Four Shows.


Nov 8 2007, 15:32

I saw The Decemberists, Anathallo,Stars and Broken Social Scene in one week.

The Decemberists were phenom. It was the second show of the first stop on the long/short of it tour, the shortsong night. The tour was cancelled after this stop, so I'll post every video I can find of it here for ya.

These first few are from the long night, which wasn't at due to financial restrictions and schedule conflicts. Some of these and the later videos appear here by the courtesy of my homie Maria! (username:heytheremaria)

These are from the shortofit night.

Laura Veirs opened.

These first five or so were just the band sitting in five chairs at the front of the stage, unplugged-ish and intimate and awesome. The shi-town banter occurred somewhere in here.
My Mother Was a Trapeze Artist
Angel, Won't You Call Me?
I Don't Mind
Here they take their positions and the electric set bigns.
O, Valencia

Billy Liar
The Soldiering Life
The ghost set:
Leslie Anne Levine
Eli, the Barrow Boy
The Engine Driver
Yankee Bayonet (Laura Veirs sings the girl part)
Culling Of The Fold (Here Colin is wrapping himself up in mic fords, singing into audience members' faces from an inch away, clutching their faces with his crazy hands. Song ends when Colin, tangled in wires and thrashing around, falls into the drumset.)
The Perfect Crime #2 (They organize dance circles. Somewhere around here or the next song they did the thing in the highlights video where they feigned killing everyone.)
The Chimbley Sweep

A Cautionary Song (The drummer and C-Funk parade through the audience. It's hard to explain. Chris has a big bass drum and drummer a tiny pair of cymbals, during the striking of which he jumps up and reaches high over his head for amusing effect. This forms the foundation of the song. ... Later in the song they reenact the St. Valentines Massacre in the crowd.)
After the Bombs
Ask Me
Thats the show! It was really good.

Anathallo (at the Knick) was also awesome. I didn't know their music well at the time, only having recently acquired Floating World. Apollo opened. Not one of the four Apollo's on lastfm, but a young little group from Michigan. They were kinda meh. They weren't bad, just way too dramatic for the small response they were receiving. Yup. Anathallo, however, was awesome live. Front row. They're so intense and creative. Go see them. Still don't know their songs that well, but I know they played Hanasakajijii (four: a great wind, more ash), Dokkoise House (with face covered) and Kasa No Hone (the umbrella's bones). It was great.

STARS. STARS. STARS. They were really good. We were pretty close (at the Vic again). Similar set as when we saw them at Calvin in september, but with more energy and alcohol and a bigger encore. It was awesome awesome. And more lights. No youtubes, sadly.
Setlist: Help me out if you were there.

The Beginning After the End
Take Me to the Riot
Set Yourself On Fire
Elevator Love Letter
The Ghost of Genova Heights
One More Night (Your Ex-Lover Remains Dead)
Soft Revolution
Midnight Coward
Window Bird
Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
Sleep Tonight (just amy and synth. r-r-remix.)
Life 2: The Unhappy Ending
Ageless Beauty
What I'm Trying To Say
In Our Bedroom After the War

My Favourite Book
The Night Starts Here
Then they started playing Calendar Girl, then Amy got pissed off about the speed and they played Heart. Another highlight: Torq trying to convince a stubborn Evan to play Heart. Not sure if Evan was joking or not.
Calendar Girl (Whole song this time)

Then comes the best part. They left, and we got food. Then as we were about to get on the L we saw some girls we recognized from the show, who told us that the band was outside the Vic and hanging out. We sprinted back. Alan/Allen the new guitarist was in the bus on his Mac. We waved. He CAME OUTSIDE and hung out with us. We recommended him a place to get some eats. A guy brought pizza into the bus. Giordano's deep dish. Like 8 of them. We waited a bit after some pictures. Evan and the drummer came. We took pictures. Cranley told us not to get into the biz. Apparently gnarly is bad in Canada. He used it three times in a pejorative manner. They went inside. AMY CAME. We took pictures. She was tipsy. Evan came back out. They posed a lot. And were super nice. We were too starstruck to make any awesome conversation, sadly. They went inside. Alan/Allen came back out. HE GAVE US A PIZZA. We waited a bit for Torq then decided to scoot.

So basically Stars gave us pizza. That's the gist of it.

Broken Social Scene was breathtaking, beautiful, and entirely freakout-worthy. There were only 7ish? people onstage, all dudes, and we were all thinking "This won't be as good as the full lineup, but it'll probably still sound decent." SHUT UP FORMER PAUL, IT WAS AMAZING.

Oh yeah, and the openers, Arthur & Yu, were sporting good chaps. I liked them. BSS. I'm not totally sure on the order here, but they started with:

Lucky Ones
Cause=Time(with a super long intro)
and then these songs in some order.
Stars and Sons
F--Ked Up Kid
a song from Brendan Canning's forthcoming BSS album. No certain title, but someone on youtube posted a video of it from an earlier show and gave it the name i'll use:Hit a Wall
Gang Bang Suicide
Frightening Lives
The Wagon (an awesome unrehearsed cover)
Hard To Find (since the band's singer was playing keys for BSS)
Backed Out On The...

and the encore, preceded by some discourse on how they were skipping the leaving-the-stage formalities, was like this.

Major Label Debut (fast)
A conversation between the band and a newly engaged couple in the crowd who met at BSS's last show at the metro.
Lover's Spit (with bonus lyrics)
It's All Gonna Break
When It Begins (crowd singalong time!)

Brendan and Kevin were best. They and Justin Peroff (who was supreme on drums) were the only core members of BSS there, but it was a five star show nonetheless. Both Kevin and Brendan went into the crowd at different times. Kevin so people could smell his sweater. I wasn't quite close enough. Brendan for hugs at the end. I hugged Brendan Canning.


  • chelseajane

    paul you recapped the weekend perfectly and i'm impressed with your memory of the set lists....

    Nov 8 2007, 17:25
  • chelseajane

    wait no that was me jenna not chelsea i didnt know she was logged in here ahh i better log her off

    Nov 8 2007, 17:27
  • DarthStench

    Haha other people posted setlists for Stars and Decemberists, i adjusted theirs a little. The BSS one's me, but the order is so wrong.

    Nov 8 2007, 19:25
  • deet_kills

    why didn't i come with you... :( and that's incredibly rad that you got to see the decemberists for the last show of the tour. :D

    Nov 8 2007, 21:54
  • DarthStench

    Haha the ONLY show. But there will be more concert-buddy opportuities. And thank you Bryan, that felt nice.

    Nov 8 2007, 22:02
  • endingstart

    awesome! im going to see stars and bss soon so that got me really excited :D

    Nov 21 2007, 2:29
  • fjersnam

    this is so amaaaaazing! another guy hugged by Brendan! haha we also saw BSS (in October) and when we were sitting outside the venue and Justin with Brendan were going to their bus, Justin just shouted heey guys, we want to give you a little hug before we leave. (like...are-you-completely-serious?:)) They seem to be professional huggers or what :D gosh I want them back!

    Nov 22 2007, 8:08
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