Things I loved this month: March 09


Apr 4 2009, 11:39

* Perfume: Gucci - Rush 2

* Beautiful Betta splendens fish at my work :)

* Best current Rockstar - Mr. Obama - in Prague

* Spring is finally here! Birds are screaming, my allergies are coming to kill me... but who cares, when sun is shining!

* Glamour Kills Clothing

* Book "Love is just a word" by Johannes Mario Simmel... I readed it when I was 14, 17 and now... and its still great.

* Sebastian - I don´t LOVE you, but I LIKE you :) Thank u for all your support at work and everything u are doing for me, when I am in deepest shits.

* Movies: Yes Man / The Reader / Body of Lies / Howl's Moving Castle <3

* Tracks: Interpol - Untitled / Athlete - Best not to think about it / Electric President - It's like a heartbeat, only it isn't


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