• Dandelion Radio - January 2015

    Gen 3 2015, 11:34

    Festive 50:
    Continuing a Christmas tradition started by the late broadcaster John Peel in 1976, an assortment of our DJs count down through the best 50 tracks from 2014 based on listener's votes.
    You can hear the full results of this legendary poll repeating from Christmas Day and into January, finishing off with Kevin Robinson revealing this year's winner!

    2014 Review:
    For January 2015 Dandelion Radio introduces a Review of the year 2014, as seen through the eyes of our DJs. Join Rocker, Pete Jackson, Kevin Robinson, Mark Whitby and Neil Jenkins as they take a turn in guiding you through some of their musical high points from the past year.
    Tune in, enjoy, and give us your feedback.

    Kevin Robinson:
    Before we even begin to tackle 2015, there's a pile of releases from late 2014 to sift through including terrific albums which must not go unheard from Raspberry Bulbs, Witching Waves, Trash Kit, USA Nails, Afrikan Sciences, The Skull Defekts and Posh Isolation's White Void, as well as an awesome compilation from Duppy Gun Productions.
    As usual we go global with The Calypso Steel-O-Rama Band from the Caribbean, The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band from Thailand, and there's a recently reissued album from Congolese legends Verckys & Orchestre Veve. We've also got new records from Cairo's Maurice Louca Hungary's Stephan Olbricht and from Romania there's more found material from Rodion G.A..
    Weird and warped electronica this month comes from IVVVO, Klara Lewis, Shackleton, Ekoplekz, and Eric Copeland, plus a particularly lively number from Dead Man's Chest.
    Also this month Gorgon Sound remix Kahn, Ancient Methods rip Powell to shreds, Skeptical collaborates with Clarity, and there's a stunning late contender for remix of the year from The Haxan Cloak and Akkord.

    Lee Adcock:
    Oh, this would be a tough one to compile, the elders said. Throw together a review of last year, they said. Well, GUESS WHAT? By some crazy feat of luck, I've piled up a bunch of sparkly new tunes to stun and amaze you with. (OK, I did cheat a little bit, but shhhhh.)
    So hey-ho, let's ring in 2015 with one banging' party: main man Pour Le Plausir will man the decks; Ex Hex can bring the keg, and Hookworms the illicit drugs; Clockwork Orchestra will stomp everyone on the SNES; The Fucked Up Beat will project super-8 black-and-white films on the wall; and The Ropes will stand in the corner as the resident divas.
    But partying shall cease to observe the strange aural rituals of an elusive cult known only as Mind Brains - rumor has it that the members are Elephant six magi, but no one knows. Also, prepare to be hypnotized by more Henry Plotnick, Andy Stott, Dissolved, and Gretchen Lyme.
    Plus a big warm welcome to Empty Child, another precocious composer/producer with most excellent skillz.

    Mark Whitby:
    Jackn bones provides the session tunes for a January show in which the emphasis is firmly on the new. In that spirit, we've got tunes from a whole load of keenly awaited releases set to hit us during January and February 2015, including new albums from Belle & Sebastian, Peter Kernel, Disappears, The Wave Pictures and Whyte Horses, plus a few that won't be seeing the light of day until March, from Moon Duo and Gratuit as well as a cracking Awesome Tapes From Africa reissue from Ghana's Ata Kak.
    The amazing Blue Tapes is branching out into vinyl this year and we've got the first fruits of that, courtesy of the excellent Pour Le Plaisir. There's also a new album from Alasdair Roberts, something suitably eccentric from MCFERRDOG and a debut from Viet Cong to look forward to so we throw something from those in there too.
    Of course there's been plenty happening since the last show so we also manage to cram in some fine end-of-2014 releases from the likes of Mogwai, Can Can Heads and Pete Bentham & the Dinnerladies, as well as the glorious racket brought forth by Slovenia's Praznina and an excellent split release from the Outward label featuring scares and Tocopa.
    And, with the 2014 Festive Fifty now out there for your listening pleasure, our Peel Back... section digs back into the chart of ten years ago while tentatively speculating what might have made a festive fifty forty years ago, had there been such a thing.

    Pete Jackson:
    Just 60 mins from Pete this month, but still chock full of great new stuff from Hookworms, Blue Giant Zeta Puppies and Jumble Hole Clough, old stuff from Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Art Phag and the first fruits of my mate Steve's mega US cross country CD buying adventure, kicking off with music from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    Kicking off the New Year with a bang! This month's three hour show includes three featured albums - the new one from the reformed Manhattan Love Suicides, the forthcoming debut from The Fireworks, and an excellent compilation from Very Gun Records which you may have missed when it slipped out towards the end of last year.
    We also manage to squeeze in new tracks from Stephen Fall; Emma Kupa; CTMF; Burnt Palms; Not Right; The Electric Pop Group; Sleater-Kinney; Caves; Hard Left; Lost Pets; Trust Fund; The Popguns; Zipper; Pale Lights; Evans The Death; Tyrannosaurus Dead; Kahoots; Joanna Gruesome; and Inspiral Carpets.
    There’s some twisted electronica too - Applescal reworks Daniel Avery’s Primal Scream mix; Butch and C. Vogt collaborate on a killer track recorded live with an orchestra; Radio Slave remixes Theo Schwarz, and Max Cooper mangles an ambient classic from The Rustle Of The Stars with judicious application of drum’n’bassbeats.
    This month’s Peel's Big 45 is a pseudo-Japanese release from 1971, while this month’s Educating Elizabeth track is the title track of the current Swamp Dogg album.
    As well as little known acts, here’s a little known fact: Rod Stewart’s ‘Reason To Believe’, played here in memory of recently deceased keyboard player Ian McLagan, a cover of a Tim Hardin original, was released in 1971 as a 7" A-side, however it was the B-side ‘Maggie May’ which received most US airplay, and became Stewart’s breakthrough hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Sean Hocking:
    Welcome to 2015.
    On a short trip down to Sydney in December I realised how much great new Australian music there is around at the moment. You'll have all heard the likes of Tame Impala and / or Courtney Barnett over the last 14 or so months but all of Australia's state capitals seem to be overflowing with great left field indie pop and rock at the moment. Melbourne still without doubt the nation's musical capital has bands left right and centre. In the show we feature, The Twerps, Dick Diver and The Ooga Booga's amongst others.
    A short 15 hour drive takes us up to Adelaide where we've come across the Wireheads who are on of those bands who don't sound like anything else we've heard..nothing better than a bit of cultural isolation to let a band develop properly. Back in the car and it's only a 23 hour hop across to Sydney a city that has been losing venues to developers in 2014 and being a musician there at the moment is by no means easy. Especially being a band with attitude, Low Life are appropriately named and remind me of the spirit of the early Fall. Do check out their album Dogging on Bandcamp. Also new band Community Radio formed from the ashes of cult Sydney band Youth Club have released a great little album that just gets under your skin after about half a dozen listens. Thanks to Red Eye Records in Sydney for the recommendation.
    Finally it's another 15 hour drive up to Brisbane to experience some more of the wonderful Blank Realm. This month we feature their track "Working on Love" which I have a funny feeling I'll be listening to daily this year. Also to break up the aus indie music fest I've thrown in a short set of left of centre dance tracks that have appealed to me recently. LA's Secret Circuit who I've featured in the show, a new 12" from Clarian entitled "My Shiva", a track that harks back to the days when Sven Vath was still making inventive music. And the best last, New York based Invisible Conga People and a DFA release entitled "Can't Feel My Knees". As far as I'm aware they've only written three songs - "Cable Dazed", "Can't Feel My Knees" and "In A Hole". But here at Ring of Fire those three songs still outclass the entire oeuvre of 90% of artists out there.
  • Dandelion Radio - December 2014

    Dic 8 2014, 12:05

    Festive Fifty Build Up Show:
    Join a selection of Dandelion Radio DJs for the hour up to midnight (GMT) on Christmas Eve for this one-off, Festive Fifty Build-Up show. They'll be introducing some of their picks of 2014 that didn't quite make it into this year's legendary listeners' poll, while warming up for the first play of 2014's results starting at midnight.

    Mike Livesley:
    A special just for the Christmas break - presented by Michael Livesley and Andrew Battersby
    Why not kick off your slingbacks, take off your girdle, sit back and relax for an hour with Michael and Andrew as they present, for you, The Ghost of Christmas Pants.
    Recorded live at Uncle Tubbo's lighthouse on the North Wales coast the show features the blokes they call 'the drunkards drunkards' discussing their scattered memories and music of Christmases gone by in their own inimitable and slurring way.
    So, the fire is roaring, the places are set, the fridge is groaning with ale and there's a fresh 18 pack of Andrex in the bog. Our lighthouse jazz trio 'The Livettes' - featuring the world renowned Mr 'Nicely' Parrow on bass - are playing and so there is only one thing missing from this picture - you dear listener!
    Merry Christmas!!

