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Apr 28 2011, 12:31

Andrew Morrison:
Andy has two shows in May’s schedule. In his 2-hour regular show, he proudly presents the 'Lord Numb Love-In' in his 2-hour May show, with three sessions for the price of two (sort of) including two exclusively-recorded tunes each from Lord Numb, his close associate Spidersleg, and The Reject Club - the name under which both Spidersleg and Lord Numb work together. There's loads of other great music including Harry's Gym, Niki & the Dove, Laura Cantrell, Pete Miles, Trembling Blue Stars, PJ Harvey, Alpines, Team Ghost, Samuraj Cities and Morrissey, plus a fine selection of new and unsigned bands. A classic rave anthem appears as Andy's Old Chestnut; Teresa introduces a Tasty Tip; Scott's supplies a Funky Five Minutes; and there's another exciting competition to win a bumper bundle of CDs!

His second show in May is Andy’s Archives, featuring music released ten or more years ago, selected at random from his comprehensive record collection. Listen in for tunes from Arab Strap, Lush, Low, Banco De Gaia, Spiritualized and many more.

Greg Healey:
Cake, cats, birds and dogs. Such is the unmistakable theme running through this month's compact, hour long show. With idiosyncratic and wonderful tracks from birdsong artists Lafi, Supertalented and A.K.A. Gelbart, and other superb net label offerings from Entertainment for the Braindead, Cake on Cake and La Rainbow Toy Orchestra, this show is certainly short but sweet. There are also exclusive sneaky peaky previews of material from forthcoming releases by Myheadisaballoon and The Horn The Hunt. That plus a track from the stable of that ever excellent label, De Stijl Records, in the shape of the new release from Wet Hair. Look out also for tracks from the dark sleazy electro populists Das Fluff, Dutch barn stormers Labasheeda and the folk songstress Dads Daughter.

Jeff Grainger:
Scattered aimlessly amid Jeff's 3 hour May Show is a truly sensational session from Warm Widow, recorded live and exclusively for this very show. In case that wasn't quite enough for you there's also new tracks from Eat lights; Become lights, Disrupt, Beau and the Arrows, Ghost Note II, tUnE-yArDs, Explosions in the Sky, Koreless, Moon Duo & Cottam. Plus a few older picks from Map Of Africa, The Action, Gabrielle's Wish & Sohail Rana. With some unreleased gems from Shookz & Calvin Party and musings from Alfie Grainger. It's what Warm Widow themselves would describe as a "Cracker" (bit of an in joke there)

'Experiments of experiments'
Marcelle's show is plagued with technical difficulties, making it an more experimental and surprising than the one that she already had in mind: on occasions music and voice switch stereo channels in the best Lee Perry-tradition! And there's more good news: Marcelle brought back from touring a whole heap of new vinyl, for example an extremely wicked Vienna dub/weirdness album, some amazing post-punk re-released on the Mississippi label, a couple of new Hyperdub 12"s, new music on 'her' German Klangbad label, featuring a new 'supergroup' comprising of members from amongst others To Rococo Rot, Can and Faust, leftfield hiphop, a new footwork 12", sound experiments manufactured in the Czech Republic and also ones done in Scotland, noise experiments from New York, her favourite 'muslim' and a Japanese compilation track featuring, eh, German mumblings. With so many treats in store you almost seem to forget to spot the unintended sound effects; they are all part of the fun!

Mark Cunliffe:
Has everyone got over the excitement of the Royal Wedding? I'm very proud of my Willy-Middle commemorative toilet brush and can daydream about the happy event every time I have to push a floater down the U-bend ...
So, what have I got lined up for you this month? Sleaford Mods IS BACK! The foul mouthed Lincolnite is back with more hard hitting harshness.....be warned! @tomes Crochus is dealing with the unluckiest clown alive or is the clown just down because he's met ID & Skinnz? As well as Mr Sleaford, Burial's back!....and in a solo fashion, he has polished his Halo to boost its street value above the price of an Aerobie.... AGF & Craig Armstrong are pissin' about with pens, the little scribblers and viley might want to borrow my souvenir bog brush? GaBLé are wowing us with a featured album and Eat lights; Become lights took out a new V8 Trabant for a spin and are rightly impressed. Ok, I'm off to clean my dunny with my collectors item :-)

Mark Whitby:
May's show features a session from one of my favourite bands of the moment, the incredible Sugarbrute, as well as a whole bunch of new releases including tracks from new albums by Battles, Ed Askew and Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones plus new singles from Earthling Society and The Lucid Dream.
We preview forthcoming releases from JD Meatyard, The Outdoor Types and The Sinatra Test, and there's much to please those who've been joining me in grooving to the considerable delights of Dissolved, Big Block 454, Zoomonk and Earth Girl Helen Brown.
Also, we say a grateful hello to the likes of Fear of Men and Alexa Woodward while Peeling back and sniffing a couple of vintage session gems from the rather more seasoned charms of Buzzcocks and The Wedding Present.

