10 Best Female & Male Vocalists (Update 2 - Forgive Me )


Set 19 2008, 19:39

The guys:

1. James LaBrie (Dream Theater, Mullmuzzler, Ayreon, Winter Rose, James LaBrie)

2. Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth, Ayreon)

3. Billy Joel (Billy Joel)

4. Ben Folds (Ben Folds, Ben Folds Five)

5. Morten Veland (Sirenia, Tristania)

6. Joshua Levi Ian Gentzke (Lux Interna)

7. Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot, Sinergy, Northern Kings, Delain)

8. Neil Diamond (Neil Diamond)

9. Alexander Frank Spreng - a.k.a. Asp (ASP)

10. Tommy Shaw (Styx)

Honorable mentions (no particular order): B.J. Thomas, Bob Seger, Dave Gahan, Ian Anderson, Robert Plant, James Hetfield, Dennis DeYoung.

The girls:

1. Miki Berenyi (Lush)

2. Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering, Agua de Annique, Ayreon)

3. Sabine Dünser - may she RIP (Elis, Erben der Schöpfung)

4. Marjan Welman (Elister, Ayreon, Autumn)

5. Floor Jansen (After Forever, Ayreon)

6. Morgan Kibby (The Romanovs)

7. Helen Trevillion (Helen Trevillion)

8. Heather Findlay (Mostly Autumn, Odin Dragonfly, Ayreon)

9. Lisa Kelly

10. Anette Olzon (Nightwish, Alyson Avenue)

Honorable mentions (no particular order): Rachael Sage (who was sadly neglected previously and, while I like her more for songwriting than singing still deserves to be here), Aria Tesolin, Vibeke Stene, Kari Rueslåtten, Tori Amos, Jenn Manganiello (Tearwave), Sharon den Adel, Jessicka, Lana Lane, Ingrid Michaelson, Vanessa Carlton, Jessica Heine, Grace Slick, Kethelin Cocchi (Keys Of The Light), Jessica Thierjung (Lyriel), Siouxsie, Molly Pasutti (window to the next world), Greta Salpeter (The Hush Sound), Sandra Schleret, Johanna DePierre, Simone Simmons, Katherine Blake, Tarja Turunen - who, while tremendously overrated, can be great given the right material.

Comment if you want...or not, but thanks for reading that anyways.


  • Animal_1966

    Rubbish list

    Set 19 2008, 22:14
  • GrantRS

    Honourable mentions for Arjen Anthony Lucassen and James Hetfield? Arjen's a great composer/writer/visionary, but vocalist?...Not so great. Hetfield's greatest strength is multi-tasking his difficult rhythm guitar playing with vocals simultaneously. He's hardly a great singer. LaBrie is a much better singer than some of those you gave honourable mentions to, but I've got to name two people I would absolutely have to place above him in my own list: Bruce Dickinson and Jorn Lande. (Both of whom, coincidentally, have also sung for Ayreon along with half of your lists. Though I notice nearly all your Ayreon connected singers sang on the same album, did you not listen to or not like the other albums?) After those two I haven't decided who comes next, though I have a list as long as my arm of people I'd place above half your list. Still, it's opinion isn't it?

    Set 19 2008, 23:39
  • Dan-EternalW

    I actually like Arjen's singing, really...though I know most people don't. But maybe he's not really worthy of an honorable mention - I don't know, most of the others are certainly better. Hetfield isn't spectacular, but I think he succeeds in making something that works for the band, which gets him some respect. And by succeeds...ahem...I mean succeeds on the GOOD albums. I'm not a Bruce Dickinson fan, Jorn almost made honorable mention because from what I've heard he's great - I'm just really not familiar with much of his work beyond Ayreon. I have heard all of the Ayreon albums, and enjoy all of them - though The Human Equation is my favorite. No one is on there solely, or even primarily, for Ayreon though (well, except maybe Arjen - but he's also got the two solo albums) - it's really based on their work with other bands more than anything, the only one who is really helped by being in Ayreon is Marjan - who I probably wouldn't have heard otherwise. And this is, of course, all just my opinion.

    Set 20 2008, 0:20
  • Dan-EternalW

    You don't think Morten should be so high? Granted, I was never impressed much with his vocal contributions to Tristania while he was in the bad - though the songs were great, but I think some of the stuff he did with Sirenia - especially on AEFE - is quite stunning. Of course, to place him above Tommy Shaw and Neil Diamond is probably pushing it, but...I do think he's a good singer.

    Set 20 2008, 2:39
  • Comfort_Eagle

    oh, morten is quiet good, his voice is impressive, otherwise it wouldn't matter that he left tristania...but you clearly can hear the difference

    Set 20 2008, 5:24
  • Comfort_Eagle

    and i agree that james hetfield isn't really worth mentioning^^ but good that someone thinks about good old ian anderson^^

    Set 20 2008, 5:27
  • armorxforxsheep

    This list was fine. And then I saw Anette.

    Set 20 2008, 16:47
  • Dan-EternalW

    Oh hush you, to each their own. If anything Aria doesn't belong, simply because there are better sopranos, but I do love her voice very much - and she gets credit for being able to do it so young. @Comfort_Eagle: I'm still leaving him, but I do see your point - he's really "just another" metal vocalist in a lot of ways, at least now. And how could I not remember Ian, granted he's lost so much of his voice now, but in the old days he did some great vocal parts. Even now he still puts on a good show...

    Set 20 2008, 17:53
  • EternalDemise

    I thought armorxforsheepx got into Nightwish because of DDP... ?

    Set 21 2008, 0:34
  • Fulvian

    This list was bad, until I saw Anette

    Set 21 2008, 5:44
  • JimKnopf-

    ian anderson <3 funny to see this guy live

    Set 21 2008, 9:10
  • Comfort_Eagle

    lol now the anette fight git to your journal^^

    Set 21 2008, 9:20
  • TmBmbadl

    Good list, nice to see LaBrie here, the guy gets bashed a lot but his voice is good, and is one of the reasons why I like Dream Theater.

    Set 21 2008, 14:13
  • WinterWanderer

    The lists are hit/miss thoroughout. Maybe 5 really good one's.

    Set 24 2008, 21:41
  • macychick

    Where is Rachael Sage?

    Set 25 2008, 17:47
  • Dan-EternalW

    ...umm, oops...

    Set 26 2008, 0:02
  • Incubo1986

    hey good, but still think that Dave Gahan should be on the list

    Set 27 2008, 3:02
  • SteeleDream

    Peter Steele and Glenn Danzig are missing!

    Set 30 2008, 23:45
  • theHill16

    Jenny Lewis

    Dic 5 2008, 14:17
  • toddriverz

    Labrie... no!!

    Dic 11 2008, 18:36
  • Lulusayshi

    I'm so glad you put Anette on the list, I think she's great, I never liked Nightwish until she joined.

    Apr 27 2010, 1:29
  • Tripmetal

    What's this fucking thing about Neil Diamond.He was considered a MOR / easy listening artist (Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck) back in the '70's with a slightly forced raunchy voice (not a singer-songwriter as such) - where did his credibility with the younger audience come from ?????

    Nov 23 2010, 20:32
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