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Mar 1 2009, 12:47

Andrew Morrison:
Andy's March show features an exclusive session from his hot new US discovery Raw Milk, and the first ever play of tracks from the forthcoming second album by Samuraj Cities. There's further new music from Eliza, The Race, Errors and Bloc Party, along with unsigned music from Galchen, The War Crimes, Lassus, Small Engine Repair and The Spinoza State. Scott's Funky Five Minutes has a cinematic theme, and Andy's Old Chestnut is a Middle Eastern-influenced gem from 1988. Listen in for all this and more!

Jeff Grainger:
A full voiced Mr Grainger presents March's two hour show with the usual subtlety and aplomb that only he, dear listener, is convinced his shows contain. However, the Record label End of the Road does provide three fantastic examples of its catalogue. There are tracks from the newly released album's of Polly Scattergood and Amadou & Mariam, shoegazing Japanese style from Kervey Heithel, delicious Deep House from Phlash & Friends. Plus tracks by DJ Blackfoot, Passion Pit, Small Engine Repair & Vegan Abortion.
Wolfram Wire provides this show with an exclusive session - well half of one anyway. As for the first time on Dandelion Radio, a session is to be split over two shows in the same month. You will be able to hear the second part on Mark Whitby's Show elsewhere in this month's schedule. Speaking of sessions Machine Boy's excellent exclusive from last year gets another whirl. And finally - Finally!! Oldham's Dandelion Radio Night's recieves a well earned promotion from Thursday to Saturday Nights. Starting 16th May @ The Castle Union St (see News/Events Page) And as a cunning plug; two of the acts on the bill (Hotpant's Romance and Town Bike) get air play. Town Bike also presents us with this months Featured LP with their fantastic 'Go! Fight! Win!
Just in case you thought this wasn't enough, top myspace find - [url=http://www.myspace.com/www.myspace.com/alisiacasper[/url nofollow=yes]Alisia Casper - opens her Dandelion Radio account.

Katherine Godfrey:
This month Katherine was a victim of crime. Some evil laptop thief is now enjoying all the tracks from February's show. Hope they had the decency to listen in. But with a shiny new machine and plenty of fresh music there are definitely no crimes against music in March's show. (Oh dear, what a line).
Helping you bounce your way through the month like a newborn lamb will be choice bass lines from Kutz, Emalkay, and N TYPE. First Aid Kit, Mike Bones, and Mark Durgan are perfect for days spent lying out on a meadow, or a particularly grassy roundabout, whichever's closest. If you're feeling more intrepid, you can explore the jungle beats of Rainbow Arabia.

That most intriguing of all instruments: the car horn

After championing in her previous shows the luxurious sounds of medieval instruments, crying and farting babies and pissing rats, in her current show Marcelle puts the spotlight on the rhythmic force that is the car horn.
Amazingly the car horn features prominently both on a second hand African record and a new dance album on the Tigerbass label Marcelle got in the space of only half an hour! The revered club deejay also plays a wonderful dubstep record with a classic and emotional sample: the spoken introduction to the 1979 Misty In Roots live album - which was also used on the order of service of John Peel's funeral.
Less special but none the less very worth playing is the Johnny Osbourne sample in a German drum 'n' bass track. Aardvarck goes for a Upsetters reworking and a Scotsman gets into financial trouble in a Barcelona pub. There's wonderful black hip hop poetry, turntablism form Belgium and a thirteen year old spiritual singer. Marcelle even 'plays' a book on this month's show, courtesy of a Sonic Youth exhibition.
The Look Back Bore Records of 'this' month (March 1979) feature a 7" on an upcoming Liverpool label and a first 12" and LP by two bands which went to even greater things. Marcelle has always been cutting out reviews and articles and putting them in the record sleeves. About this LP she reads in a Sounds review, dated 24th March 1979: 'primal rock and roll at it strangest best'.
Marcelle's March 2009 show comes with a 77% vinyl guarantee.

Mark Cunliffe:
As we move into March spring feelings are erupting everywhere. With this new sense of enthusiasm comes enhanced energy and vigour. Fights outside Chonkers bar in Derby's South side have almost trebled since January which is the clearest indication yet, spring is happily springing......

So, what can we expect from Mr Cunliffe this month? There's a jumbled up plane in the offing. He's taken the risk of having both Wiley AND Durrty Goodz on the show but he's DEFINITELY NOT taking them to Chonkers! Tony Rebel's thinking about sticking a magnet on his electric meter. Mark gets a taste of Balkan....Milan?!? from Figil di Madre Ignota. Zomby has been short changed on his beverage and there is some Perfect reggae. He has a band that thinks they're a HORSE? There's a Suicide and it's alcohol related. Brotherman bigs up all mothers, that's not just the Derby punk band but ALL of them. Finally, Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit MIGHT be advertising Viagra....but probably not.....

