Ain’t Having None of that Bullshit (feat. Lil’ Head)
11.Shelter in the Storm
12.Time and Time Again (feat. Daz & Thug Dirt)
13.Keep on Doin’ it (feat. Big Mello)

Time And Time Again venting frustrations of trying to make it to the top, awesome hook by Ro on here  video juvenile and the utp playas- Nolia Clap (remix) (feat. Z-Ro, Bun B, Haze, Slim Thug & Juvenile) not crazy about the song, just thought I’d up the vid  video for a tight song off of Trae’s album Same Thing Different Day that released around the same time Life of Joseph W. McVey did, called Let Me Live ft. Z-Ro & Shyna Z-Ro rips it up on here.



In my book: Entertaining mixtape with cool beats, more Lil’ Flip on here than Z-Ro and I’m not really crazy about Flip, but it works for me, he takes a lot of shots @ T.I. on here

1.Kings of the South
2.Fuck Dat Nigga (feat. Will-Lean, B.G. Duke, & Point Blank)
3.Burbanz & Lacz
5.Grown Man
6.Da Cops (feat. Trae)
7.Art of War
8.What up Now (feat. Will-Lean)
9.Remember Me
10.Get it Crunk (feat. Yukmouth)
11.Never Take Me Alive (feat. Will-Lean, Black Al-Capone, & Trae)
12.Never Let the Game Go
13.Screwed up Click (feat. Will-Lean & C-Note)

Kings Of The South( Flip and Ro talkin shit over a slick ass beat courtesy of Lil’ Flip, for me the beat is the best part of this song

What Up Now ( Dope song chalk full of that southern tough talk

Never Let the Game Go ( spitting solo here over a chill ass beat courtesy of Houston legend Mike Dean video for Bun-B (feat. Pimp C, Young Jeezy & Z-Ro) - Get Throwed, this here was the biggest song Z-Ro’s ever been a part of, and probably was how most people heard of him in the first place. Great hook. <-- interview previewing his second Rap-A-Lot release Let The Truth Be Told <-- another interview previewing Let The Truth Be Told

Let The Truth Be Told

In my book: This album is a lot more up beat, production wise and lyrically Z-Ro seems to take a different approach to this one, starting it off with a few humorous songs and transcending into a more serious mode, in which he speaks on frustration with corrupt law, unfaithful friends, and hard times in the ghetto. This album was Z-Ro’s most successful commercially. I think Let The Truth Be Told accurately portrays all of Z-Ro’s personalities and would probably be the best choice if you’re just starting to get into Z-Ro, good look here.

1."Mo City Don" (Freestyle)
2."The Mule" (feat. Devin the Dude & Juvenile)
3."Don't Wanna Hurt Nobody" (feat. Lil' Boss & Trae)
5."It Don't Stop"
6."I'm A Soldier"
7."1 Night" (feat. Trae)
8."Help Me Please"
9."Another Song"
10."Everyday, Samethang"
11."The Same One"
12."1st Time Again" (feat. Ashanti)
13."From the South" (feat. Lil' Flip & Paul Wall)
14."Respect My Mind"
15."Ride 2Nite"
16."Auntie & Grandma"
17."It's a Shame"
Help Me Please ( a MUST have, slow song with powerful chorus and deep lyrics

Respect My Mind ( everyone seems to like this song, so I thought I’d up it

It’s a Shame ( - this joint is aimed at police brutality and prejudice, powerful chorus

2006  part one of a little interview with Rakesh (Guerilla Maab producer) @ Z-Ro’s home, this took place early in 2006, later that year he would go to jail for the second time on Rap-A-Lot  part two of that interview 3 part four  part one of Z-Ro’s last interview before going to prison  part two of the interview, talking about calling it quits…damn shame

I'm Still Livin

In my Book: This album was the 2nd of his 3 Rap-A-Lot albums he's been in prison on the released dates. A damn shame, but to me this was Z-Ro’s best album, easily his most soulful and personal. No sort of bragging or over the top tough talking on this one just pure un-cut soulful music. Z-Ro wrote the majority of this album during his first prison stint with Rap-A-Lot.

