• I'm back (take 2)

    Ago 18 2010, 11:54

    Hea hoa hoa hea hea hoa hea!

    I'm back in journal, methinks. And I've got much to say, but I won't stuff your poor heads with such stupid things! :)

    But right now I wanna say: I changed my music tastes and preferences much. Really. And, probably, it's VH1 Classic is a reason of my change. But I'm too sure now that those changes are good and made me even better. Music of the 80s is my wild love. You can see it ;)

    Hold on, I'll, probably, write about some of THEM later. If I want :D

    Stay tuned. Stay nutty (c)
  • Something's happening...

    Set 12 2009, 13:18

    ... Yes, something is happening, cos now I'm listening almost OSTs only XD...

    Neon Genesis Evangelion, Duke Nukem, Max Payne, Slayers, Quake... OMFGBBQ :)
  • I came back! Applause! :D

    Ago 2 2008, 11:29

    I finally decided to post a new entry here. Hi, guys! :)
    I haven't listened music on for a while (hahah, rather, a long time!!! XD). Now I want to remove this fact from my biography, and I'll listen as often as I'm online:)

    Furthermore, yesterday after some researchs in my room (:D), I found some old CDs with good music which I listened about 2-3 years ago. This archive is large. I think I'll re-listen everything I found yesterday! :)

    Still love Damon Albarn & Co. ^_^ Though, the new passions of mine at the current time are Laibach and Nightwish.
    Don't mind of Richard Kruspe of Rammstein on my userpic :)

    In other words, I'm here again! :) And I'm glad to listen! :)))
  • Music thoughts

    Set 24 2007, 12:51

    I decided to write here about some of musicians and music bands I listened to on It's just a simple try to understand and explain why I love these musicians and their songs, though it's really indescribable... =) I tried to write it looking at them in objective vision, without my own sympathies and so called "fangirlism" or kinda... So okay, here we go. This tale is supposed to be very long... ;)