Mark Whitby:
Mark Whitby's restless travelling of the globe leaves him even more breathless than usual in March - and that's after receiving the new Town Bike album from just down the road (for him at least) in Liverpool.
From Germany, wolfram wire fly in with a split session (find the other half in Jeff Grainger's fine show). Faunts fry up some mellow Canadian bacon in the kitchen while Fever Ray and First Aid Kit provide a Swedish sonic massage (steady) in the conservatory; Japanese legends Mono showcase a track from their new album in the porch, and Hungarian industrialists Waste Disposal Machine and Bashed Nursling, scrape off the rest of the pig's behind in what sounds like a back shed converted into an abbatoir.
Elsewhere, you'll find fab new tracks from Whitby faves like Kittens Ablaze, Over the Wall and Electromagnetic Impulses and something reassuringly loud from seasoned noisemakers The Hunches and endometrium cuntplow

Matt Jones:
The basic version of this month would be 'a show of songs and a bit of talking'. A fancier one could sound like 'two hours of electric light, orchestrated in a most aurally pleasing manner' - You'll have to listen to see which description is most apt. Either way, there is new releases galore, from the brilliant Dalek, the lovely Pier and the really rather special improvisational genius of Children of the Drone amongst others. It's always a great pleasure to bring to the airwaves material from the Jahtari Records stable and this month showcases as yet unreleased tunes from Soom T and Mungo's HiFi as well as new material from Disrupt - Reggae and the Commodore 64 were never so well matched ...
Elsewhere, there is a first airing of the brilliant Lancaster band One Chip Potato, an exclusive track from Dubit and not least, some music by the world's best band ever... Who's that? Listen and all will be revealed ...

Pete Jackson:
Pete's March show has as many different flavours of Rock as there are seaside resorts in North Lincolnshire (about three, then) - garage from The Federals, doomy epic from Boulder Damn, psychedelic from The Lucid Dream and -abilly from The Hyperjax and The Cramps, to mark the passing of the genius that was Lux Interior.
If all that axe-spanking fills you with the fear, then don't worry, there's still loads of bleepy, beaty noisiness from the likes of Frederic De Carvalho,The Upbeats and Lord Numb to take the edge off.

Rachael Neiman:
In the March 'Rachael Neiman Experience' we have some gorgeous shiny new indiepop from The Wendy Darlings, Brontosaurus Chorus, My Sad Captains and The Fox and the Bramble, some super Norwichcore from chickedy and mcguffin, Uh Ohs, Cold Front and The Kabeedies, a track from the magnificent new album by pop perfectionists Town Bike and the first radio play ever for a brand new track by Ste McCabe.
Elsewhere we preview two upcoming festivals, Manchester's I Bike festival and the Breeders curated All Tomorrow’s Parties, and play a couple of the bands playing at each.

As usual a three-hour show with loads of new music from such acts as The Wendy Darlings; Girls; Jay Electronica; My Teenage Stride; Sad Day For Puppets; Saint Sweetheart; Christy & Emily; and Modern Grates.
This month there's a plethora of tracks from forthcoming and current LPs, including those by Town Bike; Camera Obscura; Knight School; MJ Hibbett & The Validators; The Hartmans; Comet Gain; Downdime; Butcher Boy; and Booker T Jones - yes that's right, he will shortly be releasing his first solo LP for over 20 years! There's also an 18-minute track from current Krautrock faves S/T.
Following the recent sad death of Lux Interior, there's a vintage track by The Cramps. There's also dubstep from Herd; Mount Kimbie; and Sound Safari - plus electronica from Aymen & Niko Ivanes; and Marc Romboy; while Azzido De Bass vs Smallboy are let loose on The Brighton Port Authority featuring a vocal by Emmy the Great.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is produced & arranged by Lee Scratch Perry, while this month's Educating Elizabeth disc is straight out of The Guinness Book Of Records - but NOT The Guinness Book Of Hit Singles - yet!
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: "The original poem 'Too Many Teardrops' was set to music by ? and the Mysterions as '69 Tears'. The band soon realised that a song of this name would never receive any radio play, so the title was changed to '96 Tears', becoming a US number one record in 1966".
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  • Morgopolo

    Thanks so much for featuring Town Bike! We do appreciate it. xo

    Mar 2 2009, 1:19
  • thewendys

    Thank you Rachael and Rocker for playing the Wendy Darlings! Thats's great! We are going to check the other bands you recommended!

    Mar 2 2009, 14:07
  • pennyeach

    All hail Andy Mo and remember April 10 sees the release of 'Treatise' the War Crimes third release on the Shifty Disco label. 'Treatise' is a state of the nation address and unabashed two finger salute in the direction of Gordon Brown. Very now or at least should be. sample lyric, "Sons are bred to consume so's to rob them blind of their youth". Yes lyrics, no-one else bothers these days I know but what the hell.

    Mar 3 2009, 18:03
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