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Awaiting Albums 2014

Aborted: "The Necrotic Manifesto" check
Archspire: "The Lucid Collective" check
At the Gates: "At War With Reality" Fall
Behmoth: "The Satanist" check
Belphegor: "Conjuring the Dead" August 8
Carach Angren: ???
Devilish Impressions "Adventvs" check
Dimmu Borgir: ??????
Fear of Domination: "Distorted Delusions'" check
Hour of Penance: "Regicide" check
Mayhem: "Esoteric Warfare" check
Septic Flesh: "Titan" check
Vader: "Tibi Et Igni" check
Vesania: "Deus Ex Machina" Fall
Wintersun: "Time II" ??

Live List:

Abigail Williams(pretty good, don't know much of new stuff)
Aborted (Pretty awesome)
Abysmal Dawn(Cool band)
Accept (Super fun band, so energetic and active)
Agalloch (totally different but still good)
Alestorm (Funny Bastards, entertaining show)
Amon Amarth (Damn what a great band, so fun and crazy!!)
Amon Amarth 2nd (Awesome Show)
Amorphis (Great Calm and Soothing band)
Atheist (kicked ass, Kelly's so good and nice)
Beldam of Cacophony (Greatly skilled band, but to strange)
Between the Buried and Me (I wanted to sleep)
Black Crown Initiate (Interesting band)
The Black Dahlia Murder (Pretty boring)
Black Label Soceity (Dont give a shit)
Black Tusk (Not my type, but good band)
Bonded By Blood (Perfect headbanging band)
Cannibal Corpse 2nd (Played old stuff, fucking sick)
Catalepsy (Damn so boring, and really repeated shit)
Cerebral Bore (Pretty boring, but ok)
Children of Bodom X2 1st(Really good)
Children of Bodom ( Damn fun and crazy)
Christian Mistress (not bad but boring)
Clutch (Sucked!!!)
Cradle of Filth (So Perfect!!!)
Crepitus (Fucking sick band!!)
Cretin (Didn't see much but, GO GIRLS!!!!)
Daniel Lioneye (super cool!)
Dark Tranquillity (Excellent Show)
Decrepit Birth (Allright, Bill's vocals were ametur)
Devin Townsend Project (Weird music but,a cool guy)
DevilDriver (Cool band, but don't care for them)
Dying Fetus (FUCKING AMAZING!!!)
Dying Fetus (Shity setlist)
Empyrean Throne (allright)
Enslaved (Realy Great Performance)
Epica (Great Performance!!!! Really open to the crowd)
Exhumed (Gore Beasts!!!)
Exmortus (Cool band)
The Faceless (Really good band)
The Faceless (Super skilled band, great show)
The Faceless (Nothing special)
Fallujah (Great band, Everyone member just so skilled!)
Fleshgod Apocalypse (Great show, but really quiet guitars)
Goatwhore (Damn bore me to hell!!!)
Goatwhore (Same boring songs)
Hate (Brutal band!!!!, great show)
Helsott (good elements, but didn't all match up good)
Hour of Penance (Fucking Sick!!!!!)
Immolation (Beast, Powerful!!)
Immolation (Super Brutal and Fast)
Immolation (Never let me down!!)
Impending Doom (Pure Shit, You guys blow dick)
Insentient (Pretty Tight)
Insomnium (Sick Show)
Job for a Cowboy (Bored the shit out of me)
Jungle Rot (Great band, but a lot of chug riffs)
Kataklysm (Chuggy but real nice performance)
Kamelot (Spectacular Performance!!!)
Keep of Kalessin (Great band, love to see them again)
Kreator (One of the best bands)
Madarost (Sick ass thrash band)
(The True)Mayhem (FUCKING SUPER BADASS!!!! !)
Morbid Angel (GOOD SHIT)
Morbid Angel ( Not bad)
Municipal Waste (Funny Bastards and an Awesome show)
Nachtmystium (Great pit!!)
Napalm Death (BARNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Necronomicon (Canada) (Good band)
Nightwish (Truly AMAZING, PERFECT DREAM!!!
Nightwish 2nd (Still AMAZING!!!! Though Annete was gone)
Obituary (John rapes live!!!)
Obscura (Techy as hell, but couldn't hear leads that well)
Origin (Fucked shit up)
Omnium Gatherum (Amazing band)
Periphery (Not my type, but good band)
Revocation (Sick band)
Sangre ( Not bad, great riffs, but need better vocalist)
Septic Flesh (Epic and Super loud!)
Septic Flesh (Pretty fucking awesome)
Six Feet Under (Barnes was really tight!!!!)
Skeletonwitch (Pretty damn badass)
Skeltonwitch 2nd (Good band, not my type though)
Swallow the Sun (Beautiful band)
Syrebris (Cool band)
Thy Art is Murder (On my phone the whole time)
Turisas (Blew me away!!)
Wage Slave (Great leads, vocalist=pathetic piece of shit)
Wormrot (Funny, real fun)
Wretched (Damn boring)
Xanthochroid (Great band, amazing keyboards and riffs)
2cents (not bad)
3 Inches of Blood (Really sick band)
3 Inches of Blood 2nd (Super Great!!)


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