    Jeff Grainger:
    A bumper 4 hour December show? Or a futile attempt to display, what a fine musical experience 2014 was - you decide! Tracks from Goat, Shellac, Sd Laika, Cuban Boys, Kasai Allstars, Millie & Andrea, Soundcarriers and Thurston Moore are small example of some of the many fine releases. There's a shed load of brand new stuff too from the likes of Songhoy Blues, Lovers open fire, Deers, Black Helicopters and Big Joanie.
    Jeff will also be playing some of his favourite session tracks from this year including White Mary, Scrabbled, Factory Acts plus Ill's fabulous session in its entirety. Theres a brand new session from Costa Rica finest Los Waldners and, just to keep it seasonal, this months featured album is Small Bears wonderful compilation; Never mind the Baubles.

    Kevin Robinson:
    Not exactly a programme packed with yuletide favourites, but still a good one (I hope).
    Guaranteed to kick those office parties into full swing, we've got Luke Vibert as his junglist alter ego Amen Andrews, thrash monsters Oozing Wound, post-punk sounds from The Skull Defekts and Useless Eaters, plus generous helpings of good shouty stuff from Nots and S.H.I.T.
    From Brazil there's a new 7" from Rakta; from Mali there's a taster of the forthcoming Songhoy Blues album; from Egypt there's new material from musician Maurice Louca; and we've even got a Christmas tune from King Scratch from the Caribbean.
    Off-kilter dance-floor compositions this month come from Vessel, Paula Temple Sully, Happy Meals, The Cyclist, and Silent Servant. Plus there's pummelling techno from AnD and Franck Vigroux, warped hip hop from Strange U, more excavations from the bottomless vaults of Muslimgauze, and the incredible debut of an 18 year old South London composer named Jire.
    There's always some dub and reggae to warm your chilly December nights from Natural Numbers, Tuff Scout All Stars, a new tape from Hieronymus and a reconsideration of a classic Scientist album by Seekers International.
    Finally, bringing the sleigh bells and spreading festive cheer, it's none other than ... Captain Beefheart.

    Lee Adcock:
    Merry merry, everyone! This truncated show features absolutely no festive content whatsoever, so if it's Xmas spirit you're seeking, you can tune out right now. However, if new music is on your wish list, then stick around and you will meet Tel Aviv weirdos Memory In Plant, demon summoner Anji Cheung, ghastly lo-fi rangers 808s and Greatest Hits, and others. Some old-timers and returning champs have popped in to the party, too, like Half Man Half Biscuit, The Black Watch, and Zed Bias. Primus volunteered to bring party favors - which means ya better double-check your goodie bags before you take 'em home. But anywho. I'll also be backward-gazing again, with some live Tunabunny by the fireside.
    Also - I'm super-happy to report that dreamscape spelunker Dissolved is recording again, and I've reserved a slice of his next LP for this show. Hang on 'til the end, kiddos!

    Mark Cunliffe:
    This month's show has hip hop and grime from the likes of Pierce Artists, Wiley and Sammus. There's a b-side from the first EP from Grawl!x since they went from solo project to full band. There's a track from the latest EP offering from Sleaford Mods and there is a fabulous session from Mas Y Mas recorded by myself in a school hall, no less, in a place called Sneinton in Nottingham. Total infectious latin vibes all the way there.

    Mark Whitby:
    Fresh from their triumphant appearance on Lee Adcock's show last month, Papernut Cambridge are the session guests in a final show of 2014 that also includes, among other things, new releases from Clockwork Orchestra, Clark, Guerilla Toss and Malcolm Middleton & David Shrigley.
    A masterful album from Venezuela's Fumaca Preta also figures, alongside a little something from Germany's Mosquito Ego and a fantastic Mexican/Australian hybrid going by the name of Mesa Cosa. There's a track from a solo album from the magnificent Brigitte Roussel and something from the recent platter by The Skull Defekts.
    There are recent tracks from some of my favourite new discoveries of 2014, including Virgo, Jack n Bones and Qualchan. And of course, this being the month of the Festive Fifty broadcast, we Peel Back... twenty years to play three great tracks from the chart of 1994.
    Oh, and the last half hour consists of Xmas tunes, including a brutal festive masterpiece courtesy of the very noisy Totally Pissed Off.

    Pete Jackson:
    This month's show includes a few festive goodies courtesy of a new Christmas compilation from Small Bear Records alongside a couple of vintage Peel session tunes both first broadcast 20 years ago this month. Elsewhere,
    There's epic psychedelia from Bonnacons Of Joy and Vert:X, Argentinian garage from Los Moretones and Yorkshire Americana from Serious Sam Barrett, plus The Flaming Lips (and fwiends) take on The Beatles and Icarus Peel tackle the Avengers - come and see who wins!

    As usual a three-hour show from Rocker this month, including exclusive new sessions from Eureka California and Rita Lynch, as well as new tracks from The Manhattan Love Suicides; Caves; Aiden Moffat; Emmy the Great; Allo Darlin'; The Popguns; Melbourne Cans; Slum of Legs; Tyrannosaurus Dead; Joanna Gruesome; Inspiral Carpets; The Wolfhounds; The Fireworks; and Cayetana.
    There's electronica from Marc Romboy; Burial; Ron Flatter remixed by Microtrauma; TCF; DJ Rocca; and Simon Shackleton.
    There's a stirring call to arms by the Marxist-Leninist Canadian Cultural Workers' Committee from 1979, and modern protest songs from Not Right and Swamp Dogg. Hard Left cover a song made famous by The Bay City Rollers, while Perfect Pussy tear apart and reconstruct a Sugarcubes song in their own image.
    This month's Peel's Big 45 is folk anthem from 1970, while this month's Educating Elizabeth track is a classic Motown single from 1966.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Swamp Dogg, whose excellent new album is called "The White Man Made Me Do It", originally recorded under his real name, Jerry Williams, releasing at least one 7" which has become a Northern Soul classic - "If You Ask Me (Because I Love You)" from 1966.

    Sean Hocking:
    A special bumper December show to keep you occupied whilst the grey days and enforced jollity of December roll by. In Ring Of Fire we got 4 hours of old and new and hopefully until the last hour you've not heard any of it before.
    We start this month with assorted religious nutters and DJ Foundation in 2014 mode. His hometown, Mosul, has been overun by ISIS we don't know if he's alive or dead. So we thought there's nothing he'd love us to do more than remind the world that religious extremism is a curse we could all do without. And there's our Christmas message to you all! We also feature NZ based drone artist RST in collaboration with Shanghai songstress Lenz. We also preview a track from the forthcoming Drakkar74 also to be released on Metal Postcard in early 2015. This album is, without doubt, the holy grail of Cambodian pre Khmer Rouge psych rock. It was understood to be lost to time but we tracked down the surviving Drakkar band members. Two survived the Killing Fields, two did not. Band leader Touch Tana is now to be found shaping environmental policy with the Cambodian government and after two years of cajoling, searching and re-discovering Metal Postcard will be bringing the people the first ever vinyl pressing of this album. The original was only ever available on cassette. The album touches on the golden age of Cambodian Pop & Rock but elements of Santana, The Incredible String Band, Cream,and Khmer folk also come through.
    But enough of Metal Postcard ... we've also got on the show; Alternative TV, something new from Melbourne's NO ZU, the Homosexuals, Lyons based Bass dj & producer Flore and a great bit of turntabilism from America's DJ Craze who's had enough of button pushing edm dj's.
    Beijing 's Gui Gui Sui Sui has also taken to dj'ing, of a style! Old gameboys picked up in Beijing second hand electronic markets fed through his collection of battered effects pedals make for the type of dj set you've not heard before.
    In the last hour of the show it's time for a bit of nostalgia so I've thrown the tracks that have kept me coming back all year. Some are old and some are new. I hope you enjoy the selection.
  • Dandelion Radio - November 2014

    Nov 1 2014, 12:08

    Jeff Grainger:
    Three hour November show packed with jolly decent stuff by anyone's standard, New tracks from Ought, Amadou Et Mariam, Dilly Dally, Boothroyd, Hag Face, Spectres, Caught In The Wake Forever, Inspector Tapehead, Dub Sex and a very old one from Louis Armstrong, (What about Dolly?) Another exclusive from Warm Widow, plus the full live set from Salford's Factory Acts recorded at a recent Last Saturday gig at The Bank Top Tavern. This months 'Last Saturday' (29th Of November - See News/Events) stars Jack Reid & The Black Whip, feature prominently in this months show as three songs, from their soon to be released LP get a spin.
    Can't sign off with out a reminder for all to vote in this year's Festive 50 AND to download 21 Songs for John which will be unavailable after the 30th of the Month - when it's gone, it's gone.

