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  • Re-create

    No injuries or anything :) but my car took enough damage to warrant something new. Very much enjoying the new ride though so it's definitely a silver lining (and a silver exterior har har). // I've switched over to paired programming at work, so I haven't gotten around to much more listening since the last time we spoke. Hoping to check more things out soon though. // SUMAC was raw and heavy. No arguments there, but I did find that the compositions weren't super interesting. Adding Brian Cook helped a lot though. It might grow on me in time.

    23 Feb 16:50 Rispondi
  • Re-create

    Sorry I've been slow to respond. Was in an accident this week and had to get a new car and switch off my parents insurance which was a huge pain to sort out. I also had to fix up my new turntable and get the new needle configured right, but I am back on track! I listened to SUMAC and Solace the last couple days tho. Solace was insanely beautiful. Really looking forward to give it more listens. SUMAC didn't really do a whole lot for me, but I don't think I was in the right mood for that one. I'll get back to you about the others and some of your other comments in the very near future!

    19 Feb 21:57 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    Gira's business tactics are bizzare but I have no doubt he'll kill it with packaging. Though the aesthetic of his represses fits vinyl sooo much better than those overpriced digipacks, of course. I would also kill for him to add a bunch of merch designs. I have a Holy Money shirt but it's just too edgy for me to wear in public often, same goes for the other designs. Do you own/wear much band merch? // For sure. To me they sound just like a blend of Russian Circles and Deafheaven with some other stuff thrown in there. Psyched for the new album. // Have you heard "Aesthethica" by Liturgy? I would very highly recommend it next time you're in the mood for some "black metal" that isn't really black metal. They have a reputation for shooting their mouths off but their music is so unique and uplifting. It's a blend of noise rock, math rock, post-hardcore, no-wave and ambient with a BM backbone.

    16 Feb 7:04 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    Indeed. Love the incredibly diverse array of influences the dude has, his taste is godly too. You should check out his latest lesser known releases on Bandcamp, they mostly dabble with ambient drone Eluvium sounding stuff. // Sadly, I didn't cop that cheap green copy, but good for them for selling it for that cheap too. // Glad you dig! You'll be surprised to know that there are literally no stringed or electronic instruments of any kind in that "band", in case you didn't know it's one dude who lives in the woods with a bizzare instrument called a "hammer dulcimer" and a drum kit and that's it. When he plays live, he gets a few other people to play but the instruments remain the same. What a band. Anyhow, not to get genre picky but I don't see enough elements to consider Flora "black metal" in my opinion. I think experimental post-rock is a nice tag though. // Oh yes, The Sound is incredible. On the personal top 10 songs for sure.

    16 Feb 6:56 Rispondi
  • Re-create

    I'm rolling with Spotify pro these days. I saved both Solace and Young Team, so I will check those out at work this week (tryin' to stick to the record collection for my listening when I'm at home). // Been a while since I've listened to any ASIWYFA, but I bet Gang is still my jam. Definitely get what you're saying about the last album and would be inclined to agree. // You could basically argue that about any genre, but I guess post-rock is more incestuous than most. What are you focusing your musical curiosity towards now-a-days then? Electronic?

    15 Feb 21:48 Rispondi
  • Re-create

    Jakob seems real cool. Gonna check them out more. I liked the poppy happiness of their last album so consider me excited. Hard to believe you haven't been listening to much post rock.

    13 Feb 17:14 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    It was all good because I copped this beauty for $20 and got a free record and other shit at it. Anyhow. Last time I ordered from them online they gave me a random free record alongside what I bought, good stuff. // I thought King Woman sounded pretty disappointing, but...I'll have to wait for that full length. // I'd pay up to about $50 for SFTB as long as the tracklist remained the same or at least fairly close to the original and it had good packaging. Which I have no doubt will deliver. I know you aren't big on the idea but I'd be partial into buying the two separately since I think disc 1 owns disc 2, but that could be hit or miss.

    13 Feb 3:38 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    Desideratum feels more clean and coherent than Leaving, though it still kinda lacks flow and organization for lack of better terms. Still, drone is drone and it's a good album. Been meaning to pick it up, but I can wait awhile before I find a colored copy for a decent price. // I'm not usually nuts about that kind of splatter vinyl but the original pressing looks pretty fantastic. I also would like to pick that up. The purple looks great too, though. Have you heard the album? // Flenser are one of my favorite if not my favorite label to buy from. Funny story, awhile after I cancelled my Deathconc. order I decided it'd be a necessity so I went all the way over to Aquarius records across town (great store, if you haven't been) and I bought it for like $30, standard black. The next day Flenser announces they have a booth at this record convention with super discounted vinyl AND free swag with every purchase. They were selling green copies of the album for like $24 a pop. (cont.)

