• Big ideas: gettin' some

    Set 22 2009, 22:13

    ~1:15, dobry czas na pomysły.

    Piszę najpierw tu, bo pbl to *raczej* zło i szybciej zapomnę; na laście piszę mniej dzienników itp. itd.

    robimy plan trzyletni! :D

    Kiedy/jeżeli uda mi się zdać rozszerzoną maturę z historii [!!!]
    i WOSu [!]
    i polskiego
    i podstawę z matmy :P
    i z anga + franca [+ niemca?] dostanę jakąś decent ocenę

    to se pojadę na OFFa :P
    Jako że Opener z roku na rok coraz mniej mnie kręci [i wcale nie jest bliżej Wrocławia, o nie nie], a OFF przeciwnie, zakładam, że za te !@#$%^ 3 lata będzie coś ciekawego.
    A jak nie będzie, to wyskoczę do sąsiadów.

    Monsters of Folk miażdżą. I mówię to nie z perspektywy pierwszego przesłuchania, oni miażdżą za każdym razem bardziej [już cztery razy].

  • The delicious 2009! [so far]

    Mag 15 2009, 19:46

    Well, ok. I've officially scared myself. But it doesn't mean I'm gonna stop listening to Andrew Bird! No way! :D

    So as I always fail with making 'the best of...' lists at the end of the year, I've decided to make one right now. I haven't checked so many albums yet, so please forgive me.
    Btw, I've spent week on discovering cool albums from 2008... it's a shame that I've missed so much of them.

    15.Emmy the Great - First Love
    It's not that I don't like her or something. She just does not move me... and the album versions of demos are mostly spoiled. Or I have to give her another try... or not.

    14.John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey - A Woman A Man Walked By
    Despite of beautiful artwork I just can't get into this one. Maybe I'm just an immature listener or something.

    13.Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You
    Again, I quite enjoyed new Lily and thanks to my friends she will always remind me of nice May afternoons <3 I only got a bit tired of her.

    12.Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!
    A really nice one. "Hysteric" is fabulous.

    11.Doves - Kingdom Of Rust
    Epic. The title track makes me wanna run.

    10.Mando Diao - Give Me Fire
    Rooooocks a lot :DDDD

    9.Fanfarlo - Reservoir [I still cannot write this name properly]
    Pretty nice indie thing, shiny and perfect for spring :) And Sigurros on cover art! yay!

    8.Bat for Lashes - Two Suns
    Yes, Natasha is still kinda insane.

    7.The BPA - I Think We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
    I LOVE COLLABS, fine? This is a brilliant one. Thanks Norman for getting Jamie T and making he do something!

    6.Kamp! - Thales One EP
    I know it's just an EP, but who cares? God bless good Polish bands.

    5.Beirut - March of the Zapotec/Holland EP
    Another EP. Lovely one. I mean Holland messed up my mind a bit. But both parts move me as well musically and lyrically.

    ew I don't know how to tag it, so
    Again, compilation CD. Fabulous. I prefer the This Disc, but That Disc is also worth checking [Beirut, Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Spoon, Riceboys Sleeps (!!!), Blonde Redhead]...

    3.Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor
    So so so so good. Best work of Patrick so far. Love the vocals, sound so clean but still have the old expression [mostly anger, eh]. This album is blue and turqoise. Perfect for long trips in a rainy day :))

    2.Andrew Bird - Noble Beast / Useless Creatures [ok last.fm says such albums do not exist, but don't believe it]
    I don't even know which one is better. Andrew is just genius. Words are useless.

    1.Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
    THIS ALBUM IS FUCKING AMAZIN'. The best thing I've heard since their last album XD nah, just kidding. Really enchanted me. And shocked. And so on. And Animals are definitely my favourite band this year. Rrrrrrrrr!

    Again, I cannot express myself. I'm simply too tired.
    And got more CDs to try.
    But two first places won't change, I suppose.
    No, they definitely won't :)
  • Laura Marling and Human-looking Godlike Genius @ Admiralspalast, Berlin (May 6 2009)

    Mag 12 2009, 17:58

    Wed 6 May - Andrew Bird @ Admiralspalast
    the best night of my life.
    you can kill me now.

