What's the best movie ever?


Mag 24 2011, 3:56

I know that there are many good movies, but I know that you guys have one special in mind. So, tell me your favorite movie. My favorite is ... Tell me yours and I tell you mine!!!


  • maxcg29

    A movie that I like so much is 'Gladiator'. He fight by what he believe in the life challeging everything and everybody. I think a good message of courage and the dreams that can become true together with a little of action and fight.

    Mag 24 2011, 4:11
  • DJSMusicfactory

    There are many movies to mention, but Spiderman2.1 is my fav one."With great powers comes great responsibility" ...I love it!!! :-)

    Mag 24 2011, 5:12
  • lexi29

    i have to agree there are so many good movies but my all time fav though has to be top gun

    Mag 25 2011, 11:59
  • LordMcParty

    Who let the dog?

    Giu 2 2011, 10:26
  • alfadora

    I love a lot of movies, but the one that comes to mind at the moment is Ghost I liked Whoopi Goldberg in that movie I thought see played a great part.

    Giu 5 2011, 9:05
  • duranies

    Impossible question to answer but "The Godfather" (the first one), "The Game", "Star Wars: A New Hope", Eternal Sunshine In A Spotless Mind", "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Dirty, Rotten, Scoundel", "The Wedding Singer", "Back To The Future (the first one)", The Breakfast Club" and "Aliens" is probably my top 10 list :)

    Lug 5 2011, 21:58
  • coanta

    Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs!

    Mar 5 2012, 8:04
  • EslamAbosaed

    For The History It's 'The Godfather' ..

    Mag 29 2012, 4:38
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