    Kevin Robinson:
    The stack of new releases this month include a raucous Stereolab cover from Toronto band Greys, polyrhythmic assaults from Cut Hands and Japanese producer Anchorsong, and a full-length of vicious rock'n'roll from California's Musk.
    From the "Riots Not Diets" stable there's a new offering from The Ethical Debating Society, brand new reggae with a fresh Groundation album, plus tracks from recent releases by London's Ravioli Me Away, Austin's Spray Paint, and Thailand's Khun Narin Electric Phin Band. We also lift tracks from the sansa-influenced new collection from Cameroon's Francis Bebey, the riotous international ensemble Fumaça Preta and the tremendously fierce Senegalese singer Aby Ngana Diop.
    Also this month there's sonically arresting new electronica from Objekt, Hieroglyphic Being on Planet Mu, Leicester duo Witch on Happa's new label, Woodstock's Photay, Black Dice's Eric Copeland on L.I.E.S., Mutsumi (the artist formally known as Mu), talented new Tri Angle signing Boothroyd, Tokyo's Ueno Masaaki, plusLakker produces something that sounds like "screaming into the wind on the top of a mountain".
    If it's golden oldies you're looking for, there's a Peel session track from 1981 by Killing Joke, a re-issue from Girls At Our Best! and a track from a stunning new Sun Ra collection.
    Don't forget to get those Festive 50 votes in!

    Lee Adcock:
    As you probably know, November is Festive 50 Campaigning month here at Dandy HQ - so my show will juggle between the megahits from earlier in the year and the fizzy pop on tap right now. Choose your flavor: we've got late night synth gambles with Siobhan, out-of-body noise illumination with Future Ape Tapes, gypsy ska caravan rolling with Hallouminati, bratty crunchy goodness from Crayon, and plenty more in the back if that don't suit ya. Festive 50 contenders from yestermonths include some top-tier prize contenders, like Kate Tempest and Ex-Easter Island Head, plus highlights from the international airwaves (we'll elaborate on the local front next month).
    Oh, and Papernut Cambridge popped in for a delightful session. They're on their second album now, y'know.
    And do hang in there to the end, if you can - one of the most awe-inspiring tracks I've heard all year caps off the show.

    Mark Whitby:
    It's about time we had a Hungarian band in session on the show and this month we put that right with exclusive recordings from Piresian Beach in a joint session with Pete Jackson, in whose show you can hear the rest of it. They're not the only featured artists from the European continent: we've also got fellow Hungarians Karaul, a cracking new single from Spain's Deers, Ukrainians Zapaska, Futuroscope from France and Germany's Deejay Deer.
    Closer to home, at least to me, among other things we've got album tracks from Inspiral Carpets, Tyrannosaurus Dead and Thom Yorke plus a show debut for the excellent Jackn bones. From across the pond, there's something from the new Deerhoof album, a stunning new track from Katie Gately and more from that incredible Shellac LP.
    This month sees Festive Fifty voting upon us, of course, so, as is the custom, our Peel Back... feature recalls three tracks from the festive fifty of thirty years ago.

    Pete Jackson:
    A first this month as Pete shares a session with Mark Whitby - ace Hungarians Piresian Beach perform three tracks here, another three there. Lots of new stuff from acts new to the show too, including Chileans Nueva Costa, Portugal's Jibóia and Greek-sounding Americans Rhyton; the John Peel influence still prevails too with new releases from Peel faves Thurston Moore, Aphex Twin and The Cuban Boys as well as a classic 1990 session track.
    Finally, there's three flexidiscs from a new Fruit De Mer box set - the 8-track revival can only be days away ...

    A three-hour show which includes a debut session from The Charlie Tipper Experiment, and featured albums from Allo Darlin' and Half Man Half Biscuit. There's also new tracks from The Manhattan Love Suicides; Trust Fund; Melbourne Cans; Slum of Legs; Tyrannosaurus Dead; Not Right; The Wolfhounds; dog legs; The Orchids; and Anguish Sandwich.
    There's electronica from Stephan Bodzin; Tvardovsky; Nick Muir & John Digweed remixed by Fairmont; TCF; Mala; and Guy J.
    Boyracer cover The Rosehips, while The Flatmates cover Prince. Sarandon cover the June Brides, while the A-side of the June Brides new single finally gets a play. There's a (rather long) track from Thurston Moore's new album, which features a My Bloody Valentine, and there's a somewhat shorter track from California-based oi - mod - punk supergroup Hard Left, featuring members of Boyracer, Black Tambourine, and Lunchbox.
    This month's Peel's Big 45 is a classic on Drag City from 1990. while this month's Educating Elizabeth track is a new recording from an Old Northern Soul favourite.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Westward Ho! is the only settlement in the UK to include an exclamation mark in its name.

    Sean Hocking:
    Ring of Fire is back with something new and something old. Not so much happening in the AP region this month so we've had a wander over the planet and are especially pleased to hear so much great new music coming out of the UK that has nothing at all to do with 4 white boys all strutting around the stage doing yet another Kinks pastiche. I'm really enjoying listening to African Boy shop lifting from Lidl, The Fat White Family wishing they were Mark E Smith and The Council Tax Band having to waste their life in the job centre.
    Maybe at long last the drudgery of Noel and his cohorts are over (actually I'm quite fond of Noel) but some of the flotsam that has trailed in his wake over the past decade has at times made me think that British music was losing it's inventiveness. Great to see it back! Oh yes, almost forgot and why is UK music so great? Yet again we have the Tories to thank so thank you Mr Cameron and we have of course included your rap as created by the one and only Cassette Boy the best thing he's done since the Parker Tapes. On the electronic and funkier side of things we've got some great mid-nineties acid from Richie Hawtin. I keep reading that acid is coming back. Here at Ring of Fire it never went away. We've also come across an amazing Pilooski edit that we hadn't heard before, Bissau, not really surprising as it came out a few years back but limited to only a 150 12"s.
    Australia's had a fruitful year for new lo-fi indie music that appears to be informed by a Go-Betweens aesthetic. We are especially fond of Brisbane's Blank Realm and Melbourne's Dick Diver. Make sure you listen to the show as there's a little Dick Diver competition I'm running.
    Elsewhere from Asia we've got a preview of the forthcoming re-issue for the first time on vinyl (originally on cassette only) of Drakkar 74. An album recorded just prior to the arrival of the Khmer Rouge and almost lost to history. Here at MP we've now spent 14 months finding the album, the band members and getting it re-mastered from the final remaining dodgy cassettes ... although the sound isn't perfect (it was recorded in 1972/73 in Cambodia!) it has a rather magical sound to it. We'll be releasing 500 only and that's it ... so if obscure Cambodian psych rock folk is your bag you'll be in heaven.
    Last but not least two great cuts of artists that are rearing their heads after a long time hidden in the undergrowth. From 1989 a Keith Levene interpretation of Lennon's Cold Turkey and finally the amazing Lonnie Holley US underground artist whom I managed to catch over the summer. His psychedelic soul with more than a touch of Gil Scott Heron politics has me entranced. Hopefully he'll do the same for you too. Next month we roll on to xmas, so remember it's Festive 50 time and I'll be doing my own little selfish best of 2014. It's going to be a long xmas special from here considering the amount of great new tracks rolling into us daily at the moment.
  • Dandelion Radio - October 2014

    Ott 1 2014, 4:23

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy has two shows in October's schedule. His regular 2-hour show features loads of great new tunes including Y.O.U., The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Team Me, Le Vasco, Lust for Youth, TV on the Radio, Oracles, The Raveonettes, The Horn The Hunt and The Woken Trees. There are no guest spots from family or friends this month, but as this is Dandelion Radio's 100th monthly schedule, Andy marks the achievement by playing a couple of classic session tracks recorded for previous episodes of his show.

    Listen out elsewhere in October's schedule for Andy's Peel Session Archives, featuring an hour of tracks recorded for John Peel's Radio 1 show by well-known, and not so well-known acts across over three decades. Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the death of John Peel (the BBC DJ who inspired Dandelion Radio), the show features rarely-heard session versions of tracks from the likes of Joy Division, Thin Lizzy, 70 Gwen Party, Arab Strap, Babes in Toyland, Pulp and many others.

    This October Steve and Brian invite you on a journey, a journey through sound. On the way we will take in the likes of Julia Holter, The Mummies, The Masonics and Nils Frahm amongst others. It will be unforgettable.
    Just one thing though, we've had to bring the kids with us. Yeah, couldn't get a sitter so on the way we might stop off at a soft play and maybe a pizza restaurant. Hope you don't mind.