    OK, the venue looked just like I imagined. Pretty, pretty place.
    My friend and I came there at 8 pm, hoping for some nice places. AND WE HAD THE BEST PLACES EVER, right in front of the microphone. I thought I was gonna faint beacuse of exhaustion [we've been walking through Berlin for about 7 hours, for Christ's sake!], but when
    came. She was right at the button. She came with a little glass of red wine, what I guess was really stylish, and if you add her cute white shirt [or whatever it was] with folklore ornaments, she was really pretty lady :> She began with 'Ghosts' and suddenly I found myself sobbing, just like few months before when I heard her for the very first time. But then a funny echo effect made the whole audience laugh... The concert was unreal. Just like a meeting around the bonfire with a forest nymph who came to share her songs with simple people! I broke down into tears at 'My MAnic And I' and I was crying until 'Alas I Cannot Swim' [alas, the last song].
    So, Laura gave us wings. I no longer felt tired, but excited [exstatic!] about upcoming show... We had to wait for Andrew Bird to appear about half an hour!, but it was a blissful state.
    And when he finally came...
    I was asking people around me if he's a real person. I can hardly believe that he is a human being! Anyway, definitely the most charming, surprising, etc etc, creature in the entire world. And marvelously talented. This man lives with music. He breathes it. He talks with it. I could not imagine Andrew Bird without his music.

    People, if you listen to Andrew Bird and you think you like Him, don't fool yourselves. You have to see his gig to realize how genius he his.

    I wish He and his ensemble *winks at sir Jeremy* played endlessly. Masterpiece of Masterwarm, cool versions of Opposite Day and A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left, pity that there was nothing from Weather Systems, but Imitosis was just delicious. Oh and I enjoyed Oh No for the very first time, I suppose now I understand the phenomenon of this song. But I still don't like Effigy, sorry. Oh, Anonanimal was phenomenal as well/hell. And Why? live was the best!

    Week ago was supposed to be just another day. It turned into the most fabulous day ever.

    I'm happy to be 15 and have the opportunity to attend Andrew Bird's show. Yeah. It makes me happy.

    Fine, I just couldn't find words to express myself, right?
    cheers. x

    PS I was probably the most annoying person at the concert, so if you remember a little redhead girl going completely insane at Fake Palindromes, it was me. Feel free to say hi or shut up or whatever you want ;) xx
  • I still but CDs, serio

    Feb 24 2009, 16:16

    It's kinda response to adamzZz's journal, also I'm too bored and too frightened because of appendictis [I may have it... or I'm just paranoid :P] to do anything else. Are you also frightened?

    CD I own:

    Coldplay- A Rush Of Blood To The Head
    bought myself
    Coldplay- Parachutes
    Coldplay- Viva La Vida
    ...and I'm the only one who knows how much I regret it now
    Arctic Monkeys-Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Now
    myself, I recently lost the box somewhere
    Arctic Monkeys-Favourite Worst Nightmare
    my Mum bought it right after it came out
    Radiohead- My Iron Lung EP
    bought last summer, it was a real bargain
    Radiohead- The Best Of
    HA! I got it from the radio! :P
    Air-Moon Safari
    bought the same day as My Iron Lung
    Simon & Garfunkel- The Best Of
    from my friend for birthday <3
    Czesław Śpiewa- Debiut
    my brother bought it for me before Czesław's gig
    Los Campesinos!- Hold On Now, Youngster...
    Cambridge one... <33
    Gorillaz- Demon Days
    my aunt bought it when she was in Poland
    Bjork- Volta
    from Heather <33
    that's a funny story... In the music store in my city Razorlight was the only good or familliar band for me, so every day I went there to check to price of the CD... and my friends figured out that I really like RAzorlight, so they bought me an album for 14th birthday ;D
    LCD Soundsystem- Sound of Silver
    got from MArysia for 15th birthday
    Roisin Murphy- Overpowered
    the same as LCD Soundsystem
    Fisz Envee- Fru!
    erm, my friend? bought it for me in 2006
    The Beatles- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    The Beatles- The Anthology 1

    everything from The Beatles and vinyls I inherited from after Dad


    Oasis- Wonderwall
    inherited after my brother
    I also had Norah Jones's single, but I can't remember where, I 'used' it like 5 times

    Kraftwerk, ummm Trans-Europe Express, I suppose
    The Beatles-1967-1970

    Need to buy!!

    Blur- Think Thank
    Fleet Foxes-Fleet Foxes

    and anything from Republika.

    LOADS of mistakes over here, I know. eh
  • Everybody's changing and I... erm.. hang on

    Ott 21 2008, 16:19

    I used to be a great MTV2's fan *shame*, but now I don't have time! to watch it! So I've missed already a lot of this 'Spanking New Music' thing, what was actually my favourite part of MTV day. But today I came back earlier from my school and had a chance to see my favourite bit. Whatever.
    There were new The Killers's, Keane's and Razorlight's videos... Well...