    *in random order*

    A-Ha. Lovely band from Norway. I hated them when I was younger than I am now, and I love them at the current time. Of course, they changed style and manners through the time, as every normal music band always do; they were fresh and happy in "Hinting High And Low" times, and they're a little bit boring and depressed now. I'm bot very impressed by "Analogue" album, though I haven't ever re-listened this record, and I think I have to. The classical style of A-Ha is calm, pretty and soft (Turn The Lights Down, Crying In The Rain), but sometimes you can also find some loud and fast melodies on their albums (Manhattan Skyline, The Blood That Moves The Body, Touchy!). And I like this charming Morten's vocals, in every each song of them =).
    The Good, The Bad & The Queen. The third music band of Damon Albarn, TGTB&TQ's music picked everything great and awesome that we could hear in Blur and Gorillaz before, IMHO. Their music is full of melancholy, it's cold, but warm in the same time, warm mainly because of Damon's voice. I think that Three Changes, my favourite song of them, describes all Damon's songs, just in one track, can you believe it?... Damon's style is really unpredictable, so there, in his music, in TGTB&TQ too, you can hear totally inconjunctionable sounds. Though, I found something very similar with "classical Blur" in track called 80's Life. TGTB&TQ's first album is perfectly balanced, it makes your mood completely, and I love it. Maybe, this is a reason why I usually describe their album as best record I've ever heard in my life.
    Blur. Eeeerm, what I have to say about them now?... =) I've already told, but not there. This is my very favourite music band, it's always #1 for me, and it doesn't matter that Damon is busy with TGTB&TQ now. And of course, it's difficult to explain why this music seems so lovely for me, and it's also impossible to highlight the only one song I love the most. I listen to Blur for 5 or even more years already, I didn't count; so now I'm interested in collecting non-album and rare Blur's tracks. And I have to say, that these are A LOT OF their non-album songs. Some people separate so called "Blur with Coxon" and "Blur without Coxon", yes, I do it too, but I don't see anything bad in Blur without Coxon... First 4 albums, "Leisure", "Modern Life Is Rubbish", "Parklife" and "The Great Escape", are original and sound a little bit similar sometimes (though, maybe, it's just a melodies of Blur which make you understand that it IS Blur, and no one else;). Next albums are experimental records, inconjunctionable sounds are everywhere, as I've already told. "Blur", "13", "Think Tank" - I can't choose one best album from this list, they are very special and interesting in something. For examlpe, I love Essex Dogs from "Blur", Trimm Trabb from "13" and Gene By Gene from "Think Tank", but I still can't describe my love=). And furthermore... I've gotta say something clever about Blur's singles, and... Tracks are very different here too. Somewhere you can find anything funny ("Sunday Sunday" single is just awesome in this vision, LOLz, People In Europe), tragic and touching (So You, The Man Who Left Himself), optimistic (Theme From Imaginary Film) or, finally, just abstract, surrealistic (Mellow Jam, my favourite Don't Bomb When You're The Bomb, Got Yer!). They're different, and this is a reason to listen to their singles. Now what about Blur's remixes... You know, I don't like ANY remixes, most of them sounds bad for me, especially if they were made not by the band itself. Blur don't like to record remixes, I remember only There's No Other Way RMX from "There's No Other Way" single and 4 remixes of Bugman from "Coffee & TV" single. I loved Trade Stylee Bugman's rmx by Alex James, aaaaw... =) Okay, that's enough about Blur.
    Damon Albarn. Damon has a lovely voice, he doesn't sing always with the same voice, he likes to change it (you can compare Damon's Gorillaz and Damon's Blur vocals, see any difference? That's it). Well, Damon recorded a lot of solo songs, though he has only one solo album, Democrazy, which lasts 30 minutes only XD, nevertheless, it's even more than Martin Gore recorded... XP, I know, I didn't have to compair these two men=). Okay, Damon is famous as a person who wrote some soundtracks for movies (Closet Romantic for Trainspotting and Ordinary Decent Criminal OST). My personal faves are One Day At A Time and Dying Isn't Easy, both are from ODC. Ooooh, Albarn's solo is absolutely indescribable, believe me. It's something higher than other people think. Yeah). Oh, and I fogot to mention Damon sang some songs with another singers, for example, We Have A Technical was sung with Matt Sharp, and Fashion (is a rare track, it seems!) was sung with David Bowie.
    Gorillaz. There's nothing left to say ^_^. Everything is about Damon's music, I think. Okay, I have to say that I better prefer non-album tracks of Gorillaz, especially ones where the bass-guitar can be heard (Murdoc Is God, Happy Landfill, The Swagga). My favourite single is "Feel Good Inc". I always enjoyed Damon's vocals in Dirty Harry from "Demon Days" album, because these lyrics were taken from I Need A Gun from Damon's "Democrazy" solo album=). Hahah, lovely=). And I just can't get enough of People from "DARE" single. If you think that Gorillaz's songs are meaningless, eat your feet... You're absolutely wrong then. Their first album were experimental, such as Blur's "13", but now Gorillaz grown up, and their songs are full of frustration (sometimes) and sadness (Honk Kong, El Manana), it makes their songs sound touching. In other words, Damon's character sounds more clearly here in "Demon Days", so you must hear this album. It's really worth doing.
    Graham Coxon. You know, I listened to Graham Coxon's solo about 2 years ago. I didn't like it much; the only song of him I loved was That's When I Reach For My Revolver, actually, it doesn't sound like Coxon's music, it's something different here... Maybe, I talk about him in such a negative tone because of his strange voice... I love Damon's voice, but not Graham's, though Coffee & TV with Graham's vocals was one of my favourite songs of Blur... Have you noticed You Are So Great on "Blur" album?... This is a classical vocals and melody of Coxon, IMHO. In other words, I'm not impressed, though some of his new songs are nice.
