• Judas Priest, 24th July

    Lug 28 2011, 12:16

    Sun 24 Jul – Judas Priest, Queensrÿche, Rival Sons

    Haven't written one of these for a while. Mostly because I've been pretty inactive on the old going to gigs front. Although that said, I did see The Sword but couldn't be bothered to review it. However they are definitely worth checking out.

    Rival Sons were up first for some classic style 70s rock. I knew nothing about this band, although I had read a review of their new release on Angrymetalguy. What impressed me most was the guitarist. If you imagine what Wolfmother sound like with some slide guitar plus actually sounding good, then this is Rival Sons. A thoroughly entertaining set with a good vocalist too. One criticism though about him: Hold the mic closer to your fucking mouth when you go for those long, high-pitched notes instead of copping out and moving it away from your mouth.

    Next up were Queensrÿche. This was an interesting show for me. I had seen this band back in 2008 (??? Or 2007? Whatever.) and was not overly impressed. This gig just confirmed my initial thoughts to me. Not even the die hard fans in front of me, singing every word could convince me that this band is very enjoyable. Musically they are fine, and for a moment I even enjoyed singing the chorus of Jet City Woman. I just get the feeling that you need to be an epic concept album lover to get this band and even then, have to listen to the album in its entirety.

    After a brief DJ set which saw everyone sing along to the first verse of War Pigs, it was time for Judas Priest. This was the first time I had seen the Metal Gods and I could not contain my excitement. The opening tracks of Rapid Fire and Metal Gods and Heading Out to the Highway were a great beginning to an excellent set that lasted over two hours. There was a lot of fire, smoke, lasers, costume changes and a motorbike thrown in. It was more than I had expected, having never seen them before. I was a bit sceptical about the idea of not having K.K. Downing on guitar any more but these fears were soon put to bed. We were treated to all the classics like Painkiller and Breaking the Law (not a note sang by Rob Halford) whilst having some gems thrown in. Starbreaker and Turbo Lover being personal favourites of mine.

    A thoroughly awesome night. I particularly loved the way that the album covers were projected onto the backdrop, with Rob Halford taking the audiance through a commentary of the albums and a little history. This was Judas Priest's last major world tour and I recommend seeing them soon before they call it a day. I'm seeing them again in just over a week.

    The full set list can be found here.
  • Turisas, 17th March

    Mar 19 2011, 19:30

    Thu 17 Mar – Turisas, Crimfall

    Just setting the tone of this review by saying how awesome a night this was! This was only my second gig at the Islington O2 and I have to mention what an awesome venue it is. Just the right size for an intimate gig without feeling cramped, but still feel like you're at a big show.

    I'd never heard of the support band, Crimfall, before but how amazing! A band with two lead vocalists providing a great blend of melodic black metal with a kind of pagan folk metal with operatic vocals. Great set, I don't normally enjoy support bands that I've not heard of before but I kind of didn't want them to end. Crimfall - Recommendo!

    After a bit of a wait, the anticipation for Turisas was built to extreme heights as the intro of the Battle Metal album, Victoriae & Triumphi Dominus, began. Everyone knew only one thing could come next; the epic As Torches Rise. One of my personal favourites played out as the band stormed on stage (albeit short of accordian player, Netta) followed by another classic off the first album, One More. Singer Matthias 'Warlord' Nygård looking very happy to be back on European soil, drinking European beer after seven long weeks "drinking American piss".

    The set was very evenly mixed between songs from the first two albums as well as the latest effort Stand Up and Fight. Classic songs such as The Messenger, Five Hundred And One, To Holmgard And Beyond and Miklagard Overture stood well next to new ones such as Take The Day!, The March of the Varangian Guard, Venetoi! - Prasinoi!, The Great Escape, Stand Up And Fight, and some others (i'm not familiar enough with the new album to know). A thoroughly enjoyable night was rammed home by an awesome encore of Hunting Pirates, an extended and hilarious crowd-friendly version of Rasputin (as if that song needed to be any more popular) and of course, Battle Metal.

    Overall, one of the best gigs i've seen in a long time!
  • Black Label Society, 19th February

    Feb 20 2011, 6:01

    Sat 19 Feb – Black Label Society, Godsized

    Forenote: it's 5.40am and i'm fairly shit faced whilst writing this. So this will probably be quite a short, shitty review :)

    So what a fucking shit hot gig! Black Label Society may have been the headliner but Godsized were there to prove a point. Great band! Awesome bluesy rock band with some deathcore-influenced breakdowns and some epic solos. No idea what songs they played but this band were awesome so check them out. However they had the crowd going from the first song!

