• Some bands that never seem to get as much attention as they deserve.

    Ott 28 2007, 11:33

    Just a few random bands that never seem to get anywhere when people go on about "great" or "classic" bands.

    First up, Screaming Trees . Certainly one of the better bands to come from the northwest of the USA, and without a doubt the best band I've come across with influences in grunge. Dust has a brilliant start to in, though it does fade away somewhat after track 6. Well worth checking out above Nirvana, Soundgarden et al.

    Nine Black Alps are one of those unlucky bands in the U.K that seemed to be ignored by music buyers for no real reason. Far more aggressive sounding than the Kaisers and their ilk, they convey far more passion than 90% of English indie/rock bands. Listen to Unsatisfied and try to tell me Razorlight could do better.

    Captain Beefheart is someone that I place in here a little tentatively, as he is rather well known for his erratic percussion and somewhat offbeat humour. However, he always seems to be overshadowed by former classmate and friend, Frank Zappa. Sure, Zappa has some great stuff, but Beefheart is way more consistent and far more enjoyable to listen to, once you "get him".

    Covering the hardcore punk section we have BBQ CHICKENS , from Tokyo. A band with a hell of a lot of humour in their work, and some very surreal cover versions on Fine Songs, Playing Sucks. Easily better than ten dozen shitty Green Day post-American Idiot clones.

    One of my favourite bands,
    Gang of Four can probably be placed in this group, too. Though they did flirt with slight chart success after the release of Entertainment! , they've never reached the levels of influence that Joy Division had, despite having several similarities in music and lyrics. Perhaps because they lacked the iconic status of Ian Curtis?

    There are more, and I will get to them later. But that's all I feel like typing for now.
  • A musical insight, perhaps.

    Ott 7 2007, 23:14

    it's been over a year since I discovered last.fm while browsing some music related forum, and I think it shows just how much I've developed musically over the last year. My original last.fm weekly top artists for 8th October 2006 make decent, if not outstanding reading.


    Nothing there that is really too non mainstream, other than some of the crazier stuff by the Flaming Lips (of which I had none, at the time).

    After losing my computer for three months or so, I had to begin my collection from the start, when I decided to start giving everything a shot, showing somewhat in this chart:


    As you can see, it's a far more varied playlist, with a lot more experimentalism involved in some of these bands.

    This chart, my latest is a good example of how a music listener should be. Able to blend mainstream and experimental to any way he or she wishes, with only his opinion being the barometer of opinion. Who says people can't listen to Jpop, Death Metal, Progressive Rock, Hip Hop and IDM?

    Anyone can, if you give it a shot.
  • I just lost in excess of six thousand of my music tracks.

    Set 18 2007, 10:58

    So it's kinda scramble to remember what downloads/bought album I need to redownload or re-rip via media player. Found some of my The Quillfor example, but stuck for Rollerskate Skinny for example.

    Stupid old external. Why couldn't you die after I'd transferred all my crap?