    Art Brut. I've listened to only one song of them, and I'll search for more tracks by Art Brut, doubtless, all because their motives and melody reminds me of Blur... No-no, no wonder; I tried to find any music band like Blur before, and I didn't get any success in this (oh, do you think of Franz Ferdinand now?... Oh no, don't make me laugh), I was really impressed and surprized when listening to this one song of the band, I heard something similar and very lovely here. =) And I like it. My curiosity was already lighted up=).
    Muse. Oooh, yes, of course I listened to them long time ago, randomly when watching MTV; I remembered their *first?* musicvideo, where everybody cried... I don't even remember the title of the song!!! Heheh, okay, after this I wasn't interested in Muse anymore, I suddenly felt that I have to listen to them after their song Starlight was released. I've heard this song on the radio many times, so... I think Matt doesn't have such a great voice as Damon has, it's not low, and I don't like it much, but when you hear this chorus of Starlight... Aaaaaw, I just melt down... This song is loud, I don't want to say that it makes a neutral mood, but it's not optimistic. Though, not a pessimistic too. Oh, and it seems to me that some of the chords really looks like Speed Of Sound of Coldplay (oh, it doesn't matter, me thinks, they all look like each other sometimes).
    Franz Ferdinand. Yes-yes, one more try to find something similar to Blur, but Franz Ferdinand is a thing completely different, and I don't think it's a brit-pop like somebody thinks... I listened to their first album, and don't sue me, plesase, but I think all of these songs (well, except two or three, maybe, not more) are meaningless or just... too funny. Such as they wanted to record something absolutely unserious. Well, actually I see nothing scary or bad here, because you often need to relax, listening to light and fresh music without any phylosophical texts and heavy bass-guitar chords, but, in other side, you hear the texts... And continue wondering... 0_o. I just didn't understand some of them and asked myself: "What the hell they wanted to say in this song???" or kind of... Hmmm... I think I have to re-listen to it. But now I can highlight only 2 songs from first album: Take Me Out (my mark is "A" mainly because I saw a musicvideo on this song; this is fabulous=), but I still didn't catch the meaning of the text) and This Fire (because of a musicvideo again, this is kinda soviet, as far as I understand, and I loved it, though I liked the rhythm and energetic sound here). Their second album, "You Could Have It So Much Better With Franz Ferdinand", looks more pretty for me. Finally I found a sad song here - it is Walk Away (BTW, the video is just touching, I wanted to cry!). And also I adore The Fallen, which is full of energy too. Hmmm, and that's all, I think. I don't remember clearly other tracks from this album, it means that I'm not much impressed. *giggles* Do You Want To is damned funny and sadistic video=)))... And Alex Kapranos is nicey;).
    Coldplay. Coldplay is an old passion of mine; once upon a time my classmate friend told me to listen to this band, because this band is English, and Chris Martin's voice reminds her of Damon's voice... I don't think so now, maybe, just something similar in the intonation, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I fell in love with Coldplay for about a year, if I'm not mistaken, but now that's enough for me, I've got some my own reasons, but the fact is I don't listen to them anymore... Often... 0_0 Maybe, I'll change myself someday, but not in close future. My favourite album was "X & Y", I loved many tracks from this record, especially Speed Of Sound (my Coldplay-loving began from this song=), Square One, White Shadows... And others. Also I loved Yellow and Spies from "Parachutes", well, it's hard to explain now. As far as I remember, they won "Best Song" on MTV EMA 2005, yes?... But, you know, it's sometimes really difficult to finish listening to their albums without a strange sleepy feeling on some tracks, such as Fix You. Hahah, yep, I'm cynical.
    Martin L. Gore. My very favourite solo singer, he's on the second place after Damon Albarn. I didn't like Martin when started listening to Depeche Mode; when I listened to "Counterfeit" E.P. at the first time, *blushes* I just cried and couldn't understand why he's so sad and depressed here. I liked more Martin's vocals in Depeche Mode music then. But "Counterfeit^2" finally changed my decisions about Gore's solo. I don't know what happened to me, but now I enjoy both "Counterfeits" much more than Dave Gahan's "Paper Monsters", oh well, tastes are changed in time;). You know that I like touching texts and loud bass-guitar chords, so, seems, this is an actual reason of my Gore-love: his lyrics are always tragic and sad in the most of his songs on both solo albums (on first "Counterfeit" especially), though, second "Counterfeit" get much something "Depeche-y" in its chords, so "Counterfeit^2" sounds familiar to Depeche's "Playing The Angel"... Martin Gore is a singer, whose low voice is very strange, but lovely, and it's precious. He's perfect as a back-vocalist of DM, he's magnificent as a solo singer ( I don't know what is better=). Okay, let's talk about tracks now. I really can't highlight only one or two tracks from "Counterfeit" E.P., I always listen to the whole album of 6 songs. I like the mood of this album: it's damned tragic and even suicidal. The only song that sounds optimistic somehow is Compulsion. It has some interesting synthetic chords, I love it=). And the most tragical song here is In A Manner Of Speaking. Absolutely everything is depressed here: the chords, the motive, the text, Martin's voice and manner... In other words, please, I beg you, don't listen to "Counterfeit" E.P. if you're in a bad mood! You'll feel only worse then!!! Okay, and I can't hold myself, I have to tell you about "Counterfeit^2". My personal fave tracks are In My Time Of Dying (scary and sad, but sounds styyyylish and cool;), Stardust (the most famous song of him???!!! Nyah! It sounds a little bit disgusting, but energetic and heavy in chords, do Martin's personality and character sound here?... Hm, maybe;), I Cast A Lonesome Shadow (I love the motive and synth-chords, rockzzz!!!=), Loverman (a sexy and passionate song; immediately reminds me of I Want You Now from Depeche's "Music For The Masses" album), Das Leid Vom Einsamen Madchen (reminds of Rammstein, of course), Oh My Love (cuteness)... A half of an album, seems?... Yes, I love it. Just Love it=). Please, sing more, Mr. Gore!
