• chelseajane

    paul you recapped the weekend perfectly and i'm impressed with your memory of the set lists....

    Nov 8 2007, 17:25
  • chelseajane

    wait no that was me jenna not chelsea i didnt know she was logged in here ahh i better log her off

    Nov 8 2007, 17:27
  • DarthStench

    Haha other people posted setlists for Stars and Decemberists, i adjusted theirs a little. The BSS one's me, but the order is so wrong.

    Nov 8 2007, 19:25
  • deet_kills

    why didn't i come with you... :( and that's incredibly rad that you got to see the decemberists for the last show of the tour. :D

    Nov 8 2007, 21:54
  • DarthStench

    Haha the ONLY show. But there will be more concert-buddy opportuities. And thank you Bryan, that felt nice.

    Nov 8 2007, 22:02
  • endingstart

    awesome! im going to see stars and bss soon so that got me really excited :D

    Nov 21 2007, 2:29
  • fjersnam

    this is so amaaaaazing! another guy hugged by Brendan! haha we also saw BSS (in October) and when we were sitting outside the venue and Justin with Brendan were going to their bus, Justin just shouted heey guys, we want to give you a little hug before we leave. (like...are-you-completely-serious?:)) They seem to be professional huggers or what :D gosh I want them back!

    Nov 22 2007, 8:08
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