    Black Label Society came on stage at 9pm and opened with a song from their latest album, Crazy Horse. This was followed by awesome classics such as What's In You, Suicide Messiah, Fire It Up, The Blessed Hellride, Concrete Jungle, the fucking awesome Funeral Bell and other shit hot classics. Zakk paid a great tribute to the late Dimebag Darrell of Pantera fame with the track In This River. A fucking awesome set was closed with Stillborn. A lot of beer was flying, but I was disappointed with the lack of encore. However this was show not to be missed, despite the shitty acoustics that Southampton Guildhall offers. Great show. Sorry i'm too pissed to offer a more comprehensive review. Maybe I'll edit this later. Or maybe I won't. So kindly fuck off :) .

    Strength, Determination, Merciless Forever!
  • Thin Lizzy, 18th January

    Gen 19 2011, 22:24

    Tue 18 Jan – Thin Lizzy

    The evening started off pretty slowly as Supersuckers took to the stage. The self proclaimed "Greatest Rock 'n Roll band in the world" played a fun but unsurprising and unchallenging collection of midlle-of-the-road garage punk for about 45 minutes to a luke warm reception.

    At 9pm, the mighty Thin Lizzy took to the stage, opening with Are You Ready. This was followed by some epic classics such as Don't Believe a Word, Jailbreak and Waiting for an Alibi. The boys put on a great performance and it was the first time I had seen the new lineup including Ricky Warwick of The Almighty on vocals and rhythm/acoustic guitar. On top of this, original drummer Brian Downey returned back where he belongs behind the sticks. Finally, and my favourite surprise of the night, Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard and Dio hacked out the classic beautiful harmonies alongside Scott Gorham.

    The rest of the set was chock full of classics such as the awesome performances of Emerald, Wild One, Cowboy Song and the rarely performed triumph of Whisky in the Jar. Another cool surprise was Darran Wharton taking the keyboard lead on Angel Of Death and some lead vocals on Still in Love With You. I was almost sad to see them end after two encores including Rosalie as a tribute to Phil Lynott, Bad Reputation and my all time favourite Lizzy song, Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend.

    Overall an awesome night, with a reinvigorated lineup, who clearly want to revive classic songs that aren't on the Live and Dangerous album. 8/10.
  • Be negative about your Top 20

    Lug 8 2010, 17:33

    Stolen from this guy: InsomniacAttack

    Thin Lizzy
    Their very old stuff really sucks, and so do some of the album fillers. Buy a greatest hits album instead.

    Amon Amarth
    Difficult to say. Their newer stuff isn't as good.

    Dimmu Borgir
    They have totally changed their sound. Not necessarily a bad thing, but listening to In Sorte Diaboli and For All Tid next to each other make them sound like albums from different bands. But you could say that about most artists I guess.

    King Diamond
    Difficult again. If they were more conventional in their song structures then more people would like them. But I love these structures anyway so this really isn't negative much.

    Their newer stuff can get a bit boring to listen to. The riffs just don't work sometimes.

    Iron Maiden
    The new stuff is kind of boring. The albums with Blaze totally blow.

    They need to hurry up and put their new album out. Also come back to England!

    Children of Bodom
    Only their old stuff is worth listening to.

    Ozzy Osbourne
    The new stuff isn't quite as good and the guitarists change so much that it makes the entire band's sound change.

    Gaahl sucks. And not even just because he's gay. I only listen toPentagram and Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt really.

    Tour the UK more please! The artwork's stupid as well.

    Most of it sounds the same even if I love it. Also I can't decide which singer I prefer which annoys me.

    Cradle of Filth
    OK you're goths, we get it. More stuff likeThe Principle of Evil Made Flesh please. Get rid of that stupid woman vocalist as well.

    You could never top In the Nightside Eclipse.

    Some of your songs are corrupted on my itunes. Not your fault but still. Also I prefered Abbath's vocal sound on Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism the best.

    The shitty keyboard electro songs. Also Varg for getting locked up for all those years.

