• The largely unknown Charlotte Hatherley visits Hamburg

    Dic 11 2007, 21:13

    Mon 10 Dec – Charlotte Hatherley
    Charlotte Hatherley

    Great concert in Hamburg yesterday! Probably my favorite this year (though I doubt anything will ever beat seeing POLYSICS for the first time).
    I think Charlotte H. is a real artist, only more fun. Cute too..
    Of course she had a turnout befitting such a star - 25 people if you want a rough guesstimate, don't hold me to it.
    In Hamburg, the second largest and altogether greatest city in Germany or elsewhere!
    (Supposedly she's been here before, so she seems to be a little stiff-necked.)

    The Markthalle is not the biggest location to start with, never mind the small hall on the upper floor. And unexpected to sit attentively on padded benches with your beer. Then again the frame was ok/just right. You prefer "intimate" over arena on a tired Monday evening before Xmas, otherwise why not go to London and see Led Zep at Wembley arena.

    The basically acoustic though powerful renditions were supported by two cool gals/collaborators - I know my style is overblown, I don't write blogs usually:
    Jen aka "Something Beginning with L", also "supporting act"
    Charly, a friend I gather, who made quirky remarks in German :-) (where she's been born, allegedly).
    Three great voices + guitarists IMHO


    Pathetic intro line: "I'm not Charlotte H. but I do know her <pause> I'm Something beginning with L"
    Well, I didn't know Jen's material, but was charmed+bought a CD indistinguishable from a self-burned, except for her autograph. After listening to it I'd say she's like Elliott Smith and Mazzy Star rolled into Cat Power, though the gig was less M.S.(=dreamy) than the CD. I loved her one guitar+voice gig and at the same time felt concerned that Charlotte's voice might be thin though beautiful afterwards, which it wasn't (thin) as it turned out then.

    Ms Über-Ash?
    If you think acoustic set, make no mistake, the main set was no hushed dream pop or folk plainchant but fast guitars and what I'd call affirmative, multi-layered vocals.

    Apologies for my bad memory, anyhow she started with:
    I Want You to Know

    played most songs from both albums including:
    Behave (Charly: ".. now she does that funny tuning we are not
    allowed to know")
    Kim Wilde
    Very Young

    and some extras:
    Kites (? anyone tell me whom they covered)
    Kids in America (makes girls feel younger I guess; maybe
    "Keep Me Hanging on" might be a great addition)
    Name of the Game (80% sure, maybe another ABBA song, nice
    harmonies for sure)

    I think audience and band were "happy enough" - it does not show with Hamburgers you know - so the crowd even forced an encore!
    My favorite Paragon was impractical, alas, C. was embarrassed, but we got a second Behave, for that was what we did.

    If Hamburg is reading this:
    Come and see next time (tickets were 12€)!

    Listen+buy if you like fast-fun-prog-pop-rock at all!

    If Charlotte and company were reading this I'd say:
    Come back even if you lose some money, a select few are willing to support you.