1.City Streets
2.Continue 2 Roll (feat. Tanya Herron)
4.One Deep
5.M16 (feat. Trae & P.O.P.)
6.Remember Me? (feat. P.O.P. & Bun B)
7.Keep On
8.What’s Going On?
9.Let The Truth Be Told (feat. Lil' Keke
10.Man Cry
11.No More Pain
12.Still Livin’ (feat. Trae & Big Hawk)
13.Homie, Love , Friend
14.Love Ain’t Live
15.Battlefield (feat. Tanya Herron)

T.H.U.G. ( - the first single off this album talking about misconceptions that come with being poor and hopeless

No More Pain ( - EASILY one of Z-Ro’s BEST songs EVER, you MUST give this a listen

Battlefield ( - a remake of the song “Love is a battlefield” chorus changed to “life is a battlefield” powerful lyrics from Z-Ro here  video for a CLASSIC Trae/Z-Ro collab on Trae’s debut on Rap-A-Lot called Restless. Songs called No Help, Z-Ro was incarcerated @ the time so unfortunately he couldn’t show up for the video shoot<-- dope collabo with Pimp C, songs called I Miss You off of Pimp C's album Pimpalation, peep Z-Ro's verse at the end, on some deep stuff



In my Book: Z-Ro recorded all the songs on this mixtape within a week before his second jail stint, all the production comes courtesy of Z-Ro. Not great but not terrible either, nothing really amazing on here though.

1.Bud Sack
2.I’m a Gangsta
3.My Life
4.Struggling to Change (feat. Point Blank)
5.Greed, Vanity, Lust
6.Staying Alive (feat. Spice 1)
7.Going Down in the South (feat. Big Boss)
8.It’s Guaranteed (feat. B.G. Duke & Point Blank)
10.A Lovely Day (feat. Lil’ Flip & Big Shasta)
11.Ride All Day & Night
12.I’m a Murdera (feat. Pimp C, Spice 1, & Vicious)
13.M16 (Remix) (feat. Mike D & Dougie D)
14.Play no Games

Greed, Vanity, Lust ( )- flexes his creativity and gets his story telling game going, my favorite track on here

Struggling to change ( nice hook with some deep lyrics

It’s Guaranteed ( Ro, BG Duke, & Point Blank talking a bunch of shit…nice hook…okay joint here  video for Lil’ Flip featuring Z-Ro- “Sorry Lil’ Mamma” this was an old video they shot a while back, and Flip apparently decided to release it in ’07 as promotion for his new album I Need Mine. Not crazy about this song, but the beat is decent and the hook is nice, so I thought I’d up it.  this song right here sparked a lot of controversy, Z-Ro & Guerilla Maab (Dougie D & Trae) had a little bit of beef back in 2002 over financial shit, and now in 2007 former Guerilla Maab affiliate Cl’Che takes a verse dissing Trae that Z-Ro recorded back when they where beefing and slaps it on her latest single off of her album, in my book that’s some foul shit by Cl’Che since Z-Ro had no say on the matter @ all because he was locked up, so now everyone thinks Z-Ro and Trae have beef, of course that’s not the case and Trae consequently sent out two vicious diss songs towards Cl’Che. The songs tight though nice hook by Ro…  Trae’s first diss towards Cl’Che  Trae’s second diss towards Cl’Che on this one he just kicked back and let 5 Female emcees  Z-Ro was released from prison on July 9th, here he is a snippet from his first show back, performing ‘Bud Sack’ off the Power mixtape. Z-ro talking about what he's been doing since he got back from prison

2008<-- the title track for Bun B's album "II Trill" features Z-Ro on the hook, i'm not the biggest Bun B fan, but he definetely tears it up here proof trae and Z-Ro aren't beefing and a new z-ro interview

Trae And Z-Ro- It Is What It Is

In My Book: Putting aside whatever problems they may have had in the past, Z-Ro and his cousin Trae collaborate for their first studio album as the duo A.B.N. (acronym for Assholes by Nature). Although this release is a bit more commercial oriented than Z-Ro's past works (an example being the Nitty beat), Ro and Trae spit with hunger and conviction unseen by any artist on MTV or BET. Highlights include how much Trae has improved since their last collaborative mixtape in 2003, and Z-Ro returning to his old flow reminiscent of Krayzie Bone. Overall it's an entertaining collaboration slightly on the commercial tip, yet still maintains that raw street edge, good look here.

