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Feb 11 2011, 14:08

(Standing back)
Girls' Generation


Taeyang (member of BIGBANG)
SeungRi (member of BIGBANG)

GD&TOP (two members of BIGBANG)

In comparison to any other "Albums I've Recently Purchased" entries ever posted by me, this one is actually exceptional, because all these CDs are of K-Pop music, of course performed by Korean performers, that I've become an ardent listener of only within the last month or two.

Yes, just two months ago, the only K-Pop artists that I had ever listened to or heard of were KARA, Girls' Generation and S.E.S. (back in 1999!) and even I myself didn't expect that I would become such a K-Pop fan, but when I for some reason heard 4minute's bilingual debut album DIAMOND, which I later bought on iTunes, I actually loved their urban-oriented pop style and got eager to try more contemporary K-Pop music.

And after searching and researching through the list of the popular K-Pop artists of today, I found out that even though not all of them are doing music of my taste, there are some cool artists whose music is yet more R&B-influenced and more sophisticated and whom I thus could easily become a fan of, such as BIGBANG and its members on their own solo projects. Especially, SOL aka Taeyang is really a great artist that deserves more attention from not only K-Pop listeners but also R&B ones.


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