• New Video - Ethereal Pilgrim - Sailing the Rriver Styx

    Nov 3 2012, 19:56

    Free Diving
    Sailing the River Styx

    There's nothing I can say about because it's unbelievable music video with emotions from soul!!!! Just watch:

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  • For people who like cosmic acoustic chillout

    Nov 3 2012, 19:40

    Ethereal Pilgrim released new EP - I'm Looking for My Planet EP

    “…Having followed the sunset, Ansoee was sitting near an ancient oak. It was one of those rare days when everything was quiet, only a slight wind blew giving a feeling of moving life.

    Turning her head to the skies the girls was watching stars which flashed up far above in yellow autumn leaves. In twilight the tree branches seemed to be special links between the Sky and the Earth colored by the Milky Way stars. She gently touched the oak and closed her eyes. Immediately she felt the vortex of consciousness which threw her high to the skies. Since that time only the music has been able to describe the feelings…”

    Let this story take you to an amazing journey!

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  • New album review (2012)

    Mar 13 2012, 15:48

    Ethereal Pilgrim
    Free Diving - LP
    Review by: Reed Burnam

    Much to the credit of its title, Free Diving, the new album from Roman Pavlov aka Ethereal Pilgrim is just that: an extended, placid, lilting descent from a more vertical vantage point into ever increasing layers of deep blue chill-out psychedelia. The foreign worlds Pavlov creates across the 71 minutes of Free Diving’s fluid event horizon are both technically well-crafted and sonically pleasing, and taken as a whole comprise a hopeful, organic record that plays well both in the background and in your headphones.

    Allusions to water, the ocean, and the fluid movement of both mass and energy are likely to color most descriptions of the contents of Free Diving, and not just given the album’s title and song names such as “In Pacific Ocean”, “Breathe Underwater”, and “Touch of Blue Light”. The music is as hazy as sea fog and as gently swelling as a far-off breaker seen through a pane of stained glass. Each track herein is a type of journey in itself (no song clocks at under 5:00), and best taken in a dimly yet warmly lit room. There are hints of a lot of things going on here, from the of Enigma and perhaps Bjork, to the worlds of Robert Rich, Brian Eno and a host of ambient knob twiddlers, to the dreamier side of Moby and current darlings Washed Out, and even some hints here and there of the luscious, that characterizes some of This Mortal Coil’s more ethereal work. Though there’s not any one influence that strongly comes to mind, and in keeping with the album’s general arc, notions and recollections tend to filter to the surface with a type of languid fluidity.

    What Ethereal Pilgrim gives us here is an extended meditation. It’s , , , , , , , , , , and a lot of other similarly-charged adjectives. In yet another oceanic alliteration, the overall scope of Pavlov’s work here is as expansive as the look and feel of , , or openness in all four directions, and a full listen to the contents herein is likely to induce similar feelings of easy, floating aimlessness. And it would seem that the aimlessness, as some sage once said (probably), is the whole point.

    Pavlov’s piano playing is adept, downplayed, and meshes well with the airy sweeps, pads, and vocal tracks across the album. The songs tend to ebb and flow, with enough movement to keep things interesting across an entire track and not get totally buried underneath the sonic swells. Everything is mixed well overall. The recurrent female vocal tracks are really smooth and beautiful and would give Enya a run for her money (though thankfully the music is not so unpalatable). The underlying beat structures are interesting and unobtrusive, as evidenced on tracks such as “Breath Underwater (Ethereal)”, “Ganymede”, “K'ank'in”, and album opener “In Pacific Ocean (Ethereal)”. The opening salvo/trio of the three “ethereal” tracks (“In Pacific Ocean (Ethereal)”, “Breath Underwater (Ethereal)”, and “Flying in the Deep Blue (Ethereal)”) are quite nice, and work well as a group. Other album stand-outs are “Son of the Sun” and “Siren (Ethereal)”.