    Jeff Grainger:
    Well it's been yonks but Jeff returns with a 3 hour October Show and a cracking live session by Brisbane's very own Scrabbled As well as Ill's full live performance at April's Last Saturday Event. There's another blast from the glorious Los Waldners and first time plays for Destiny 5000 and from 1926 Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers. There's a whole batch of new releases by Shellac, Aby Ngana Diop and Taggy Matcher to name three. And along the way a Warm Widow exclusive pops up.
    Of course as this month marks the 10th Anniversary of John Peel's death, Jeff features some personal tributes with songs by Amsterdam, Hüsker Dü and The Bhundu Boys.

    Kevin Robinson:
    Celebrating 100 months of Dandelion Radio and commemorating 10 years since the death of John Peel, this month we bring you two of the tracks featured on Unwashed Territories free download compilation, 21 Songs For John, from The Cravats and Calvin Party.
    The stack of new releases this month include a new 45" from the Fat White Family, surf rock from The Avocados, a Beach Boys cover from Argentina's Los Cripis, pummelling techno from Surgeon "skull-cave dub" from Portugal's HHY & The Macumbas and psych-rock from Thailand's Khun Narin.
    Also this month we have thrashy new offerings from the USA by Austin's Spray Paint, Olympia's Vexx, Rhode Island's Downtown Boys, Brooklyn's Cult of Youth, and Chicago's Oozing Wound.
    Plus, for your ears only there are electronic explorations from Tri Angle's Vessel and Keysound's Moleskin, as well as tracks from the vaults courtesy of Augustus Pablo and extraordinary Senegalese singer Aby Ngana Diop. All this, plus David Cameron finds time to lay down some vocals for Ravioli Me Away. It's more terrifying than Halloween.

    Lee Adcock:
    A truncated show this October, since I'm currently in grad school, and thus juggling at least five different lives around - Dandelion DJ, student, investigative journalist, magazine editor AND music critic. No worries - I'm happiest when I'm busiest!
    Anyhow, plenty of the usual variety: tip-toe into the basement chemistry lab with Quimper, inhale toxic Spray Paint fumes, and destroy your last brain cells with Humanshapes. Floating Points and Invisible provide electric pathways to synthier havens, while Strange U warn us about crooked sugary confections. Also clear the pulpit - the most dangerous music critic alive unleashes his tirade upon the unsuspecting Australian public!
    I've also snuck in two plugs for former Dandy DJ Paul Ackroyd's Dead Albatross awards, an alternative contest to the super-commercialized Mercury Awards. I'll be on the panel, so I have to sift through 25 albums and pick my top ten. You'll hear much, much more from that come November.
    Finally, you probably know better than I that October marks the 10-year anniversary of John Peel's passing. So, I've hauled up a session in honor - a suitably nocturnal one, I might add!

    Mark Whitby:
    A long-awaited second session from The Sinatra Test is one of many highlights of a show that, as usual, casts its sights firmly in the direction of the future while also this month paying tribute to John Peel as we approach the tenth anniversary of his passing.
    We feature tracks from forthcoming releases from, among others, Council Tax Band, Gum Takes Tooth, Flies on You and THE HEALTHY BOY & The Badass Motherfuckers while joining the clamour of acclaim from what seems to be the majority of the civilised world for the new Shellac album.
    There are a couple of cracking releases on the Hungarian Hudini label, from Menj Kapalni and Mecsendugos, plus Mongolians Araatan, Ireland's The Crytearions, Baby Nelson & The Philistines from Mexico and another track from that cracking joint release by Estonia's Threes & Will and Huerequeque, among others.
    There's a special Peel Back.. section to the show this month, which features three of John's favourite bands covering three of John's other favourite bands, and three tracks from the free Unwashed Territories compilation *21 Songs for John*, which brings together a whole load of artists with the finest of Peel pedigrees to share some great tunes in his memory. In the show you can hear three of the tunes they've lovingly contributed: new Yeah Yeah Noh, rare Solex and a specially recorded track from Cuban Boys.

    Pete Jackson:
    As you might expect, October's show has more than a hint of the legacy of John Peel about it, with three tracks from the new 21 Songs For John compilation and some new releases and reissues from some of John's favourites mixed in with Pete's personal selection of tracks from each of Peel's five decades of broadcasting.
    It is far from being a pure nostalgia-fest, however, with a stonking new session from The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies alongside sparkly new tunes from Ty Segall, Allah-Las, Soiled and The Wytches and new discoveries from as far afield as Thailand and Brazil.

    This month marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of our inspiration, the greatest DJ that ever lived, John Peel. I wanted to mark this by playing tracks related to the great man, but I did not want to hark back to those same old tracks that always seem to be wheeled out when his name is brought up, instead concentrating on new and unheard material, which I believe is very much what John would have wanted. Pour a glass of red wine, have a listen, and do let me know what you think.
    The show features exclusive tracks from the forthcoming live album by Peelie's favourite band, as well as an exclusive new session recorded for the show by Beau, who older listeners may recall as having recorded the first release on John Peel's Dandelion Records back in 1969.
    There's also new tracks from The June Brides; The Fat White Family; Rita Lynch; Deux Furieuses; Tigercats; Ste McCabe; CTMF; Slushy; The Wolfhounds; Allo Darlin'; Literature; Flowers; and Gold-Bears.
    There's electronica from Copy Paste Soul (remixed by Laurent Garnier); Hell's Kitchen; Perverse; Nick Dow; and a stunning hundredth release from Systematic Records featuring a return to collaboration between Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin.
    This month's Peel's Big 45 doubles as our Educating Elizabeth track, it's a soul 7-inch on the Chess label from 1967.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Jasper Carrott's 1975 classic ‘Funky Moped' features the musicians of his local Birmingham collective The Electric Light Orchestra, in what is clearly now appreciated as their finest moment.

    Sean Hocking:
    Well I've had half a century on the planet and although I should have probably done a special show this month it's business as us usual. Lots of new music and the odd left field oldie for your aural pleasure. We start with some gentle island sounds from Papua New Guinea which actually bely to serious political, social and environmental changes going on there at the moment. It can't be long until Papua New Guinea's first hardcore band raises to the surface and we'll make sure we're their to play them.
    So onto our show highlights. We've got the sadly missed Frank Sidebottom and a live version of his Hit The North. Not often that you can say a Fall cover is better than the original. This is a case in hand. We also include the best tune from the Frank film by MIchael Fassbender, I Love You All.
    A new discovery for us are late eighties early 90's Ipswich band The Tender Lugers. I gather Peel played them irregularly. By this time I'd left for the colonies so missed out on this wonderful band who appear to me to be the pre-curser of all those young Americans such as Real Estate and Parquet Courts.
    Now and then we have to challenge you a bit so we've got a small interlude half way through the show with some of the worst video game soundtracks known to humankind. Although in a hundred or so years they'll be considered high art! Also in the show the latest single from the glorious Peaking Lights, Uplines from Shanghai, Honey Bucket from Portland OR and the absolutely gorgeous Blank Realm from Brisbane, they might well be the first true successors to the Go-Betweens?
    Thanks as always for listening.
  • Dandelion Radio - September 2014

    Ago 31 2014, 19:09

    Kevin Robinson:
    This programme gets counted in by the magnificent Lord Cobra Y Los Pana Afros who vividly recounts the moon landing of July 1969. As well as Calypso, we've got Shangaan Electro from scene lynchpin and new Warp signing Nozinja and a Balani Show super hit from Mamelon.
    Also in the new release pile, we've tunes from the world's greatest all-grrrl Monks tribute act Ye Nuns, a taster from the upcoming Batida album, plus hot new 7" singles from Spray Paint, Grubs and Primetime.
    There are tropical selections lifted from the new albums by Clap!Clap!, Congolese collective the Kasai Allstars, Peckham via Bahrain's Flamingods and Studio One dancehall from DJ Dawn & Ranking Queens.
    Your ears will be treated to some wonderfully eccentric soul from Fred Towles and an archive Peel Session track from Bob. Plus there's an abrasive London cabbie-rant on the new Perc & Truss collaboration, Unstoppable Death Machines provide an extraordinary and noisy improvised jam and Bong-Ra rips Eprom to shreds.

    Lee Adcock:
    By the time this broadcast smacks your ears, I'll be back in school, pouring over books about epidemiology and biostatistics. Fun times, right? At any rate, classes on wicked cool new music last all year long.
    Learn why Berlin is still the epicenter of massive, messy grooves (Paro, Ruins of Krüger); dip your chopsticks into some quirky sweet and sour techno (Mr Sakitumi); and check your Lunchbox, 'cos Mum slipped ya a good handful of sweets (King Creosote, Papernut Cambridge, Luxembourg Signal). We'll also have a crash course on the hipness of cassettes - because, as you may or may not know, tapes are IN, as the recent Joanna Gruesome / Trust Fund split and the awe-inspiring Blue Tapes label demonstrate.
    If none of THAT piques your interest - well, nothing draws in hungry college students like Free Pizza, right?
    For revision, Broken Shoulder has finally concocted a wonderful session for us. Prepare the kettle.