    Depeche Mode. Yep, this is one of my very favourite music bands. I think I don't need to introduce this guys;). I started to listen to them when saw their musicvideo on Precious at first time... Oh that was sweet, and the song is sweetie too. My favourite album of DM is "Playing The Angel", because there are a lot of loud and scary synth-chords and bass-guitar (yeeeeah=). In other words, "PTA" is much more serious and heavy record than some previous works of Depeche Mode (comparing, for example, with "Exciter", which seems too sleepy and passive for me, IMHO, it isn't DM, they doesn't look like themselves in this record, and so "Exciter" is the only album I didn't like). Also I like "Violator", and especially tracks Sweetest Perfection (mainly because Martin's vocals and interesting sounds) and Halo (a heavy track with a very sad lyrics). I love Dave Gahan's low voice, I have to notice, I think that this voice is one of the most beautiful voices ever; it sounds just perfect in such tracks as John The Revelator, Little 15 and Higher Love. I think these track were written especially for Dave, I can't imagine Martin singing the same songs, Martin is lovely in a back-vocal... Or something kinda Home, which is one of my favourite songs too. Oh, I forgot to say, that I love such songs, where Dave and Martin sing together or when their voices add each other (Goodnight Lovers from Live in Milan DVD, People Are People, where everything, except chorus, was sung by Dave, chorus is Martin's=). Now I like much to listen to the songs with Martin's vocals. They're completely different than other tracks, they sounds different, and this is good. I like that they don't copy themselves in every new song, as other artists usually do, hahah. Oh, and I'm in love with I Want You Now... Don't know what else to say...
    Dave Gahan. Please, don't think that I'm too weirdo=), but I've listened Dave's solo album "Paper Monsters" right after I've listened DM's "PTA", when my Depeche-love have just begun, ooooh, of course, this is a visible difference, and you don't need to be a music expert to notice it! I've listened to the whole Dave's album only once; everytime, when I want to make myself listen to this album once again, I always stop somewhere on the 4th track and come back to Depeche... Because I just can't let myself do it... I see too much pop-chords here in Dave's solo project, and I hope he'll correct himself next time, in "Hourglass" which is coming soon. Dave could be a pop-singer if the guys didn't get him in DM!!! LOLz. But I've got some personal favourite songs from "Paper Monsters". They are Black And Blue Again, Bottle Living (musicvideo is also awesome) and Dirty Sticky Floor. They sound a little bit Depeche-y, so I liked these tracks more than others. Others look like pop-tracks. XP... That's all I can say now. Okay, I'm waiting for "Hourglass" with burning curiosity, I'm excited ^_^.
    Recoil. Oh, I don't know and don't care why Alan Wilder decided to leave Depeche Mode. And I also don't understand instrumental music, such as Enigma, Enya, etc.... After listening to some different Recoil songs, I'm sure I was right talking about that. And furthermore I wonder why Alan doesn't sing in Recoil himself (?!), I wished to hear... Anyway, 1st album of Recoil, that I decide to listen, was "subHuman". Firstly, have to notice, it's always Strange Too XD, there are only about 6-7 songs in every Recoil album, when every other music bands' albums contain at least 10 tracks... Though, it's easy to understand soon: Recoil tracks last 7-10 minutes (w00t!). Okay, the second thing I wanted to mention here is that most of their songs are... so called "instrumental", as I've already told... Yep, there are no much words, actually, you have to listen to the melodies and imagine something... *scrathes her head thinking* Such music is pretty far from my mind! I like texts!!! =( But, okay, nevertheless, I liked some tracks from "subHuman": Prey, Allelujah and Intruders are lovely. And I've listened to Stalker a little bit later. I've gotta say: this song just changed my thoughts about Wilder's project, totally... Now I think I'm turning into Recoil fangirl. And this is more than nice=). I'm gonna listen to all their albums as soon as I'll find some free time... Though, I liked DM with Alan. But he won't come back...
    Rammstein. This is my favourite German music band!=D Don't laugh, please. I always disliked Rammstein when I was studying at school, but one of my ex-classmates loved their musci very much. I decided to listen to them in 2004 when suddenly found their "Reise, Reise". And I was just in love... Oh, it's also this unforgettable track Amerika was there... ^_^ Okay, let's find some great songs of Rammstein in every album of them. "Herzeleid" is the heaviest album of Rammstein, IMHO. It was a little bit difficult to listen at the first time. My personal fave tracks are Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flamen Sehen?, Heirate Mich, Der Meister... And other ones=)./ I really can't choose only one or two of them, they're all great. I love this angry mood of the record. "Sehnsucht" is metal + synth or kinda. It sounds more exciting and lively than the previous one, I think. My choise is Engel, Tier, Klavier, Bestrafe Mich... and the whole album finally again. "Mutter" - because of wide promotion musicvids that were shown on TV very *too* often, it sounds a little bit boring for me. But I love Mein Herrz Brentt and Spieluhr. Got more synth-chords again. "Reise, Reise" - coming back to our sheep again... =) I love this record, it's my favourite album of them. Everything is lovely, good balance between heavy and light compositions. Morgenstern is love + Reise, Reise and Mein Teil are best. "Rosenrot" is the last album of Rammstein. Erm... Actually, it's not as good as previous albums. It sounds too POP-ish, and I don't like it. I think that best tracks are Benzin, Mann Gegen Mann, Spring... and that's all. They look like "classic Rammstein" more than other tracks from this record. Tell me, what the f**k is Ti Quero Puta?! Okay, nevertheless, I love Rammstein =).