    As the album spins on, one piece of criticism that could be leveled towards Pavlov’s terrestrial starscapes might be the dawning feeling that in moving forward, we just might have been here before…in crafting the often seamless and sealed landmarks that dot Free Diving’s elysian fields, one begins to sense a pattern emerging through the smoke and haze, and there’s a wish that more attention could have been paid to the amorphous spaces and interstices between the record’s bliss-tempo futuristics, allowing for a bit more of the ambient to emerge from what is at core a really great / record. There’s room in the margins of Ethereal Pilgrim’s sound to successfully elevate the music to another level by distancing out the pretty moments in order to create more anticipation and the kind of open space that the music seems to be yearning towards, as the one sticking point of Free Diving could be the homogeneity that starts to creep in by the album’s close. Though it’s probably worth noting that opinions are more often than not simply self-motivated suggestions, a thought here is to expand the frontiers by scaling back a bit, ala the more alluvial aspects of the collaborations between Eno and Budd.

    As stated in his bio, Pavlov’s musical output was preceded by a type of “spiritual awakening”, which would seem to shine through here at various points and perhaps lends a deeper quality overall that is felt as well as heard. Ethereal Pilgrim’s music is just as well suited to and wide panning shots over hopelessly breathtaking natural vistas as it is for the late night session; in fact, the fusing of the two elements here is one of the album’s stand-out points. Free Diving manages to enmesh a pervasive, meditative element into a genre that sometimes tries a little too hard to hit just the right mix of cool and in the meantime misses the larger point. Free Diving’s progenitor obviously has some stars in his eyes, and more the better for we listeners. This is music to dream to.

    Review by: Reed Burnam
    Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)
  • Enigma и её последователи.

    Feb 15 2012, 17:32

    Настоящие ценители Enigma прекрасно знают все творения проекта созданного Michael Cretu в своей магической лаборатории звука. Каждый альбом: MCMXC a.D., The Cross of Changes, Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!, The Screen Behind the Mirror , Voyageur, A Posteriori, Voyageur, Seven Lives Many Faces содержит свою неповторимую звуковую тайну, загадку. И все же, с каждым годом я замечаю, что в альбомах все больше треков, которые хочется пролистнуть.

    Совсем недавно, я решил пройтись по работающим в стиле Enigma артистам с целью найти то, что могло бы погрузить меня в космическую, магическую и духовную атмосферу также как треки альбомов A Posteriori - 20.000 Miles Over the Sea, Goodbye Milky Way, или The Screen Behind the Mirror - Between Mind and Heart, The Cross of Changes - Return to Innocence, MCMXC a.D. - Mea Culpa, Voyageur - The Piano, Seven Lives Many Faces - La Puerta Del Cielo.

    Конечно начал свои поиски с «похожих» исполнителей, которые предложил мне LAST.FM на странице Enigma. Пробовал Andru Donalds, Era, Delerium, Amethystium, Deep Forest, даже на Michael Cretu ))) но что-то не то, душе хотелось свежести...

    И тут случайно наткнулся вконтакте на Ethereal Pilgrim Проект, который я никогда и нигде раньше не слышал. Каково было мое удивление, когда я послушал "Sailing the River Styx" этот трек просто очаровал меня своей загадкой и напомнил мне ощущения, когда я первый раз услышал Энигму с Between Mind and Heart. Погрузивших глубже я понял, что искал именно эту музыку. "Siren (Ethereal)" не передаваемое звездное ощущение полета, невесомости. The Cassiopeia - чистая энергия познания. "Sensuality" - Чувственность и добавить нечего... К сожалению скачать где либо не смог, альбом "Free Diving" вроде как еще не выпущен и автор новый, но есть ощущение, что музыку продюсирует сам Мишель. Надеюсь очень скоро я смогу насладиться в своем плеере этим удивительным творением .

