What does €48 and 10 minutes on the web buy?


Giu 24 2006, 23:55

Some kick ass music from DVS Records:

Field of Names

A Different Point of You

Chaoswave- The White Noise Within


This is the one I actually went looking to buy. Then Alias Eye caught my eye, and the samples were great. Then I read the description for Chaoswave as "influenced by Nevermore" and gave those samples a listen.

I had to stop there, or my credit card would have taken a serious beating!

Damn DVS for providing descriptions, reviews and samples! It gets people to actually buy CDs!!

P.S. That's $61.60 US as of 2006/6/24 @ 2200GMT for us Yanks.


  • Ajaxhunter

    I listened to some of the chaoswave...good stuff

    Giu 25 2006, 1:12
  • Grogs

    I've listened to some Chaoswave, not bad.

    Giu 26 2006, 4:39
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