    Mark Whitby:
    There are six of the best from our good friends The Pocket Gods in session this month, along with some corking new releases from all around the world. These include another triumphant cassette from the fascinating Blue Tapes label featuring not one but two noisy Estonian outfits, some Macedonian surf from Molokai, another brooding masterpiece from Italians Heroin in Tahiti, Deers from Spain, crazy guitar picking from Ecuador's El General Villamil and sublime beats from Pocz & Pacheko, Venezualans strutting their considerable stuff on the Portuguese Enchfada.
    Closer to home, we were never going to ignore another all-too-rare release from the fabulous Long Hat Pins or the new Haunted House single, while previewing another splendid reissue from the Sugar Shack, this time from Spectre, and admiring the ukulele virtuosity of The Pukes when applied to an old Cock Sparrer choon. There are a couple of fine tracks from a compilation in aid of the people of Gaza and more from those mind-blowing albums from Goat and The Vacant Lots.
    And did I mention the treat of a new Inspiral Carpets single? It's one of those shows that's so good Mark gets far too excited for his own good and, at one point, accidentally gives the wrong name of the band he's just played. I'll let your personal pedantry level dictate whether you forgive him for it or inundate him with exasperated hate mail.

    Pete Jackson:
    After 6 months off the air, Pete blasts back this month with a wobbly stack of new tunes from trusted favourites Gum Takes Tooth, MANWEL T, The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies and The Cambodian Space Project alongside newer recruits Ye Nuns, Puff, Acid Baby Jesus and Useless Eaters.
    The 3rd Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia gets its annual poking, with new tracks from big hitters Goat and White Hills, among others.
    There's also a delve back into Peel listening history from 28 years ago this month - did you have your finger poised over the pause button then too?

    Something of a landmark, as Rocker reaches his hundredth monthly show for Dandelion Radio - and as usual it's a packed three hours, including a featured album from Flowers, and new tracks from The Proper Ornaments; Ste McCabe; The Hobbes Fanclub; CTMF; Allo Darlin'; Guards! Guards!; The Smittens; Literature; Gold-Bears; Martha; Pere Ubu; Pale Angels; Helen Love; and Slushy.
    There is something in the air at the moment, almost every UK indie band from the 1980s seems to have reformed, and some of them have even had the temerity to record new material. This month we play the best of the current crop - new tracks from The June Brides; Inspiral Carpets; The Primitives; and The Popguns. Love them or hate them (and I love them), at least here you can hear them and make your own mind up.
    There's electronica from Nick Dow; Daniel Stefanik; Asa & Sorrow; Minotor; Paul David Heckhausen feat. Jaron Tripp; and Jabu.
    This month's Peel's Big 45 is a Canadian all-girl affair from 1995, and this month's Educating Elizabeth 7" goes right back to 1960, a classic instrumental on the Satellite label.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Jim Steward and Estelle Axton formed the Satellite record label in 1959, releasing country music 7"s. In 1960 they added R'n'B to their repertoire. In 1961 they had to change the name of the label because of a West Coast rival. They took the first two letters of each of their surnames, and chose the name Stax - rapidly going on to become the label synonymous with Southern US soul music.

    Sean Hocking:
    Time for another dose of Ring of Fire and 3 hours long too. A couple of themes run through the show this month. Late seventies space disco gets a look in with tracks from Space, The Rah Band & Cosmic Gal. We've also got some dodgy Thai disco from around the same period. Chantana's Changwah Disco is particularly enjoyable.
    At the current end of things I've become a huge fan of Fat White Family's debut album and we feature 3 tracks from the aforesaid Champagne Holocaust.
    Too much more to mention but we can't go without saying that we'll miss the wonderful James Garner and the best TV theme tune of all time "The Rockford Files" and we hope you enjoy our Balearic inclusions in this month's show - Paqua's Late Train and Psychemagiks's Valley of Paradise.
  • Dandelion Radio - August 2014

    Ago 4 2014, 9:32

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's 2-hour August show includes new music from Frida Sundemo, The Metatrons, Poliça, The Horrors, Childhood, The Vacant Lots, Lust for Youth, Jungle and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. There are two blasts from the past, with Orbital and Lesley Gore appearing as Andy's Old Chestnuts, and Dad and Scott pop in to choose a track each.

    Kevin Robinson:
    August's programme opens with Iggy Pop eulogising the genius of punk rock, as we celebrate the re-issue and fifteenth anniversary of Come On Die Young by the mighty Mogwai. In the new release pile, we've tunes from Jahtarian Dubbers Pupajim and Jah Screechy, another track lifted from the gamelan inspired album by Yoshimi's OOIOO, and even something new from Manchester group The Fall.
    Also in this month's programme there's some mid-70's Luo Benga from the Kaware Boys Band, a new track from Congolese collective the Kasai Allstars, more tropical rhythms from Columbia's Meridian Brothers, Thailand's The Petch Phin Thong Band and dancehall from Green Tea & Chassy.
    Things get raucous with shouty new music from London's Frau, Chicago's Oozing Wound and Memphis trio Nots. Then we've got a batch of extraordinary electronic releases from Shanghai Den, Filter Dread, Bronze Teeth and Dorian Concept, plus Pinch gets remixed by Berlin's Shed.

    Lee Adcock:
    Well, several fantastic things happened back in June, but the wobbly month delay of Dandelion shows prevented me from disclosing said things 'til now.
    What we have here is another 3-hour grab bag of mostly new tunes, including an embarrassment of electronica from master engineers like Fennesz and Fanciulli GOOM, smooth urbanites like Kool Head and Garden City Movement, old pros on top of their game such as Neneh Cherry and Lunchbox, and whacked out pop that can only be Tobacco. As promised, I've also brought more tunes from down under, but not the bar room bruisers that you might expect. Also, I went to a bangin' punky house show at the end of June and nearly moshed my head off to the likes of SHARKPACT and Street Eaters (among others). Finally, Brighton's Tuff Enuff label (from Riots Not Diets) released a righteous compilation last month, and I'll be hyping the hell out of it. Oh, and there's also a new OCRemix from Super Mario 64 thrown in for good measure. Yes. I'm that kind of nerd.
    Broken Shoulder couldn't make it this month, so instead I've chucked in a 15-minute EP from local composer Hand Sand Hands - a true diamond in the rough!

    Mark Cunliffe:
    Baile Funk, Indie, Jungle, Funk, Dancehall, Afro Sounds, Trap, Moombahton, Hip hop, Bass, Reggae, Punk, Footwork, Rock, Rumba...... ;-) x

    Mark Whitby:
    The new album from Lee Negin is currently receiving massive critical acclaim from around the globe and we feature an exclusive session mix featuring versions of tracks from the release, lovingly put together by the man himself. If that doesn't fall into the category of unmissable I don't know what does, though the term might also be applied to previews of autumn releases from the likes of Goat, Soiled and The Low Countries among others.
    Being August, we carry out our annual trawl of the potential highlights on show at the Green Man Festival, this year including such firm favourites as Samantha Crain, Bill Callahan and Joanna Gruesome alongside those new to the show like Jupiter-C and ry-X, while our Peel Back... feature this month features three genuine legends finally making their Green Man debuts.
    There's plenty more, of course. We invite you to bathe yourself in the exquisite noises emanating from the amps of the likes of Angkor Wrack, Ajax and McBAIN, say a fond goodbye to Ace Bushy Striptease and sample three of the best tracks from the recent compilation shared by Austria's wilhelm show me the Major Label. Throw in something from the new To Rococo Rot, yet another track from the excellent Dead Fader and a blistering slab of psychedelic rock from The Vacant Lots. Oh, and we don't play enough soul on the show, so make the most of a couple of tracks from a couple of excellent compilations that have rightly eased their way sublimely onto my listening/singing in the shower menu of late.

    A packed three hour show this month, including a debut session from Vancouver's Thee Ahs, recorded at Rocker's on their recent European tour. There's also new tracks from Buzzcocks; The Smittens; Literature; Flowers; Secret Shine; Peru; Gold-Bears; Colour Me Wednesday; Martha; Pale Angels; and The Sunday Reeds.
    There’s electronica from Kolsch with Gregor Schwellenbach; Jamie xx; Inkke; and a fantastic Luke Abbott remix of East India Youth.
    There’s an international outbreak of releases on cassette, including ones from Bristol (Trust Fund); Japan (alicetales); Scotland (dora maar), and the USA (Heathers).
    This month’s Peel's Big 45 is a punk spoof from 1979, and this month’s Educating Elizabeth 7" is a 1966 classic from Fontella Bass.
    As well as little known acts, here’s a little known fact: Fontella Bass (her real name) was married to jazz trumpeter Lester Bowie.