    Laibach. I've listened to Tannz Mit Laibach only *blushes* several times, before I registered on It sound very familiar for me; I can try to describe in two (theree?) words: "Rammstein + Depeche Mode". Yes, cos there are some synth-chords there in their music. I loved=). This voice reminds me Till Lindemann, of course, it very looks like. I'm gonna find more songs of laibach and listen to them.
    Jamiroquai. I "discovered" this band in 1999 when single "Supersonic" and album "Synchronized" were released. I can't be sure now what I liked more then: Jay Kay's magnificent hat or the song XD. Though, now I can say the only thing: I like Jamiroquai very much. This band's songs are very unusual, I've never heard anything similar before and I don't think it could exist... Music is full of energy, it's "energetically charged", it's full of freedom, it's fresh and sweet. And it's melodic at the same time, in other words, charming. My favourite album is... Hmmm, I don't even know which one too choose... "Emergency On Planet Earth" an "A Funk Odyssey". But "Dynamite", the last record of Jay Kay & Co.=), is also adorable. My favourite tracks from "Dynamite" are Feels Just Like It Should, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Black Devil Car and Seven Days In Sunny June. This is a music that you have to hear, not less and not more, and you have to listen to the texts and melody in the same time, or you'll lose a huge part of pleasure;).
    U2. One more passion of mine with Blur and DM, the third favouirte music band. I learn't about this band's existence in 1998, but I liked them in 2000-2001, when their songs Elevation and Beautiful Day were very popular (I loved Beautiful Day's nice video and the fact that Elevation is also a soundtrack of Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie). I want to say that music of this band, in it's majority, is calm, melodis, nice and "high". I always can make your day , and it's easy tolisten to them even if you decided to listen to ALL their albums, one by one. Even heavy songs of U2 (though, it's not very much of them) sounds pretty, and they don't befog yourmind. Mmm... Actually, it's really hard for me to explain my love; you have to listen to all their records, and only then you will be able to give any mark. I think this high-quality music (which is full of feelings and not soulless) is very sweet. In the end of my tale I want to notice that my favourite albums of U2 are "Achtung, Baby" and "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb". BTW, "HTDAAB" is the heaviest album of U2 with a lot of bass-chords. Maybe, this is a reason why people often call U2 "rock band". It's not true. The truth is out there... ;)))
    Nightwish. Very heavy, very loud, darting and metallic... And that's why you feel freedom, when you hear their songs, these dark chords and !especially! this magnificent and charming voice... Sweet... I always wonder when I listen to Nightwish. I'm not a fan of them, I listened only several songs of them from different albums and "Century Child", but they sound great!!! My favourite songs are The Kinslayer, Sleepwalker and Sacrament Of Wilderness... And other ones=). My respect=). And also I watched their live DVD - it's splendid too. *my choise* I'm keep listening=).
    Moby. Yes, I'm not a fan of Moby too, furthermore, I haven't listened to all his albums and I don't like some of his songs (Bodyrock, oh my sweet geez, take me outta there, I can't hear it!). My mark is mostly neutral - not bad, but not awesome + something, that I don't understand at all... I don't like much tracks such as Porcelain (it's nice, but... strange... indesribable for me), Natural Blues (yeah, absolutely indescribable), Jam For The Ladies (but the video was funny=)... But the But the last album, "Hotel", was just adorable and lovely! I really enjoyed; I decided to listen to it after I saw a musicvideo on Lift Me Up, oh, I fet ecstatic... This is my very favourite song from the album. Also I can highlight Raining Again (lovely!!!), Spiders and Slipping Away. I can say some warm words about a song Sunday. This is nice, very nice. I'll buy a new record of Moby immediately whe he write it.
    Gregorian. I remembered that my dearest friend Xen is a fangirl of this band. And I remembered that they visited Moscow during the tour in 2006... Okay, it's not about this tour=). You know, I've already told that I don't understand such "instrumental-folk" bands as Recoil, Enigma, Enya, Celtic Frost, Kitaro... Sorry that I put everything in a one large heap, but I can't feel any difference... 0_o... Well, they're nice as a background music, for example, when you work or relax at home, when you're in the internet and talk to friends in ICQ or MSN... But... As for me, not much. Eeeem... I an stupid (and I think I really am!) or Gregorian is a band with Blasphemous Rumours... Depeche's Blasphemous Rumours... Anyway, okay=).
    Kylie Minogue. OMFG... I'm blushing when saying it=)... I was a fangirl of Kylie when I was 11 or 12... But it's understandable: Kylie's early music is a rhythm of "Pop 80ies". And I don't think it was something bad in such music, you can dance happily listening to it (do you remember I Should Be So Lucky, Loco-Motion, etc.?... that's it). I liked Kylie's album "Fever", it contain more synth-chords, me thinks. It's In Your Eyes, Can't Get You Out Of My Head (lovely; remember the video? it was very popular in 2001), Come Into My Wolrd (yes, this video is really fun; gosh, I don't even remember an exact title of this song now, and I feel I wrote wrong here... perhaps). But now... Now I better prefer men and a music of "menbands" (not BOYSbands!!! MENbands!!! XD). So, I didn't even listened to her last album "Body Language", I only saw a video on Red Blooded Woman... Yes, it's really difficult to listen to it, it's stupid... Now I can't believ that I could listen to THIS a long time ago... Oh my gosh... How funny=).
    Junkies XL. Neeeh, my friend asked me to listen to them... And actually I did only because of Reload was sung by Dave gahan of DM... Reload is lovely (because of Dave's voice, maybe). Other things are not as good as that... Hmmm... And no more ideas about them=).
  • I'm just a killer for your love...

