• Slam Dunk.

    Apr 4 2010, 16:42

    Fri 2 Apr – Dunk!festival

    Oh my. so many "holy shits" on so many levels:

    Holy shit about the weather. 2 days of non-stop rain. wtf.
    Holy shit about the dozens of annoying drunk fucktards who almost ruined the ASMZ performance.
    Holy shit about no directions to the festival in zottegem and around the festival area.

    Apart from that:

    HOLY SHIT ABOUT THE BANDS. Sound was always perfect (with a few exceptions),
    and the Yndi Halda performance was one of the best things i've seen in my life.
    Other highlights for me were, of course, ASMZ, Hrsta, Immanu El, Slaraffenland!, Say hello to my kids and Liesa von der aa.

    It all seemed very well organized and the food was pretty good but a bit costy, especially the beverages.

    Camping was adventurous. Zottegem seemed to be hit by a monsoon that almost ripped my tent apart. I still can't believe that the guys in the big van managed to have bbq every day in the pouring rain. Camping superheroes.

    Well. Thanks Zottegem, for bringing so many different talented bands together.