• WillFry

    1125 Andrew Bird listens? Dear god. And I thought I was solid with 269 Patrick Wolf listens in one week sometime last year. I agree with you on Animal Collective though. I started listening to it a couple of weeks back. Fantastic album. c:

    Mag 17 2009, 9:18
  • HeatherGreenEye

    Well,you make me wanna try and listen to Lily again. Emmy's album izho is good at parts but the charm of the good old demos has disappeared,for all my grief -___- New Maximo Park's album is kinda nice. The singles can be a bit discouraging,though. Dear thing,I've cut my hair XD

    Mag 17 2009, 14:59
  • DominiqueTheFox

    @WillFry-> I just couldn't resist. I was under a great impression after His gig, that's why ;) Patrick Wolf is a good thing to listen maniacally, anyway. Glad that you enjoy MPP :D @Heath-> you know, I've discovered that Laura's! EPs and demos were better than her whole album. It's nice, obviously, but there are some track that should be replaced with New Romantic for example :> the charm of demos, yes. I like Maximo Park's singles :) NEW KASABIAN TO GO. I know you will not share my excitement :P Whaaaaaaaa? >__< But then you cut your hair and it ended there :P I may work in a radio station during the holidays, how coll is that.

    Mag 17 2009, 15:39
  • HeatherGreenEye

    Wraithlike,yes,likeable,funny hooks,but The Kids are a bit...insipid?OK,never mind,my taste is really not sophistiated if I listen to The Teenagers not sqeeking with anger :P For me,Laura's album is an incarnation of perfection (how pathetic am I? XD) and I love it as whole,but I think You're No God would be better as a b-side or something. I cut them,they aren't so short but a change is obvious :D Coll? Flyppin coll,I suppose :D

    Mag 17 2009, 16:14
  • DominiqueTheFox

    coll, ahaha XDDD I was in a hurry ^^" The Kids are sick, that's right, but I like them ;) Paul's voice is so soft... yes, definitely like this one. Anyone who sings in French deserves a try :) Yes I thought it was perfect, but as time passes I find new things... some tracks just don't fit. The Captain And The Hourglass, wtf? I mean, the songs themselves are fine, but if you listen to whole thing something is not right. Ow, Your Only Doll is one big mistake. [I don't mean the Alas part, obviously ;)]

    Mag 17 2009, 16:25
  • LabTwat

    both Doves and Lily Allen's albums are gooooood,Patrick's one is also nice,though I'm not a huge fan,but I've heard some

    Ago 17 2009, 15:26
  • DominiqueTheFox

    Yeah, I guess now I like Lily's CD even more :) but my top 5 has changed completely, Patrick's not number 3 anymore.

    Ago 17 2009, 15:54
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