Recommendations anyone?


Dic 6 2006, 15:22

Noticed that people have had some succes with these types of journals, so I'll give it a try too!

What do YOU think I should be listening to?

Take a look at my charts (I recommend looking further than just the top 50) and give me your bands. Some samples of their music, if not found in, would be great! Also interested in genres that are not found on my charts like hardcore punk/metalcore etc. Doom/death/goth metal I've tried, and found a few good songs but I really think it just isn't my cup of tea.

Here are some of my favourites (to get some people here).

Fiona Apple
Faith No More
The Mars Volta
Kingston Wall
Rättö ja Lehtisalo
Devendra Banhart
Boys of Scandinavia
The Knife
Rage Against the Machine
Nine Inch Nails
At the Drive-In
Tom Waits
The Doors
Pearl Jam
Death From Above 1979
Adam Green
Nellie McKay
The Sounds
A Perfect Circle
Blind Melon
Danko Jones
Jeff Buckley
Vesa-Matti Loiri
Magyar Posse
The Faint
Au Pair


  • Slighthammer

    If you like Tori Amos and Fiona Apple, you'll probably like Heather Nova. I'm particularly fond of her album Oyster, though there's much more of her to discover than that. I saw you'd been listening to Joni Mitchell last week. If you liked her you're sure to like Buffalo Springfield, where Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay kicked off their respective careers. They only released three albums during their brief time together. Buffalo Springfield Again is probably the best. Danko Jones is surely named after Rick Danko, the bassist and vocalist in The Band. They're unbelievably good. Their first two albums, Music From Big Pink and The Band changed everything. Clapton split up Cream and George got fidgety about staying in the Beatles when they heard them.

    Dic 6 2006, 16:22
  • DaytimeDilemma

    I'm quite familiar with the Band, haven't found the unbelievably good factor yet but gonna give it another try after this. Thank you!

    Dic 6 2006, 17:04
  • ageddoll

    If you're not into Drum n Bass but like Pendulum I highly recommend you get hold of Xray by Sub Focus as you'll love it. It's like Slam for people who've realised Slam is boring as you like.

    Dic 6 2006, 18:44
  • Onders

    Here you go:

    Dic 6 2006, 19:35
  • SirTheory

    if you haven't listened to Regina Spektor, you definitely should. Like a less cutesy Nellie McKay, with some Tom Waits influence.

    Dic 6 2006, 19:53
  • -Blossom-

    Minä olen menneisyydessä saanut näistä tällaisista journaleista paljon apua, joten annampa vähän takaisin. Minäkin suosittelisin Regina Spektoria sekä sen lisäksi näitä: Imogen Heap ja Cat Power Miehistä suosittelisin tällaisia: John Cale, Colin James ja Colin Meloy Ja jos tässä ei ole tarpeeksi päänvaivaa, vielä muutama bändi, joista voisit pitää: The Black Keys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Carpark North ja Antony and the Johnsons. Voipi olla, että meni kaikki ehdotukset päin metsää, mutta toivottavasti pitäisit edes jostakin.

    Dic 6 2006, 21:13
  • DaytimeDilemma

    Carpark Northia ei olekaan tullut kuunneltua yhtään vaikka nimi tuttua tutumpi onkin, Colin Meloy kuulostaa taas täysin vieraalta. Muut enemmän tai vähemmän tuttuja, Black Keysin Rubber Factory yksi parhaista levyistä, hmm, 2000-luvulla. I definetly have to look into Regina Spector. She's one of those I've been meaning to buy but somehow everytime I step into a record store, she slippes my mind.

    Dic 6 2006, 22:33
  • birdswithknives

    looking at some of the harder stuff on your list, you might like the band These Arms Are Snakes. they just came out with a new album, easter, that i havent heard yet, but this is meant to hurt you and oxeneers are both good. My favorite track is drinking from the necks of the ones you love.

    Dic 7 2006, 2:21
  • LadyMacduff

    I second the Heather Nova recommendation. Also, for Peaches-style stuff, try Mickey Avalon, CSS, and maybe Ikara Colt (this one is actually nothing much like Peaches, but whatever. You may still like it.). Also, try mclusky-they're a Welsh punk trio that have recieved many comparisons to the Pixies, but their style is definetly unique.

    Dic 7 2006, 3:09
  • LadyMacduff

    Oh, I also second These Arms Are Snakes. I love them greatly.

    Dic 7 2006, 3:15
  • Slighthammer

    I noticed the Zutons in the middle of your charts. Have you tried The Coral? They're also from Liverpool and also lean on 'sixties influences, but in a less Beefhearty, more Doorsy way. Their four albums are very enjoyable. I think Magic & Medicine is generally regarded as the best so far.

    Dic 7 2006, 10:28
  • Storm_lord

    Jos hc-punkkia haluut, niin kuuntelepa alkuun ainakin Comeback Kidiä. Ei mene ainakaan aikaa kovina paljoa :)

    Dic 7 2006, 19:29
  • PeopleEveryday

    If you like Peaches & The Faint, give Le Tigre a whirl. They can be rather , but they mix and just good enough to sound right. The first few tracks I would try are Deceptacon and TGIF. As far as Regina Spektor goes, try Us. It gives a good impression of her overall.

    Dic 10 2006, 5:59
  • PeopleEveryday

    Oh, and definitely give yourself some Sleater-Kinney. Combat Rock and Words and Guitar are undeniably love tracks. Actually, anything off Dig Me Out or The Woods will be amazing.

    Dic 10 2006, 6:01
  • karnow

    Somewhere between Tool and A Perfect Circle lies Karnivool. Their website seems to be unavailable at the moment (or maybe it's just me) but there are three songs at their MySpace. Jos vanha CMX ja YUP, tai kiero HC yleensä toimii, tsekkaa Pohjolan Valkeus. Kotisivuillaan on pari EP:tä jaossa. Jostain syystä voisin suositella vielä Kovamyrsk:iä, jonka sivuilla myös pari ep:tä jaossa.

    Dic 16 2006, 19:38
  • footrip

    jos kerta Buckleysta pitää, nii mun pitää suositella näitä kahta herraa: Scott Matthews ja Patrick Watson. ne on mahtavia! myspacesta ainaki löytyy kans biisit.] ja niin.. ohan mulla tää omaki bändi jota suosittelen: Despair Academy toivottavasti maistui!.]

    Ago 12 2007, 13:32
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