    The Killers-Human: totally rubbish! It's not getting better, it's just getting old :/ Killer's first album was great, second was a disaster and Sawdust has only one good song, and it's Joy Division cover -.-" ouch. The video is OK, but... what happend to Flowers' voice?! To powerful tune? To the beat? *sight* Kind of attempt of returning to the '80 [ORIGINALLY INNIT], but... let's say hello to failure...

    Keane-Spiralling: :) good job! Fianlly something diffrent than the piano buullshit... Guitars rock the world. And Tom's doing his best with his voice :)

    [Yes Heather I know you hate me and I won't get my birthday present. Sorry!]

    Razorlight-Wire To Wire: not bad :) I looove the vocals. But the lyrics are meaningless. And, well, Borrell is not so cool, but it seems that at last he gets the point of true love :P the video is simply brilliant, warm and wise, I would say. And give me Johnny's hands! NOW!

    OK, the point... Why am I writing about these indie stars... You know, it's like I haven't listened to any of them for last two years? Or maybe year and a half... The Killers- a year. Right. But they used to be my top artists... And now I'm watching how they change and it's funny that I don't give a damn about them anymore :D kinda relief!
    Well fine, there's one out... I still can listen to Kaiser Chiefs aaa lot.and watch them. There's something amazin' about Nick [...Hodgson __^_], he's exactly the same age as my bro is [born 20 october 1977] and both look like 15-year-old boys XD I don;t have a clue how is it possible. Hopefully none of them will ever grow moustache. <3333
    Yes. Stupid thoughts caused by upcoming birthday :>

    The song I'm insanily hooked on: PJ Harvey-This Mess We're In. Just go and listen to it.
    I think it's Wendesday.
    Nah, wait... <33
  • Up. On a ladder.

    Ott 7 2008, 15:29

    Wrocław, 7 10 2008

    Dear Mr Thomas Edward Yorke,
    so this is it. You're 40 now. For normal people it's quite serious age :>
    Blimey, man, you know, you could have been my father or uncle at least :P
    I wondered what actually you want to hear today, but then I thought that it doesn't matter much, cos you're not gonna read it... it's good, cos my English sucks a lot. And words suck a lot. I suppose you will feel my warm thoughts anyway ROTL haha.
    hm... thank you?

    Thank you for dying your hair red.

    Thanks for naming one of your songs Fog and then preforming AMAZING live version.

    Thank you for your crazy blog entries on your website. Sometimes my evening is good only because of them.

    Thank you for using your talent and skills and not hiding them.

    Thank you for beeing an introvert :>

    Thanks for Fitter Happier! The effect is creepy.

    Yeah. Thank you for everythnig and keep on going :)

    By the way, somtimes you behave rather like a wild creature than a human being... You scare me a lot... but still I adore you, unfortunately...
    All the best!
    Yours truly, til the end of the world
    Dominyka Ch.

    OMG, it was pathetic.
    Today's also my private anniversary- 1 year on last.fm. Gonna celebrate this on Friday :)

    today Air are performing in Warsaw :((((( You know, I love my city, but... cool gigs are always in Warsaw or Cracow or Katowice... If someone has an unwanted ticket and can give me a lift to Warsaw feel free to shout ;P

    Greetings, folks
  • And it's the color which never fails to turn me blue.

    Set 1 2008, 15:57

    ...I've just spent few hours listening to female voices- my way from 7.900 to 8,000 was Laura Marling & Feist.. yes I'm a bit obsessed now ;)
    OK, why am I writing this journal
    cos I wasn't here for a while
    and then
    I failed with doing some music quizes like '50 questions about 50 artists' -__-"
    and it's kinda sad day for me :P Going back to school from sweet leisure.. eh.
    And I found out a strange thing about myself... I'm almost crying to Laura Marling's stuff what is..... really strange thing O___O

    That's why, tearful songs :P :
    *Ghosts -I was truly surpised to find myself sobbing on a bus stop while listening to this song... I amlost gave myself a kick -.-
    *Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down-and almost/sometimes NYC
    *some Nick Drake's stuff... oh, Fly. But most of his music makes me think things like 'damn... why, oh why?' and feel distressed :/
    *loads of songs form Joy Division [surprise?!], but Atmosphere just never fails.
    *waaay to many song of Radiohead, I'm afraid that now you can hardly stand such emoh girl :P and Harrowdown Hill.
    *Wake Up and moreee, from Funeral especially
    *anything from Jeff Buckley...

