• And the shit hits the fan, as the staff expected I'm sure...

    Lug 18 2008, 16:47

    After browsing around the more personal pages than I can count where people are bitching endlessly about the new last.fm look, I can't help but shake my head at people who I originally thought were more intelligent then this... and laugh at how futile some of their efforts are at trying to change it by making groups and the like.

    Look, the only way anything is going to change is if you use the feedback forum to discuss real, valuable suggestions to the staff for them to read and think about. You honestly think that the staff members will go about and look at each and every one of your pointless "i hate the new last.fm!!!111!" posts and groups and think "hm, maybe the old one was better..."? Think again. Any staff of any website knows that immediately after a website gets changed, people who were content with the old design and feel will feel disgusted at first. That isn't going to change things, especially if you're not paying a penny for your service.

    I hate to say it, but standard users disagreeing or quitting on mass isn't going to make them go back on this design after all the money they invested into it. If subscribers quit on mass, where they get quite a bit of income (even if it's only $3 a month per person) then they may reconsider, but only if it proves to be truly unprofitable... as is the case with any business. And as far as I see, I haven't seen too many subscribers, (excluding me) complaining about the changes... after all, we do get more benefits then before (playing our own playlists is the major one).

    I'm in support of the change, but again, not completely happy with it, as changes need to be made, and seriously, it's ONLY BEEN UP FOR A FEW DAYS. Designs are NEVER final! You have a problem, do like I said earlier and talk about it in the feedback forum that was created by the staff to see where they need improvements instead of making all your pointless hate groups towards the staff, it's not productive for you, or for them, since all the complaints they get in the one forum is the same stuff you're endlessly complaining about in your groups...

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