    Ago 16 2007, 14:17


    Всё-таки Blur я могу слушать часами...
  • Ну опять...

    Lug 23 2007, 9:50

    С Днём Рождения, Мартин Гор!

    воскл. знак.

    Я тя люблю очень.


    Ну и всё.
  • Words of wisdom???!!!

    Lug 22 2007, 12:20

    Фолк/джаз + рок + брит-поп + немецкий мЕтал + синти-поп + альтернатива = вот, кажется, я... =)))

    По порядку "влюбчивости" в кумиров, начиная с моего самого раннего пристрастия:
    1. Jamiroquai
    2. U2
    3. Gorillaz
    4. Blur
    5. Rammstein
    6. A-Ha
    7. Depeche Mode
    8. TGTB&TQ

    ... список не полный) Но хотя бы отсюда уже что-то понятно)

    Может, скоро пришлю парочку-троечку (десяточек XD) своих старых рецензий на альбомы zzzzzzzzzzzzz, ибо их всё равно никто не читал... может, хоть здесь прочитают)
  • Hi, I'm here;)!

    Lug 20 2007, 13:37

    Hi, guys! *kisses to everyone*

    ... Eeeem, I think this is a try to count all my fave musicians/bands and fave songs of them ^_^ The list will be huge, me thinkz... 0_o

    Thanx very much, glad to see ya all there;) Always welcome;)