LRP 03; 15 Jun 2011.


Giu 17 2011, 2:16

Album Cover, if applicable.
Album/Track, Average Rating (out of five stars, rounded to nearest half), Notes.

After Forever, ★★★★.
Notes: So, I went through a small symphonic metal phase when I was about fifteen, and then mercifully moved on to new wave because yeah, who even knows. After Forever is one of the bands from that period that I still adore. Don't ask me why; couldn't begin to tell you. But there is still some remnant of that psuedogoth period, I guess, or maybe just my general intrigue with genre hybrids, and anyway, this band isn't bad. Melodramatic? Of course. But still kinda nifty.
Best track: Dreamflight.
Worst track: Cry With a Smile.


Der Kommissar, ★★★★.
Notes: So, uh, for some reason I have the After the Fire and not the Falco version. Uhhh. 'Kay.


Nightmare Anatomy, ★★★.
Notes: Oh, look, yet another album I don't listen to anymore. Woohoo.
Best track: Breathless.
Worst track: Genetic Design For Dying.


Our Gang's Dark Oath, ★★½.
Notes: Not as good as Nightmare Anatomy. Deleted this album.
Best track: World By Storm.
Worst track: I don't even care that much.


Rain In Hell, ★★.
Notes: Not as good as Nightmare Anatomy.
Best track: The Suffering.
Worst track: White Wedding. You do not mess with my Billy Idol. There's also a Misfits cover that was kind of lame.

On Frail Wings of Vanity And Wax, ★★★★.
Notes: I still dig this album, actually. Wasn't expecting to. So much of what I loved when I was that age was shit, and maybe this is too and I'm just used to it, but I was singing along and genuinely enjoying this album.
Best track: Ambrosia.
Worst track: the last three letters.


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