Matt Jones:
In this months excitement Matt gets a bit commercial on your indier than thou ass and crams in fantastic new releases from Black Chow, Kode9, Gang Gang Dance, Shackleton, Tim Hecker, Egyptrixx and yes, he does play the Burial track, but it's fu**ing brilliant so he doesn't care how many times you've already heard it. In fact it's nearly as good as the classic Le Tigre record actually worthy of the word 'classic' or the astonishing funkiness that is Shina Williams or even the high drama, Nick Drake heard through a haze of glorious refracted painful memory that is DM Stith. There is loads more (like for example, 1970s surf music from Pakistan), this little synopsis is but the tip o' the iceberg - why not just listen eh?

Paul Ackroyd:
In this month's Kamikaze show for Dandelion ... new album tracks from Merzbow, Tim Hecker, Falty DL, and Hype Williams, new singles from The Deeep, Arthur Boto Conley’s Music Workshop, Boddika, and Burial, and classic tunes from Stereolab, J Dilla, Niney, and U Roy. On top of all of that, you can hear tunes from Florian Hecker, Braiden, Henry Thomas and Clara Rockmore, plus a few pieces from an astounding new record called Historische Aufnahmen, a collection of very old electronic recordings, including the sound of a pygmy hunting ritual from the 1930s. Seriously strange stuff ...

Pete Jackson:
In the UK, May this year is full of Bank Holidays - what better time for pottering about fixing things, as Purling Hiss does with a track from the new Moon Duo album, while The Time And Space Machine tinkers with a Lucid Dream classic. We can also spend time in the garage with The Ultimatemost High, on the beach with The Surfites or looking up at Explosions in the Sky. Why not spend an hour doing all of this with Pete this month?

This month's three hour show is a Record Store Day 2011 special, featuring tracks from exclusive releases by Girlfriends; Television; Vivian Girls; Talulah Gosh; Clinic; The Maytals; The Wave Pictures; Buck Owens; and The Velvet Underground.
There are also two featured LPs - The new one from Brooklyn's Crystal Stilts and the debut from Factory Star, the new band featuring the not inconsiderable talents of former Fall and Blue Orchids member Martin Bramah.
We also find time for new tracks from Amida; The Wendy Darlings; Burial; Cosmo; The Whatevers; Flash to Bang Time; Bordeauxxx; Eureka California; and Kitty, Daisy and Lewis.
One Fathom Down cover a rock'n'roll classic from 1951; while Liechtenstein cover a 1952 song which reached number one on both sides of the Atlantic. Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy get the remix treatment from Dominik Eulberg, while Guy J takes on Spooky. There's also electronica from Fabric; Burial; tassilo and Gutcha & Korostyle.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a 1963 release from Eddie & Ernie, which also serves as this month's Educating Elizabeth record.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: The chart success in the early 1950s of saccharin inoffensive middle of the road pop songs such as "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window" has been cited as one of the major factors in the emergence of Rock'n'roll as the music of choice for the non-conformist first generation of teenagers.

Sean Hocking:
It¹s May and welcome back to increasingly hot and muggy Hong Kong. Tropical Torpor is settling in for the summer. We start this show with a song that relates a rite of passage in Hong Kong . A drinking session in Wanchai that always ends up in the aptly named from Dusk To Dawn amongst the Philippino working girls, aircraft crews and lonely bankers.
We also feature our favourite HK youngsters Laura Palmer. As well electro cabaret types from Tokyo, Trippple Nippples, Unfamiliar Friends Party from Taiwan and we stretch the concept of Asia Pacific by including Perth newcomer Louis Inglis.
Finally don¹t miss our thai 70¹s/80¹s disco special; Ras-Pu-Tin being my personal favourite. Thanks for listening and hope you can tune in again in June.

Ste McCabe:
In May I celebrate two fine queer releases - the new EP from Glasgow's amazing "feminist ninjas" Scragfight and Manchester's finest hip-pop rappers Hug Party. The new single from indiepop stars Help Stamp Out Loneliness is given a spin as well as more from underground favourites Das Wanderlust. Of course there's plenty more from the DIY pop underground than that, so come and listen chucks!
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