    Well I know I'm not original or something... just wanted to remind myself the feeling of writing journals ;)
    Coming back soon [?] with something called 'the most creative of the era'...
    all the best for you.

    And oh, yeah, I'm also in love with my new avatar :P
  • Czesław is singing in my house, my house! :D

    Lug 11 2008, 13:32

    A ze względu na temat, będę pisać w ojczystej mowie. I jak to zwykle bywa, będzie mnóstwo błędów. Jak to powiedziała PJ Harvey? Mówię w 3 językach i w żadnym nie robię tego dobrze ;)
    Byłam ja na koncercie Czesława wczoraj w Mleczarni. Tj na tym-> Czesław w Mleczarni.
    Na początku: we wtorek Radiogłowi grali w Berlinie. Podobno na koncercie nie było ani jednej fałszywej nuty i wszystko było zagrane idealnie [niespodzianka?]... wczoraj Czesławowi ręce troche się omyskały po klawiszach melodyjki, ale jestem przekonana, że oba koncerty były tak samo ge nial ne.
    Wejście było zaplanowane na 20, ale oczywiście kto by się spodziewał punktualności :P tak więc występowanie rozpoczęło się ok. 20:30, w całkiem zatłoczonej sali Mleczarni [na moje oko było 150 osób na pewno, w takim razie czemu na laście przyznało się do przybycia tylko ok 25 osób? Oj ludziska :P]. Najpierw wszedli Czesław z Marcinem i zaczęli Efekt Uboczny Trzeźwości. W połowie jakoś przez całą salę przeszła KAren i włączyła się do chórków [swoją drogą, świetna sprawa, nie zna polskiego a robi chórki bezbłędnie :D przy Pożyciu małżeńskim to byłaaaaa klasaaaa]
    A o samej Karen to osobny dziennik mogłabym napisać! Gdyby Czesław był odrobinkę mniej uroczy, to ona ukradłaby całe przedstawienie! Jest RE WE LA CYJ NA, nieważne, co robi, czy gra na którymś z saksofonów, czy flecie, czy robi odgłosy paszczowe :D Coś świetnego.
    Cały koncert sobie płynął, piosenki z Debiutu były przeplatane kawałkami Tesco Value, jak sądzę [Catchy Kathy, jak mniemam jest ich? Nie znam tego za dobrze :(], ach no i na bis na pewno był Caesia & Ruben, którego to się domagano bardzo głośno zaraz za moimi plecyma :P ale to było superrr, do tego cover Nie mam czasu na seks Marysi Peszek...
    Ale co było najlepsze, to oczywiście wstawki Czesława pomiędzy kawałkami, żarty, docinki, droczenie się anegdoty ['Marcin jest gitarzystą, nauczył się grać na akordeonie pół roku temu, no bo jak wzbudzić sentyment w Polaku? Hm, akordeonem! :))))']... JEJ tego nie odda żaden wywiad. Żaden tekst. NAwet płyta nie ma nawet ćwierci tego uroku, co Czesław na żywo. To nie chodzi o dokładne odegranie piosenek znanych wszystkim, czy może tylko Maszynki. To chodzi o szoł dla ludzi, którzy zrozumieją wszystko, całe absurdy i mają to samo poczucie humoru. To tak jak długi występ trupy kabaterowej, tylko każdy kolejny kawałek jest lepszy od poprzedniego i nawet jeżeli wydaje Ci się, że znałeś to wcześniej...
    Ach te improwizacje, ach mimika Czeslawa na scenie, ach to perfekcyjnie dogranie! Mistrzostwo świata, a do tego tak naturalnie przychodzące artystom, że tylko pozazdrościć.
    Koncert Czesława to nie jest coś, na co można pójśc rad w życiu. No, chyba, że po pierwszym razie ktoś jest tak oszołomiony geniuszem, jak mój brat ;). Ale to ten typ koncertów, na które powinno się chodzić mniej wiecej co dwa miesiące ŻEBY PRZEŻYĆ.
    A publika też tworzyła klimat. Mimo że na scenie było troje artystów i chórki robiła teoretycznie tylko Karen, przy każdym kawałku był ktoś, kto nucił pod nosem melodię. A przy Maszynce wszyscy jawnie, pełnym głosem wyśpiewali cały tekst. Brrr, od końcowego refrenu zatrząsł się strop, a że byliśmy w piwnicy... huh.
    Kiedy szkończył się właściwy koncert grupa musiała być szalona, żeby zejść od razu ze sceny. O nieee, nie wypuściliśmy ich tak łatwo *diabelny smiech* wrócili, a jakże. Na bis.
    A potem...
    Potem okazało się, że jeżeli poczekamy pół godziny, może uda nam się zdobyć autografy na świeżo kupionej płycie-to wszystko przez mojego brata!. A skoro to on kupił, on bedzie prosił. Zakradliśmy się więc do garderoby [jak to robili inni wczesniej *odpowiednie spojrzenie w odpowiednią stronę ;)*], Mateusz zapukał i otwierającego Czesława przywitał jak wypadało i zapytał o spotkanie. CZesław chyba z 20 razy powiedział 'Dziękuję, że przyszliście'-jakby się spodziewał pustej sali!!-aż w końcu my podziękowaiśmy mu za to, ze jest :D Jej, doprawy, jakby znalazł się tam przez przypadek, jakby był tylko pomocnikiem wielkiej gwiazdy i był zdziwiony, że to do niego wszyscy lgną!
    Zebrali się ludzie i jakiś osobnik zaczął robić wyrzuty Czesławowi, że pojawił się na Top Trendach, że tam nie ma jego odbiorców i takie tam bla bla bla... ciągnął to i ciągnął, jakby pojawienie się Cz tam albo w reklamie sprawiło, że jego twórczość traci na wartości
    P H I
    W końcu do ławki, na której czekałam został dostawiony stół i NIESTETYK została zorganizowana regularna konferencja, z mikrofonem i kamerą i światłem i ueh ;///
    Ale to JA dałam jako pierwsza płytę do podpisania i uścisnęłam mu dłoń :D [w akompaniamencie *aaawwww* wydanego przez mojego brata :P]och jej och jej och jej