    13 Feb 3:28 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    Leaving isn't my absolute favorite, I find it a little unorganized rather than the much cleaner feeling Desideratum. // You'd really really dig that album, I think. Honestly it would be nearly perfect without the frog vocals, but they're a. It was repressed on violet the other day and the packaging is stunning from what I've seen, highly recommend that one. // Yeah, I remember that conversation. Just thought you meant there was some new rumor or something. I actually saw your old thread on VC the other day! Anyhow, I'm holding my breath so hard for that pressing. I listened to SFTB in full about a month ago driving home late at night and it's just breathtaking at times.

    10 Feb 16:13 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    Speaking of Flenser, two bands I'd highly rec for you are Botanist and Sannhet. Both could be considered "experimental blackgazing post-rock" and actually make some of the most uplifting music I've heard in ages, truth be told. Posting links because I'm too lazy to permalink:

    10 Feb 1:34 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    I wouldn't enjoy Whirr too much if they were instrumental on studio, most likely. Though there's that one video of them in New York with 0 audible vocals and it's pretty awesome. Very post-rocky, I guess. Man, that's a bummer they didn't play the first and last songs from that record, those are two of my favorites for sure. // Yeah, that pit was intense. I could personally do with a bit less intensity and rawness from them but whatever. // Thank you based Flenser. Honestly one of the best if not the best labels around. Giles Corey is essential, not crazing about Leaving but if it's a nice color varient (which I'm sure it will be) I'll nab that. Any source on SFTB? I trust you, but I feel like VC or /r/vinyl would be exploding by now, heh.

    10 Feb 1:25 Rispondi
  • Re-create

    So what am I missing out on in the post-rock world these days?

    9 Feb 13:46 Rispondi
  • forlente

    even though I didn't catch russian circles, I got to see Mamiffer headline a small show in downtown. I'm not sure who the people were who opened for them but it was a neat drone show. The first track off the new album is so beautiful and they preformed it so well. Got a coolio patch too. Also really excited about Swans.

    9 Feb 12:40 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    Right. I prefer the vocals like that because I'm not too sold on Loren's vocals. Where were you standing? When I left to use the bathroom (big mistake, FYI) I could hear the vocals MUCH better than where I was in the front of the crowd. Or so I thought. Agreed on the set, I was dreading they wouldn't play a single hit. Would kill to see pretty much anything off any release besides the EP and Sway. I had to leave after Get Well, did I miss anything? Tell me about the crowd. Where I was it was either people standing with their arms crossed not saying a word or obnoxious college kiddies who admitted to not listening to either band. My friend flaked on me so I landed in the former category. Also, how bad was that first band?

    9 Feb 6:17 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    Boy, what a night. I was slightly disappointed in Whirr in their preformance, setlist and mixing (all I could hear was bass where I was standing) but I felt like they were actually honestly really great. So much energy from them. Nothing were so fucking good, was NOT expecting those pits. That noise bit in the beginning freaked me for a minute, and the samples were actually pretty cool. Even though I had to leave after Get Well I think it was a great show overall.

    4 Feb 17:21 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    On a side note, you're a fan of Touche Amore right? Check this. I know you're probably sick of the 8 hour drive or however long it takes to get down here is but the venue is fantastic, I saw Deafheaven there a few months ago and it was just such a nice (though not really fitting) venue.

    3 Feb 23:38 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    Right, well, you're not alone in thinking that particular show was week. The aforementioned friend mentioned that was the weakest he'd seen of 'em in awhile, but that their other shows were MUCH better in pretty much anyway. Like I said awhile ago, they were the best band I'd seen in a few months prior to that show. The set, energy and mixing (strange compliment, but the vocals were surprisingly audible considering Loren literally just mumbles) were on point. Bad pun intended. Anyhow, I feel like Whirr's side would be amazing if a girl sung on it. Loren's voice works well on Sway but the split is a lot more like Pipe Dreams. And July the Fourth is incredible, can't wait to hear it tonight.

    3 Feb 19:25 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    True. I find it enjoyable, definitely has it's unique moments like the song with Chelsea Wolfe. Though I prefer Station and Empros slightly. // Man, I thought Whirr really cleaned up their act when I saw them, though that was the first time. My friend on here has seen them like 14 or 15 times and he thought their recent shows here were better than any others he'd seen. (IE, less loud, more energy, better setlist.) Did you hear the split between them? Was dissapointed by both bands' contributions, but thought it was solid and enjoyable.

    1 Feb 7:25 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    Damn, that sounds so great. Nice they played a variety, I wasn't too keen on Memorial as much as their others so it's good they played a mixture. Are you going to Nothing next week?

    1 Feb 6:15 Rispondi
  • antiperiodic

    Nice! Man, I was so psyched on going but something came up. Though I think it sold out, too. Was the set more Memorial oriented or did they play stuff off other albums as well?

    1 Feb 6:02 Rispondi
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