• Made The Move!!

    Lug 18 2008, 17:01

    We are in the St Louis Metro area. Got here last week. It sucked to have to move again but we had to do it. It looks like St Louis has lots of stuff to do and we are going to take full advantage of it!!


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    If anyone lives in this area, Please give me a Shout-Out!
  • Sup?

    Dic 29 2007, 13:58

    it has been a while folks since i have writen a log. I hope that everyone is doing well. Have a Happy New Year!
  • DC and Music...

    Ott 13 2007, 23:31

    Fri 12 Oct – Tiger Army, Street Dogs, The Static Age

    The Street Dogs from Boston totaly stole the show!!! They were so full of energy andf really knew how to work a crowd. Tiger Army was good, but they looked a bit nervous and really just played the tracks like the albums, no improv for them. The Street Dogs really made the night for me.
  • Type-O Show...

    Mag 8 2007, 17:54

    The opening band was called Brand New Sin. They were good and i purchased their Cd set, 3 for $10!!! Not bad. They were very heavy, but listenable. The next band was called Celtic Frost.

    They were the HEAVIEST BAND THAT I HAVE EVERY HEARD!!! It sounded like they never finished a song or started another one!! Drudge and more drudge followed by lyrics that you could not understand followed by more drudge!! Funny enough, some of the boys from Type-O came onstage and sang a few lyrics with them.

    Around 10:12, the stage was clear and "Its A Small World" started playing??? Then it went black and the boys came out playing a cover of The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour in Type-o style of course. Followed by These Three Things, The profits of Doom, Hey Pete, Christian Woman, Love you to death, and a new Track called Anguish. Peter drank his Merlot during the show and there was the proverbial "mosh pit" as with most of these shows. Peter's vocals were on just like the album, but i have to agree with the article, his appearance has diminished with the abuse to his body with drugs and alcohol. The one 6'5'' steel used to be in superb shape, he now look like a middle aged man letting his body go.

    The finished the show with Black #1 with the other members of the opening acts coming on stage and singing the chorus with Type-O. The show let out at around 12.00 midnight. I was back home around 3am this morning. Very happy that i saw them, but a little more deaf!! What did u say? i cant hear you...

    The mix of the music was very strange to me, much like their new album. The drums on the album were very thin and wispy, in concert they were very overbearing and almost too loud. Because of this, they sometimes drowned out Seel's vocals He spoke to the crowd several times and the chant "You Suck" was shouted several times during the show. They had very strange intermissions during the set and would walk off stage and then come back on. To me, it looked Steel was on Coke as i would see him snort throughout the entire as like in trying to clear the drainage from the back of his nose from the coke drainage. He admitted in the article i posted about 2 weeks ago that he has had a cocaine problem. He might still have it, or his allergies were just acting up...

    Sun 6 May – Type O Negative, Celtic Frost, Brand New SinType-O Interview
  • NEw YEars eve...1994-95

    Gen 8 2007, 22:30

    I broke my collarbone at their conccert in Lousiana in december 1994 and we went to their show at the Purple Onion in Galveston Texas on Dec 31 to party with them. I got onstage and danced and sang with them. I have pics to show about this!!!
  • live at nottingham (liveism tour 1994)

    Nov 22 2006, 1:50

    leftfield - live at nottingham (liveism tour 1994)
    I have this boot and it is IMHO. the VERY BEST live albu that i have ever heard in the IDM style!! It was taken and recorded to DAT from the mains!!! The whole show was mix and remixed live. The songs are a continous mix! It would be cool if they released this show as a live album as it is CD quality!!
  • Work and stuff

    Ott 4 2006, 20:58

    It has ben a while since i have written anythig on thsi section. i have a BLOG(http://www.lastfm.it/out?url=Http%3A%2F%2Frenigade.blogspot.com%29 that i am very involved with. Feel free to go and check it out.
  • Charlie Daniels Band @ Innsbrook After Hours

    Ago 24 2006, 10:55

    WELL, we saw him tonight at Innsbrook After Hours and WHAT A SHOW!!!! He played all of his greatest hits like Devil Went Down To Georgia, Trudy, Simple Man, and In America just to name a few! Charlie Daniels played for just under 2 hours and for $10, you cant beat that!!! I was realy impressed with his guitar play and his fiddle playing!!! He truly is a musical icon...Next week we go and see Forigner!! and we all will become Juke Box Heros...
  • Jonny Lang

    Ago 20 2006, 4:15

    We went on Wednesday night to Innsbrook Afterhours and we say Jonny Lang in concert. it was only $10 to get in and he played from 8pm till 10pm. Good show for not much money.
  • Frontline Assembly - Artificial Soldier

    Lug 16 2006, 1:21

    I just got thei album this week so i amgonna check it out and give a review...