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Giu 29 2010, 2:31

Andrew Morrison:
Andy's bumper three-hour July show has two exclusive session guests: Block 45 (his second for the show) and Canadian electronic act Spiral Into The Storm. There's loads of new music, including Team Ghost; Ghost Society; These New Puritans, Before you die...; Lightspeed Champion; Document 3; and some excellent Italian punk from His Electro Blue Voice. The Twilight Sad are press-ganged into The Orchestra Hit Liberation Front when previous session guests Errors pounce on them with their remixing toolkit. In a cheeky cameo, the starship Enterprise crew co-host the show, and The Joy Formidable inspires an appearance from champion whistler Ronnie Ronalde. July's New Order jukebox rewinds 20 years to Italia '90, Scott selects another Funky Five Minutes and there's also an Arab Strap tune from their 1998 John Peel session.

Greg Healey:
In celebration of the 2010 World Cup July’s show is a show of two halves. The second half of the show is a celebration of all things off the map.
This includes a survey of the releases of the ground breaking American record label, and home of important and intriguing reissues, De Stijl. Here you will have to chance to win two tasty pieces of De Stijl vinyl in a competition.
In this second half you will also hear the results of an invitation project involving members of the Apskaft group of artists. Apskaftians were invited the submit new three minute tracks on the theme “Pop Music”; the results of this are both challenging, fascinating and diverse.
The first half of the show, rather than being the cautious stand off we have become used to from the current world cup, is instead an exiting collection of contradictory and diverse music. We have superb exclusive live sessions from both Jash and The Playground Mafia. Plus a new track from 2nd mouse and music from Gordon and Gunn.
So much music that I inevitably ran out of time.
Thanks again to The Playground Mafia, Jash, De Stijl and the Apskaftians.

All over the place

Marrakesh, Buenos Aires, Sardinia, Madagasikara and the western Sahara are some of the exotic places Marcelle pays a visit to in this month's show.
As always the Dutch deejay explores unknown territories in her show. And guess what: the guitar frenzy of Group Doueh and Troupe Majidi sound far more interesting and challenging than the whole of the current UK indie guitar scene put together.
There is more weirdness from New York (Eric Copeland, High Places). However, Jackdaw With Crowbar, The Rebel, Benga and Lianne Hall show there are still musical forces in the UK to be reckoned with.
From the main land of Europe comes new music from Berlin/Vienna (Cluster), Berlin (Ellen Allien), Brussels (DJ Elephant Power), Paris (Sa Bat' Machines) and Amsterdam (Zea).
Marcelle goes in her radio show all over the place, like she does when travelling as a live deejay: she has just recorded a new vinyl mix album ... on the banks of the river Donau.

Mark Cunliffe:
With the sounds of the world cup stadia coming at us like 40000 people having all had a curry with onion stuffing on the side the day before you'll find my July show a vuvuzela free zone.
But what can you expect?
Warrior One has given Jimmy Cliff one hundred lines and D-Code & Chan 1 have headed to the 'specialist' end of the Sky channels. Ruth Bellamy is glad ... about what? My show not sounding like a 40000 strong collective fart?
Reverend Deadeye has a bone to pick with Jesus ... did they dine together at KFC? We have Vice La Vice doing the limbo and Archie Bronson Outfit on a hoola tip. There is a really fab session from Gideon Conn and a featured mash up album with Mos Def all over it called Mos Dub. I'd Mos Appreciate you 'avin' a listen :-)

Mark Whitby:
The backlash against summer starts here. Not only does a track from 93MillionMilesFromTheSun take us into some appealing icy environs, we've got a track from The Declining Winter and no less than three tracks about those decidely noctural creatures, owls.
We have some stimulating tracks of Antipodean origin, where it really is winter, including a new album from show favourite The Peach Tree and a southern hemisphere tour single from Wooden Shjips.
If all this leaves you feeling unseasonably chilly, there's a fine exclusive session from Extradition Order to warm your cockles and tracks from new albums by WOOM, The Men and Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones, among others, plus self-released gems courtesy of Hehfu, Colleen Green and Floyd The Phenomenal Cat Trophy and a whole load of dub and electronic adventures from the Beatservice, Rockers' Revenge, Enough and Deep Dark & Dirty labels.
Enough to disrupt even the most idyllic picnic, I'd say.

Matt Jones:
Another paltry one hour show from the boy Jones who is busier than a busy bee on a busy bus. Happily, what the show lacks in duration, it more than makes up for in density as brand new top tunes tumble forth from the likes of Demdike Stare, Orxata Sound System, Marianne Dissard, jambassa and Tarran the Tailor.

Pete Jackson:
Pete Jackson returns for a summer fun special, with an acoustic session from Glasgow janglers Strawberry Whiplash, new sounds from Holy Fuck, The Teknoist, The Time And Space Machine and The Night Beats, covers and remixes aplenty as J Spaceman takes on Fuck Buttons, Captain Polaroid has a bash at Pavementand Wooden Shjips offer to see LCD Soundsystem outside at closing time. We also take our neighbour for a joyride to see the candy-coloured clown they call the Sandman by way of tribute to the towering genius of Dennis Hopper.

Rachael Neiman:
In the July 'Rachael Neiman Experience' we present our annual 'Indie Tracks' special and play tracks from a number of the amazing bands playing at the festival including Standard Fair, Boy Genius, Allo Darlin', Primitives, Love Is All and many more.

Three hours of new music! This month's show features many of the records I brought back to Blighty after my recent trip to the USA, as well as tracks from many of the bands playing at the Indietracks Festival on 23rd to 25th of this month.
There are new tracks from The Westfield Mining Disaster; The Pains of Being Pure At Heart; Bonne Idée; The Blanche Hudson Weekend; Veronica Falls; Apple Orchard; Dream Diary; Standard Fare; Zipper; Hearts!Attack; Gold-Bears; and The Babies; as well as a plethora of tracks from new albums, including those by One happy island; The Vaselines; Neverever; Tender Trap; Allo Darlin'; The Lodger; Cats On Fire; Teenage Fanclub; and The Television Personalities.
The TVPs are also covered by The Hi-Life Companion, while Hyperbubble take on The Lovely Eggs. Knight School cover fellow Brooklynites Crystal Stilts, and there's also a transatlantic collaboration between Crystal Stilts themselves and Comet Gain. dan le sac Vs. Scroobius Pip are remixed by Akira The Don vs Joey2Tits.
There's new electronica from James Holden; Applescal; and Para One. There's dubstep from Benga; this month's Peel's Big 45 is from 2002, in red, white and black; while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a 7" from LITTLE FLINT.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Dandelion is an anglicisation of the French "Dent de lion" or "Lion's tooth". Grrrrrr.
(ed: however, it is called Pis-en-Lit in France ... because of a diuretic effect - look it up!)
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