Ladyfuzz and the Chap at the Soul Tree 29.11.06


Dic 1 2006, 12:58

29 Nov – LadyFuzz, The Chap, The Resistance, New World Record

Ladyfuzz and the Chap at the Soul Tree 29.11.06

A few words about the Soul Tree. The smell. It has a great smell. Its obviously something to do with the cleaning fluid they use. It kind of says: complies with health and safety standards, easy on the nose but slightly disreputable. I liked it and experiment proved to me that it wasn't Phil's aftershave.

There were FIVE bands on of differing degrees of interest and physical beauty. Obviously, the reason I went was to see Ladyfuzz, and the Chap. Ladyfuzz were amazing. They were around the venue in odd corners prior to their set and obviously really enjoyed The Chap Liz Neumayr particularly. Liz Neumayr looked a lot less rock and role before the gig, transforming from jeans into a pink ball gown type thing. Ben Esser, transformed in the opposite direction. He looked fantastically arch prior to the gig all in black, except for the white shoes. However, when he started drumming he was in a beige cardigan. The music was wonderful. Before the gig I thought: Ladyfuzz, they're good, their songs have really good bits. However, last night the songs worked from beginning to end. They started with the oh-so catchy *Hold Up*. Next up *Monster*, completely showcased the drummer and bass playing. WOW. It was brilliantly dancy and complex and tight. Liz Neumayr's performance was a delight. She has an amazing presence – which was heightened by her hair and the way she moved. She has a way of folding herself up and then exploding back to full height. They played all of my favourite tracks and it sounded so much better than their recordings. *Bouncy Ball* should get a special mention for its wonderful poppieness. Live it made me grin from ear to ear. Essentially, I enjoyed the way in which their sound was clearly defined, punchy, and emotive. It was a wonderful mix of post-punk texture and dance rhythms. It was edgy and catchy at the same time. I expect I will listen to nothing but Ladyfuzz for a week and buy everything they have ever done from ebay, but emerge from this obsesivness in about 10 days time. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM AGAIN.

The Chap were good, but not as good. They were fabulous performers, but the music lacked the definition and catchiness of Ladyfuzz. They were very, very amusing and it was wonderful to see some truly experimental stuff mixed up with very poppie presentation. Oh and they had a moog rouge on stage, which was a nice touch.

The crowd was a bit thin on the ground, but those who were there danced like they were at an acid house party in 1989. Impressive stuff. I'm glad I was there and sad its over.

I saw loads of people with cameras there, if any one has some photos can you contact me I'd love to have a look.
LadyfuzzThe ChapHold UpmonsterMonsterBouncy Ball


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