    Load and Reload are poor as are St. Anger and Death Magnetic. So basically nearly half of your material sucks.

    The newer stuff isn't as good. Dave is also very pretentious.

    You're an utterly ridiculous band :)

    I don't have enough of your albums :(
  • How Mainstream Are You? Updated 15/07/10, 29/06/11

    Giu 3 2009, 13:09

    STEP ONE: List your top 20 artists and find the number of listeners for each of them.
    1) Thin Lizzy (364,812 listeners)
    2) Iron Maiden (857,206 listeners)
    3) Children of Bodom (458,536 listeners)
    4) Amon Amarth (230,549 listeners)
    5) Turisas (104,645 listeners)
    6) Megadeth (537,649 listeners)
    7) Metallica (1,362,364 listeners)
    8) Ensiferum (184,743 listeners)
    9) Dimmu Borgir (275,316 listeners)
    10) Gorgoroth (79,474 listeners)
    11) Guns N' Roses (1,300,207 listeners)
    11) Ozzy Osbourne (630,821 listeners)
    13) Arch Enemy (313,492 listeners)
    14) AC/DC (1,115,592 listeners)
    15) Cradle of Filth (335,145 listeners)
    16) Black Label Society (246,573 listeners)
    16) Manowar (293,755 listeners)
    18) Stormlord (29,698 listeners)
    18) Led Zeppelin (1,290,446 listeners)
    20) Alestorm (36,943 listeners)

    STEP TWO: Calculate the total listeners of these artist.
    TOTAL: 10,047,966

    STEP THREE: Find the average of this total by dividing by 20.
    AVERAGE: 502,398.3

    STEP FOUR: Divide this figure by the total number of Radiohead listeners.
    Radiohead: 2,128,384 listeners
    MAINSTREAM: 0.2360 approx

    STEP FIVE: Finally, multiply this by 100 and round off to get your mainstream percentage.


    Update 15/07/10

    1) Thin Lizzy (493,449 listeners)
    2) Amon Amarth (306,528 listeners)
    3) Dimmu Borgir (326,766 listeners)
    4) King Diamond (131,915 listeners)
    5) Satyricon (171,204 listeners)
    6) Iron Maiden (1,183,987 listeners)
    7) Turisas (130,987 listeners)
    8) Children of Bodom (588,156 listeners)
    9) Ozzy Osbourne (915,509 listeners)
    10) Gorgoroth (103,973 listeners)
    11) HammerFall (339,614 listeners)
    12) Immortal (148,785 listeners)
    13) AC/DC (1,463,184 listeners)
    14) Cradle of Filth (402,804 listeners)
    15) Emperor (149,596 listeners)
    16) Metallica (1,680,007 listeners)
    17) Burzum (183,447 listeners)
    18) Megadeth (779,478 listeners)
    19) Manowar (374,497 listeners)
    20) Falkenbach (85,265 listeners)

    Total listeners: 10,090,138

    Divide by 20: 504506.9

    Divide by total number of Radiohead listeners:
    Radiohead: 2,810,623 listeners
    = 0.18 approx

    X 100 = Mainstream percentage of: 18%


    Update 29/06/11

    1) King Diamond (155,159 listeners)
    2) Ozzy Osbourne (1,179,553 listeners)
    3) Thin Lizzy (592,536 listeners)
    4) Amon Amarth (382,921 listeners)
    5) Iron Maiden (1,460,770 listeners)
    6) AC/DC (1,765,532 listeners)
    7) Immortal (174,862 listeners)
    8) Dimmu Borgir (377,507 listeners)
    9) HammerFall (391,239 listeners)
    10) Turisas (157,051 listeners)
    11) Satyricon (194,277 listeners)
    12) Ensiferum (278,029 listeners)
    13) Black Label Society (451,634 listeners)
    14) Manowar (447,917 listeners)
    15) Motörhead (999,765 listeners)
    16) Metallica (1,926,489 listeners)
    17) Megadeth (969,646 listeners)
    18) Blut aus Nord (37,786 listeners)
    19) Children of Bodom (732,341 listeners)
    20) Svartsot (38,283 listeners)

    Total Listeners: 12,713,297

    Divide by 20: 635664.85

    Divide by total number of Radiohead listeners:
    Radiohead: (3,376,695 listeners)

    = 0.19 approx

    x 100= Mainstream percentage of: 19%