    Sean Hocking:
    Welcome back to Ring of Fire.
    We start with a couple of songs with a southern California feel by ROC and Jonathan Wilson. One from the city and one from the desert.
    We've noticed that there's been a bit of nostalgia about Brit Pop these past few months so we couldn't help but play the song that documents the death of the scene as it bloated out with too much cocaine and guitar dubs ... can you guess the artist and the song?
    Also in the show some Indonesian contemporary psych from napolleon, something new from Portland's Matthew Heller & The Clever, from New Zealand's Shacklock Meth Party, the mysterious early seventies Cambodian Drakkar Band and Echo & the Bunnymen who I'm pleased to see are experiencing a bit of a renaissance at the moment ... and at long last too.
    Lots more as well and if you are on Facebook please join our just launched Ring of Fire group where we keep you up to date daily with new bands, events and what's happening in the underground around the region and beyond.
  • Dandelion Radio - July 2014

    Lug 6 2014, 9:22

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's 2-hour July show features new music from the likes of Damn Vandals, The Horrors, Eno & Hyde, Frida Sundemo, Peace, Tourist, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Lust for Youth, Dead Fader and Austra, as well as a World Cup-related Scott's Funky Five Minutes and Dad's Discs.

    Kevin Robinson:
    It's even hotter than July on Dandelion Radio with an abundance of music to play loudly in the sunshine, such as Italian duo Ninos Du Brasil's percussion frenzy, a more than funky steel pan cover from Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers, plus DJ Sandji direct from the Balani Show street parties of Mali.
    Also in this month's programme there's music by Panom Promma from Thailand, the tropical rhythms of the Meridian Brothers from Columbia, more wonderfully percussive work from mid-70's Sierra Leone by Muyei Power, Lebanese trio Malayeen, Haiti's Les Pachas Du Canapé Vert, plus an incredible cassette rip of Senegalese performer Aby Ngana Diop.
    Things get raucous with new music from Oozing Wound, Sao Paulo's Anti-Corpos and a frenetic burst of old school junglist sounds from Sully. Elsewhere, Heathers crop up with their interpretation of a song you'll know and love by The Wedding Present, Karen Gwyer remixes the hell out of Sculpture, plus we have vintage Peel session tracks by Even as We Speak from 1992 and Ski Patrol from 1981.

    Lee Adcock:
    Feeling the heat yet? Dunno about you folks, but down here the humidity soaks into your clothes and leaves a sticky sweaty residue wherever you turn - and don't the bugs just love it! Meanwhile, I'm poring over hydrology maps, teasing out lab studies, and looking for traces of arsenic in the water and traces of cancer in the people.
    But anyway - reach into this sticky, toxic mess and you'll dip your hands into a treasure of tunes. This month, I feature some of the righteous girls that Everett True has been championing lately on Collapse Board, like The Tuts and Girlpool; the smooth-as-butter combo of Mos Def and Marvin Gaye, orchestrated by Amerigo Gazaway; the countryside Eno jams of Colin Robinson's Jumble Hole Clough; and various other names that you may or may not recognize.
    Also, the always colourful David Tantamount plays some nifty numbers just for us. YAY!

    Mark Cunliffe:
    No session this month. One hopes you'll find loads of cool ish though ... maybe in the guise of virtuoso female kora player Sona Jobarteh? Perc gets remixed not once but twice and there's some seriously smooth stuff from Silverman. Matteo Maienza is giving plenty in the piano department and Kigo is doing his best on the shoegaze score. Ghouqueu is back with his own unique style and Skeewiff is doing what he does best.

    Mark Whitby:
    A slightly shorter show from me this month, but one that isn't short on quality tunes. There's the first session for the show from the amazing Diane Marie Kloba and also a featured album in the form of a cracking calypso compilation from the Soul Jazz label.
    We also pack in as many great new and recent releases as possible, Russia's Bong Rips and Hungary's Piresian Beach rubbing shoulders with the likes of Heavy Mental, Lee Negin, Ba'ad Trip, Officer! and Dead Fader.
    Plus there's also a glimpse of the forthcoming album from the excellent Flies on You, due sometime in September.

    A packed three hour show this month, no sessions, but new tracks from Flowers; Tyrannosaurus Dead; Secret Shine; Alvvays; Peru; Northern Spies; Gold-Bears; Burnt Palms; Colour Me Wednesday; Martha; dora maar; Shonen Knife; Buzzcocks; Ace Bushy Striptease; Comet Gain; and The Hundredth Anniversary.
    If it's July it must be Indietracks! There are featured tracks from several of the acts playing at the end of this month at the Midland Railway Centre in Derbyshire, including Thee Ahs; The Popguns; The Proper Ornaments; and Linda Guilala.
    There's a couple of tracks from 'Between Two Waves - The Second Wave', the new compilation of collaborations on Eardrums Pop: Ivor McGyver is a Scottish supergroup featuring The Spook School and The Just Joans; While Guards! Guards! is a Pratchett-inspired Anglo-Swedish collaboration between Monster Bobby and Lisa Bouvier.
    Ye Nuns cover The Monks (of course!) on their new album for Brighton-based label Tuff Enuff; while, also in Brighton, Fear of Men celebrate their European tour with a French version of their recent single; and LA superstars Heathers pay tribute to them.
    There's also a bunch of new electronica, including Dixon's remix of Joy Wellboy, and Kolsch's remix of Andhim. Hiatus' new track features his dad reciting Persian poetry, while Stephan Bodzin works his magic on Super Flu.
    This month's Peel's Big 45 is the very first release on his own Dandelion Records label, from 1969, while this month's Educating Elizabeth 7" is a 1968 classic from recently deceased and very much missed soul superstar Bobby Womack.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Northern Spies (Stockholm-based Swede Astrid Wiezell's band) are named after an American variety of apple.

    Sean Hocking:
    Welcome back to another Ring Of Fire featuring something different from around the world. Plenty of new and underground Asia based sounds in this month's show. We've got a Hong Kong pop duo giving us a sublime Canto Pop cover of Kraftwerk's "The Model" - now out on Metal Postcard Records and available via Bandcamp as well as experimental electronics from Beijing based Noise Arcade and some great re-edits from Shanghai's Horses coming soon on a 12" and available via the Metal Postcard Bandcamp (http://metalpostcard.bandcamp.com).
    From New York via Sierra Leone the wonderful Janka Nabay and his Bubu Gang. Loads of great new rhythms coming from African artists at the moment.
    On the quieter side of things we've got our perennial favourite Swoop Swoop from Perth and from the UK thanks to a recommendation by Matthew Edwards the beautifully crafted "Slow Down" by Crayola Lecturn who we think is currently based in Brighton. Last but not least something you'll be hearing more of from us ... underground house producer from Sydney, Hot Cock!
  • Dandelion Radio - June 2014

    Mag 31 2014, 13:47

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's 2-hour June show features a grand total of 27 tracks, old and new, including choice selections from: Burial; The Horrors; Dead Fader; Dena; Tourist; Tourist remixing CHVRCHES; Wolf Alice; The Horn The Hunt; Eno & Hyde; and Dimitri Veimar. You'll also hear Dad's Discs and Scott's Funky Five Minutes.

    Jeff Grainger:
    As the World Cup beckons June's Show is a true global affair, featuring acts from all over the shop ... Costa Rica (Los Waldners), Australia (Scrabbled), Venezuela/Canaries (Violeta Vil), Thailand (The Petch Phin Thong Band), Mali (Mamelon), England (No Ditching) and America (er..America).
    This month's featured album(s) are from Stillsuit & Filthy Skint's sensational long players plus there's a couple of tracks from Kill Pretty who, along with Factory Acts, will be blowing the roof off The Bank Top Tavern on Saturday 28th June (See Dandelion Radio News/Events page).
    Talking of 'The Last Saturday' there's a real humdinger of an exclusive! 2 Koi Karp's magnificent performance at April's gig, supporting ILL, is broadcast in full!

    Kevin Robinson:
    June provides us with plenty of weird new sounds from the likes of Tobacco, Ninos Du Brasil and Kyoka, plus there are new electronic turns from Powell, Bass Clef and an abrasive take on grime from Sd Laika.
    Also in this month's programme there's some vigorous Putin-bashing from Furfriend, some wonderfully percussive work from mid-70's Sierra Leone by Muyei Power, an incredible single from Ghanaian musician GUY ONE, plus Untold supply the best track on the exemplary new Bleep compilation. Elsewhere, The Soft Pink Truth cruise camp absurdity by forcing a sticky tryst between rave and black metal, we play out one of the greatest tracks from the incredible body of work left behind by the late Footwork innovator DJ Rashad, there are tracks from the new Not waving and Sculpture albums, as well as re-issues from Ranking Dread and Unwound.
    In fact there are golden oldies in abundance this month with west coast early punk from Crime, a recently unearthed album fromThe Upsetters, an eerie re-issue from Dat Oven, an early demo from the Inspiral Carpets and a Peel punk favourite by Mary Monday & the Bitches.