1. Umm Hmm
2. Still Throwed
3. Who's the Man
4. Whoa (skit)
5. Whoa (feat. Lil' Boss)
6. Rain
7. Miss My Dawg (I Gotta Survive)
8. I Wanna Get High
9. No Help (also included on Trae's 2006 Release Restless)
10. Down In Texas (feat. H.A.W.K.)
11. SOS (Skit)
12. SOS
13. 3 16's (feat. Bulletproof)
14. Picture Me
15. Turnin' Heads
16. In My City (feat. Lil' Boss) (also included on Trae And Z-Ro's collab in 2003)
17. Still Get No Love
18. Keep On (feat. Dallas)

Who's The Man ( this was the lead single for the album, real relaxing beat here, as good as Trae's verse is i must say Z-Ro steals the show here, what a flow!

Rain ( listen to Trae and Z-Ro rip this beat to shreds with their lightning fast flows, also peep the hook by Ro u can't tell me this man can't sing!

Keep On ( one of the more deep songs on the album talking about the necessity of hustle, Trae steals the show here in my opinion <-- nice little interview with Ro talking about his latest album Crack, why Mike Jones is a poodle, Barack Obama, his favorite rapper and more.


In My Book: If you read the interview i posted up right above this album, Z-Ro pretty much nails it on the head when he says this album is by FAR the lightest he's ever made. Now don't get me wrong this is by no means a bad thing, but if you're hoping for the Z-Ro you heard on "Rain" off the ABN album you won't find him here. This album features Ro showcasing his singing ability more than ever. The beats for the most part are low key, and slow moving and set a nice stage for Ro to sing and rap about mostly the same topics as usual but in a much more laid back tone. This is by no means a bad thing,Ro's hook ability and the way he adds the little harmonizations on the last words of his bars when he raps are so addictive that they in every way justify the albums name. It might be tough for some to grasp, but i think hardcore Ro fans, such as myself will dig the direction he takes on this one. Good album here.

1. Crack Intro
2. Baby Girl
3. Call My Phone (feat. Slim Thug)
4. Here We Go (feat. Mike D)
5. If That's How You Feel (feat. Lil Keke)
6. Lonely
7. Self Made
8. The Mo City Don
9. Top Notch
10. Rollin
11. Tired (feat. Mya)
12. You
13. Eyes On Paper feat. Paul Wall
14. 25 Lighter
15. Paid My Dues

Here We Go ( real addictive hook here, smooth ass beat courtesy of Ro, Mike D sounds pretty okay on it too, peep this

Top Notch ( at first i didn't like this song very much, the beat was a little too mainstream for me, but its really grown on me, the way "Rother Vandross" blesses this beat with his vocals is just straight addictive, truly is auditory crack, real catchy tune here

Tired ( my favorite song on the album one, nice heartfelt song here, and again gotta love Ro on the hooks, peep this. <-- Dope video for "Tired" check it out<-- Dope video for "Top Notch" check it out

2009 <-- Z-Ro hopped on the remix to Slim Thug's "I Run" sounds dope too, he has the last verse. <-- Another Slim Thug song off of his album featuring Z-Ro, this one’s called “Associates”, Ro kills it if u ask me check it out


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  • DopeRican

    i was re-upping some broken links on the old one, and i must've accidently double posted, w.e the more the better, the people need to know about z-ro

    Dic 15 2007, 4:55
  • lilbird52

    hell yea, u got it down packed, everything before i'm still livin is perfect, i went to jail before still livin came out, so i havent had a good chance to listen to it, i jam a couple of songs on it tho... and power, thats my favorite cd right now, most of the songs jam so it stay in rotation... thats a perfect article manye...

    Mar 26 2008, 18:49
  • mhunke

    Props bro, awesome article. Z-ro is one of the best rappers out there, yet he's still mostly unknown; people definately need to check his shit out, ASAP

    Mag 31 2008, 19:04
  • DopeRican

    hey if anyone wants links re-upped feel free to comment and say so, and if you saw this entry via wikipedia and dont have feel free to email me at and ask for a re-up in links, remember i can only re-up songs, not full albums!

    Ago 28 2008, 20:23
  • mhunke

    South Side Story off Rise is my fav

    Gen 2 2009, 17:36
  • DopeRican

    yea thas some old school classic shit

    Gen 2 2009, 18:01
  • Tecktoyouth

    One of the best from the south

    Apr 23 2011, 21:04
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