    пока накопал только это:
    Facebook Page

    В общем, всем кто любит Энигму очень рекомендую!
  • Enigmatic track Siren by Ethereal Pilgrim in FLAC

    Feb 3 2012, 17:30

    Project "Ethereal Pilgrim" posted new track "Siren". This awesome melody and sound will dip you into a World of magic. Upcoming album "Free Diving" will be include this composition.

    Ethereal Pilgrim - Home Page
    Ethereal Pilgrim - Facebook
    Listen online
    Download in FLAC
  • Ethereal Ambient, New Age project Edelis announced new album "Ether" 2012

    Feb 1 2012, 21:30

    First of all - you can download Ether for free on Edelis Facebook page
    or listen online and watch the hd video Absorbed by Space

    The compositions of the project "Edelis" were like a breath of fresh air, a kind of oasis for those who live their lives amid the megapolis’ vanity. This may be connected with the fact that Russian producer and composer Vladimir has chosen a place far away from the big city for his home. Every year we get new and new impressions, and 2012 is not an exception. "Edelis" has prepared for us a magical journey – its new album "Ether".

    From the first seconds of listening we can pay attention to the appearance of the vocals. Almost every track has vocals, some tracks are even supplemented with poems, and this innovation sounds very easy. Meditative rhythm, romantic outtakes, and mysterious melodies accompanied by atmospheric instruments and gentle female voice make "Ether" so special in "Edelis’" discography.

    The album "Ether" cannot be compared either to a stormy river or to the smooth surface of water. It has a flowing motion, motion towards the pearly light. Vladimir carefully worked on the arrangements and thereby created a sense of flight and weightlessness during all 13 tracks of the album. With your eyes closed, you can dissolve in the realm of fantasy and may not notice how these 60 minutes pass. It is fascinating, and you want to experience this ethereal flight all over again.

    "The first track appeared in 2010. There were many ideas waiting to be embodied. I was in a harmonic mood. There was a mysterious energy – the Ether – which exists everywhere around us. Gradually all these recorded songs began to reflect this magical atmosphere, so it became obvious that the album’s name must be "Ether", - Vladimir says.
  • Transparent

    Apr 15 2008, 7:25

    Calm and very melodic music in ethno relax style R.O.M.&.N is written in the best traditions of Oliver Shanty Deep Forest, Pandana and other representatives of Enigmatic. It may become for you a deserved reward after a strained day’s work or unobtrusive and pleasing background for trusting conversation with your friends or even a guide to the mysterious world of your own soul.

    The music is harmoniously joining vocal and instrumental lines, it contains delicate imperceptible energy, suggesting listen to yourself, with invisible silver thread it connects you with the nature, making you feel just a guest on this wonderful planet named EARTH.

    Listening to the albums RHYTHM OF MANKIND & NATURE you will certainly perceive (cognize) the sense of the phrase “beauty is simple and unpretentious, but almighty, as Love”...

    Ago 3 2007, 21:18

    Constantly seeking to the sound harmony, the album “Nature life” can be considered as an ethno-electronic one. All kinds of vocal, accompanying instrument "Duduk", Piano, violin, electronic and atmospheric sounds of soul, melodies, deep and tender rhythm – all of these excellent come together in this album. It will awake a lot of romantic images and memories in you, which sets you to the positivism in your life.

    Every sound of composition is a part of “Nature life”. Every sound reveals Natural pureness, Might of the Earth and in the same time love of Man. In other words, this album allows you to enjoy all those feelings, that takes you away from fussy of every day life and unite you with this beautiful and unique world.

    When I began to create album "Nature Life" I wanted to show the dependence of the man from the world around us. Every our action, thought, this or that, can influence the surrounding us reality and as if reflecting in it come back to us. The clearer are our deeds, the more favorable responses we receive from the World.

    On the cover of the album you can see a beautiful flower, which was born in the fields of the Taman. These accidentally taken pictures became significant only after finishing the album. Its release as I have understood later, only a part of a great idea of those, who sees the sense of existence in whole.