    Lee Adcock:
    So it's June time, kids, and I s'pose you're all plotting what festivals to camp out at (if you haven't already flown off to Spain for Primavera). But me, I'm making the most of life in an artist's home in Athens, and as long as I can stave off the ant invaders that steal in via THE DOOR TO THE VOID, life is good.
    This month, we're joined by ace Floridian DJ Kathleen Elise, who has a bundle of wicked tunes under her sleeve. On my end, I've got the scoop on those rainbow-masked madmen Chimney Crow (yes, Chimney Crow is a band - that's the name of their 100% original debut LP, by the by); the new Bastards of Fate LP is here, and its madness knows no bounds; a novel single from Father Murphy, in three parts; crazy band names like Druggy Pizza and Evasive Backflip; chill beat aficionados Millie & Andrea and Mo Kolours, and - hey, who invited Bourbon Somersault The Third? Keep him away from the kids!
    Finally, a toast to Sleaford Mods, who shall no doubt dominate the UK island nation.

    Mark Whitby:
    Two bites of me this month. My regular show has a fine new session from Benjamin Shaw, plus the best of a teetering pile of new stuff that keeps toppling over next to me. Contained within the pile are recent and new releases from the likes of Good Throb, Acid Mothers Temple, Gardland and the first album in ages from Defrag, with a demo cassette from Beekeepers precariously situated on top.
    Not in the pile, cos they're downloads, are another cracking band from Hungary, Venomtapes, Poland's Kordian Trudny and three tracks from a new compilation of Macedonian female artists. There's something from the remarkable Hag Face, with one of my favourite album releases of the year, another from Borneo's Jet Airess, singles from the likes of Baston and Holy Doldrums and some manic surf culled from an EP by Druggy Pizza. And the culturally distinguished among you might be interested to know that the show contains something from both William Burroughs and David Lynch. And look out for my other show in the Dandelion schedule which, in this World Cup month, features a whole load of the best footie-related music.
    A second dose of me this month celebrates the World Cup with two hours of the best football-related music. As you'd expect, we feature acknowledge masters of the genre like Half Man Half Biscuit, Barmy Army and Frank Sidebottom, alongside other notable bands who dipped their toes into football-infested waters only briefly, among them Helen Love, Standard Fare and Future of the Left.
    You'll also hear Attila the Stockbroker putting the boot into Chelsea, a tender homage to a footballing Jehovah's Witness from Billy Bragg and perhaps the finest of all recent footie-themed tunes from Lonely Tourist, whose celebration of the career of Paul Tierney finds the Man. United youth player who didn't make the grade now lining up within a stellar team of footbaling subjects also comprising Charlie George, Pat Nevin, Eric Cantona, Zinedine Zidane and, er, Robbie Savage.
    I should mention that it would be very difficult to assemble a show like this without the sterling work carried out on regular basis by www.footballandmusic.co.uk, still one of the most consistently fascinating websites around.

    Another three hour show packed with new music, including a joint session from The Wendy Darlings and One happy island.
    There's new tracks from Martha; Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores; Shonen Knife; Randolph's Leap; Buzzcocks; Ace Bushy Striptease; Comet Gain; Chain and the Gang; Flowers and The Charlie Tipper Experiment.
    Plus a handful of new electronic tracks, an Educating Elizabeth 7" from 1970, and a Peel's Big 45 on his own Dandelion Records label.

    Sean Hocking:
    Another three hours from me this month and lots of great music.
    We've got Pope John Paul and some acid celebrating the prophet called Jesus..We've got music from that other prophet, John Dwyer, and the latest from his band Thee Oh Sees and his equally amazing label, Castleface Records.
    The POW album on Castleface is one of the best two new things i've heard in the past month . The other being the wonderfully named Shacklock Meth Party from New Zealand who's raw take on psych is really exciting. And yes you will be seeing them on Metal Postcard sooner rather than later.
    From China this month we feature Beijing based Djang San. Hong Kong based singer songwriter Cyrus Chow and also from HK the Punks with their home recorded demos.
    Other artists on the show include Madison Wisconsin based Trin Tran who sounds like he walked off a very early Fad Gadget recording and we remember Nash The Slash who died last month and we couldn't not play his version of 19th Nervous Breakdown, best version ever in my book.
    Lots of other music too but we'll let you do some of the discovery yourself.
  • Dandelion Radio - May 2014

    Apr 29 2014, 6:56

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's May show includes new music from Epic45, Dena, Breton, The Horn The Hunt, Tying Tiffany, Meridian Dan, Dimitri Veimar and The Acid. Scott's contributes a Funky Five Minutes from Johnny Cash; Barry Morrison introduces Bob Dylan as his Dad's Discs; there's an Andy's Old Chestnut from The Beat Club; and you'll hear loads more great tracks.

    Jeff Grainger:
    Jeff's second show on the bounce for 2014 has brand new tracks and first time outings from The Vacant Lots, Sd Laika & Anthroprophh, Cholera, Crywank and English Heretic.
    Also making their debut in the show are MiSTO POLTSA who are playing live with this month's featured LP starlets Warm Widow (See News/Events page). There's a blast from the past with Booker T (without the MG's) and we get to hear the sessions recorded by White Mary and ILL in their entirety - NOT TO BE MISSED!

    Kevin Robinson:
    Our programme for May contains three hours of mostly new music including tracks lifted from the new albums by the dual-drumming AK/DK, New York's Habibi and Andy Stott and Demdike Stare's collaboration as Millie & Andrea. There's also wistful dream pop from Tiny Ruins and folk supergroup Bastard Mountain and some more acerbic sounds from Good Throb, Art Trip and the Static Sound and a feral 25-second blast of Girl Band.
    From the pile of new electronic releases we've selected the mighty Venetian Snares, Klara Lewis, Djrum plus a new Acid Arab edit of a Pulse 8 track you may be familiar with. There are also recent dub excursions from Rafter, Alpha and Omega and Doctor Zygote, plus vintage reggae from The Revolutionaries and Capleton.

    Lee Adcock:

    Oh, hai. Ya caught me in a trance. That Angel Guts: Red Classroom LP is on my shortlist for best album of the year - if not the sexiest LP to also induce cold sweats at night and acute paranoia when crossing the street (dead serious, kids). So no fewer than three juicy Xiu Xiu cuts this month. What else? Lots of jangle for your buck with Chorusgirl, Cosines, and Luxembourg Signal; astonishing reissues of Family Fodder, Selda, and Woo; classical arrangements from Filmloom and C O L L E C T R E S S; genius sound engineers like Dissolved, The Fucked Up Beat, and Whizz Kid; and, oh yeah, that Future Islands thing. Plus, more wicked cuts from Athens, a sample of a sampler from most rad Scottish label Song, By Toad, and the best damn ZZ Top cover conceived thus far (from a dude who could dissect any song he pleases, Residents-style). Also, Sean Hocking sent an excellent Metal Postcard teaser down the wire, and I couldn’t help but nick a few cuts from it.

    And yes - the supreme Jack Hayter recorded a four-song special (i lied in the recording) just for this show. Prepare for happiness.

    Mark Cunliffe:
    It's May and there's lots to pack into this months three hours of musical melting pot.
    Monolord is levitating Cleopatra while Chong X is licking a rocket of a lolly. Biscuit Mouth has tumbled into Wayne Sleep while Addison Groove has done a checkout that would leave Phil "The Power" Taylor reeling. Evian Christ may well be making the beast with two backs with a certain Billy while Lorelle Meets The Obsolete are shooting Mr Samuel.
    There's a featured album, it's the magnificent new one from Nottingham's Sleaford Mods and there's a wonderful session from the equally Notts, MuHa.

    Mark Whitby:
    May arrives with a loud bang, partly courtesy of a live set from the fantastic Red Elektra 69, accompanied by some fine dollops of noise by Lumpy & The Dumpers,
    Wordboot, nnevteiga and The Beverleys plus, from down Hungary way, excellent punk offerings from Berkut and Diskobra.
    The month also brings fine new releases from the likes of Tobacco, Volga and Fatima Al Qadiri: we preview something from all of those and offer a peak of the forthcoming album from The Sinatra Test, release date as yet unknown. There's something from a new album on the very fine Bearsuit label, from Whizz Kid, a glimpse of the new EP by Borneo's Jet Airess and a brilliant new release from The Fucked Up Beat while, in the Peel Back... corner we revisit a gem from Helen & The Horns and cast our minds back forty years for a reminder of the wonderful Be-Bop Deluxe.

