• Motorhead at Best Buy Theatre

    Mar 2 2011, 7:41

    Mon 28 Feb – Motörhead, Clutch, Valient Thorr

    Lemmy is indestructible. It was good seeing him and the band in good shape. There was also surprise (to me at least) appearance of Doro Pesch, of whom I only remember hearing last time in 1980s. Good times. One of the opening bands - Clutch - was unexpectedly good. I've never heard of them before, but was impressed by their very solid performance and will definitely research their music.

    The sound quality on Motorhead was really bad. When they started playing, it sounded like static noise amplified a thousand times. Judging by reactions of people around me, I wasn't alone in that perception. It wasn't possible to tell which song the band played or hear any words. I squeezed into the pit and was right near the center of the stage for rest of the show, but the sound wasn't any better down there. I'd think that was the venue's fault, but Clutch here sounded much clearer.

    I go to many heavy metal shows and rarely is that a problem. This, however was my first time seeing Motorhead live and also first time in Best Buy theatre, and I'd be curious to hear from people who heard Motorhead elsewhere.