    Uff. Weź oddech, oddech
    Czesław jest genialny. Po prostu. Perfekcyjny. Nie ma ani jednej skazy. W zachowaniu na scenie, wobec fanów- jest najbardziej uroczym istotem. I tyla!
    Pewnie o czymś zapomniałam i coś będę dopisywać... Aha no i zdjęcie płyty z autografami i bilet obowiązkowy :D

    Ale i tak, żal mi Radiogłowych, którzy wystepowali 200 km ode mnie :'(((
    If anybody could take me to Radiohead gig, I would sacrifice my soul.
    Oh, maybe not soul. But A LOT.

    Kocham Was wszystkich.
  • Never ve been to Mysłowice...

    Giu 28 2008, 19:48

    Why? Why?! WHYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!

    OFF Festival 2008

    of Montreal, Mogwai, Menomena, Iron & Wine, British Sea Power and looooaaaads of Polish atrists....
    WHY? WHY I can't go? :'(
    I'm dying. If you ever wanted to see me dying- you see now.
    SO close. And SO far at the same time. About 200km and 500zł and 6 years away.
    This thing aches me sooo badly that I just got to write a journal about that.... Pointless, I know but ARRRGHHHH
  • Patria patria patria!

    Giu 27 2008, 15:02

    By looking at my charts you can say I'm British freak but yeah, I'm Polish and I know Polish music... a bit.

    Favourite Polish bands [in not particular order, exepct for no. 1, which is....]:

    1.Pustki[the best Polish band IMO. And THEY are Polish Radiohead.]

    Tworzywo Sztuczne/Fisz/Emade
    L. Stadt
    Phantom Taxi Ride
    Out Of Tune
    Kawałek Kulki
    Kapela ze wsi Warszawa [Warsaw Village Band]
    Czesław Śpiewa[if only you can call him Polish:P]
    Beats Friendly
    Raz, Dwa, Trzy
    Kanał Audytywny/L.U.C.
    Bands I know to less [because they're too young or I'm simply too lazy to fool around them :P]:

    Maleo Regge Rockers
    Agressiva 69
    Smolik[looking forward to buy 3]
    Pidżama Porno/Strachy Na Lachy

    Bands that I used to like but for some reasons are not my favourite anymore:

    Cool Kids Of Death

    That's it.
    What's new?
    I'm hooked on Sally Shapiro, 19 days left before Zu's arrival to Vratislava, Zheev's still gone :'(, I don't have to spend a 'lovely' hour with Avril [but I know somebody that HAS to :D], Euro's final-Spain v Germany...
    Simply cool :)