    Rocker's May 2014 show is a cracker - 3 hours packed with new music including a new debut session from Los Angeles band Heathers, as well as a featured album from France's The Wendy Darlings, and a plethora of forthcoming releases from the likes of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Flowers, Martha, Chain and the Gang and Comet Gain.
    There are also new tracks from Thee Ahs; Perkie; Perfect Pussy; Beau; Silver Dapple; Hallie & The Annies; Varsity; Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores; Cosines; Trick Mammoth; and Randolph's Leap.
    One of the Wendy Darlings tracks from the featured LP is a Pastels cover, and last month's featured LP stars, The Nightingales, also crop up with a cover.
    There's electronica from Hannes Rasmus; Dauwd; Petar Dundov & Gregor Tresher; and The Pachanga Boys.
    This month's Peel's Big 45 is a country 7-inch from 1964, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a classic Stax instrumental from the same year.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Hallie and The Annies are named after the separated twins in the 1998 movie The Parent Trap. (Unlike Heathers, who are named after the 1988 movie of the same name).

    Sean Hocking:
    Summer is almost here and for those of you heading to Glastonbury next month do check out Richard Norris playing some great old techno and acid. He's recently launched a group on Facebook called Filthy Basement Bangers where I've been hearing some great old 12"s I'd totally forgotten about, some of which I've dropped into the show.
    The Delhi and Mumbai music scenes appear to be growing apace. Regular listeners will know that Metal Postcard are soon to release a single by the wonderful Vinyl records from Delhi via Assam. Our latest discovery are The Lightyears Explode who just sit out the norm of the standard pop punk / hardcore you might usually hear from the region, hopefully they'll hook you like they did me.
    From China we've got a couple of tracks off the forthcoming single by Gui Gui Sui Sui, new Beijing based electronic act, Noise Arcade and two impossibly long song titles by Pairs off their latest download album.
    That's it from me this month. Thanks for listening and as always I'd love to hear from listeners. Feedback is always appreciated.
    All the best Sean
  • Dandelion Radio - April 2014

    Mar 31 2014, 8:17

    This month we have our first show from our latest recruit - Lee Adcock.

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's 2-hour April show includes new music from I Break Horses, Epic45, Breton, Hockeysmith, Tying Tiffany, Dimitri Veimar, Dum Dum Girls, Dena and Jungle, along with guest spots from Andy's dad and Scott.

    Jeff Grainger:
    An April show brief as it is brill and packed to the rafters with loads of new tunes. Alright Lover make their Dandelion Radio debut as do Outside Your House & The East Cackalacky Ascetic Marching Death Band to name three. Paul McGladdery makes a welcome return as do Sleaford Mods.
    Speaking of 'welcome returns' April has no less than two session artists; White Mary and ILL who, incidentally, will be performing live at The Bank Top Tavern in Oldham on Saturday 26th of April (See News/Events page).

    Kevin Robinson:
    There's an incredible number of extraordinary electronic releases in the bag this month and we successfully manage to cram tracks from the new albums by Wen, Nochexxx and Torn Hawk into our three hours, alongside brand new material from producers Gantz, Lakker and Karen Gwyer.

    Also in this month's programme there's vintage roots reggae from Trinity, jump blues from Professor Longhair, some recently unearthed New Zealand post-punk from Shoes This High, some early jungle from Marvellous Cain lifted from the Suburban Base anthology, some Satanic rock by Inside from the Darkscorch Canticles collection, and a very unique Bob Dylan cover from the Musicians Of The Nile. We've also got some more recent dubby sounds from Subactive and a new Sleng Teng update from Mungo's Hi-Fi.

    Lee Adcock:
    Hi! I'm a chick, I'm from Athens, USA, and I'm the new kid around the block!
    Since you may not have heard of me before (though you will, trust me), I'm gonna blow your mind with the music that's been blowing my mind as a novice music critic-type and even more amateur-ish DJ-type. Come and meet the best and the brightest locals from Athens, the Aussie band that should have been as big as the Breeders, and mischievous new misfits from all over the globe like Mowbird, Thrill Collins, and North Dakota. We've got electronic wizards like Dementio13 and Michael West Valentine, the ever serene Watoo Watoo and A/T/O/S, and that smelly amoebic horror in the corner that calls itself Smarty. Hope ya don't mind that today's darkest hope in pop music is on board, as well - she don't step down lightly. (Hint - not Lorde.)
    Oh. And I thought about busting out some Sleaford Mods, but I got a nastier surprise for ya instead. Brace yourself.

    Mark Cunliffe:
    I've gone funk crazy this month! There's been loads of good funk from past and present floating around recently and some is definitely getting aired in this month's show :-)
    As well as the funk, Stuart Estell has his Morris Dancing sticks at the ready and Funky Mama rate his moves. Stormski is feeling a bit insecure while dr rockit is doing a right royal relaxation. DeafMind & Lil Clark have taken a Bosch TDA2657 steam iron to a Shure SN58 for some reason but Whyel & Breaux want to take it back to Curry's.
    There's a really superb session recorded in a cinema no less and the session is by Grawlix.

    Mark Whitby:
    April's show features a highly anticipated session mix from the extraordinary Qualchan alongside a whole raft of new releases from the likes of Bully Mammoth, Mark Wynn, nnevteiga and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart.
    We've also got a preview of the new single from ANT and a new EP from T.O.Y.S.; Eric Copeland, Laurence Made Me Cry and The Smiths all find themselves thoroughly and delightfully remixed and, as is often the case these days, Eastern Europe finds itself heavily represented, with tunes from much-loved Hungarians PFA and derTANZ, the much heralded new EP from Russia's Midget Ninjas plus Zhe Pechorin from Serbia, Ukraine's Zapaska and Bulgaria's Kosta Kostov. The western half finds itself represented too, with a scorching release from Switzerland's Jaro Milko & the Cubalkanics and another taste of the recently issued album from France's Piano Chat.
    The show hosts a welcome return to a couple of favourites we've been rudely neglecting of late - J.CNNR and Just Like Ammy, while Peel Back... raids the contents of my recent birthday presents to bring you two legendary Peel Session tracks from the seventies. Plus, of course, much much more.

    Another packed three hour show this month includes a new session from Hazel Winter and her band, and a featured album from The Nightingales.
    There are also new tracks from Perfect Pussy; The Pains of Being Pure At Heart; Varsity; Linda Guilala; TacocaT; Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores; Expert Alterations; The Leaking Machine; Thee Ahs; Grubs; Trick Mammoth; secret beach; No Ditching; Personal Best, and Beau.
    There's another Nxt Gen stormer, and The Council Tax Band also get political. There are a bunch of tracks influenced by The Wedding Present - Fireworks cover a track they have been known to play; The Flatmates cover a Cinerama song; while The Jet Age play a TWP-inspired song from their current LP.
    There's electronica from Marc Marzenit; Laurent Garnier; Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda; and DrumTalk.
    This month's Educating Elizabeth record is an instrumental take on possibly the most famous Northern Soul track of all, while this month's Peel's Big 45 is a B-side, on John Peel's own Dandelion Record label from 1972.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: John Peel's Dandelion Record label never released a hit record, despite almost signing Roxy Music, and despite releasing records by two acts only months before each went on to have top ten singles, Medicine Head and Clifford T Ward. Perhaps the label's nearest miss was Australian band Python Lee Jackson's 'In A Broken Dream', which featured Rod Stewart on vocals, and was recorded in 1968 for the label, but never came out on Dandelion. Legend has it that Peel paid his friend Rod a set of new car seat covers as his session fee. It went on to see chart action in 1972 when issued by Young Blood in the wake of Stewart & The Faces' success.

    Sean Hocking:
    Hi all, I'm back again for another dose of Ring of Fire. Lots of unreleased goodies in this show. I've got new electronic singer songwriter Ali Muhareb from Portland (OR) who does the job for me ... he doesn't really remind me of anyone, which I always find a great sign and his song "walkin" has been on my phone playlist for a good month now and gets more than one daily rinse.
    Talking of songwriters we've got two new songs from Perth based Louis Inglis and comrade in arms, Swoop Swoop who's song Angie Hart references the lead singer of Australian band "Frente!". We've also got great music from the king of DIY .. R. Stevie Moore and a live recording of his cover of the Beatles, I Want You .. She's So Heavy which has bowled me over. Via White Fang's Gnar Tapes label I have also come across the wonderful Lemons from Chicago who are the first band I've heard in a long time that really capture the innocence of Boyce & Hart's songs for the Monkees ... fabulous ... give me more lemony bubblegum please.
    ROC fans keep an ear to the ground there's a gig at the Windmill coming up in May, digital re-releases of all their early singles on Little Star and a re-issue by Metal Postcard of their debut on vinyl with original sleeve art.
    Hope you enjoy the show and we'll be back next month.