Similar Artist Radio vs. Custom Tag Artist Radios


Lug 6 2011, 20:43

The music artists and myself are creating Custom Artist Tag Radios and then getting their fans to listen to those, instead of the not very similar, Similar Artist Radios on their music profiles. It does take alot of work and more than one person must use the same tag, in order to make it a Global tag and streamable within the website.

If you click one of these custom artist titled tags and stream that instead of Similar Artist Radio buttons, this will actually propagate the correct similar artists to the music artists profiles. This is mainly a priority for new music artists and not very well known yet.

I have a few more to create and wait for them to go global, which can take up to two weeks on LastFM, ugh! However, the artists are liking this creative work around, because it does work fairly well. I thought of doing it several months back and have been spreading the word around.

If you're a musician and think your Similar Artists on your LFM music profile are completely wrong, send me a PM and we will create a custom artist tag radio to fix that =)

What you need to do?

First, you want to tag your own artist page with the title of your band/artist and then tag each individual track with exactly the same tag. An example would be tag on the band Metallica. You will want to tag your artist and every one of your tracks with genre tags - as many as are appropriate and possible. So a band named Metallica would be tagged everywhere possible with <--(Insert your band name here), , , and , at the very least.

Next, you will need to decide what other music artists, you feel are very similar to your artist. Go to their profile page and tag them with <--(Insert your band name here), , , and , at the very least. You should do this to at least 3 of these music artists tracks that are available for streaming on LastFM and also do this on/at the very least, 30 other similar music artists in total. This will give your new Artist Title Tag around 90 streamable tracks in it, plus all of yours you have available.

Third, you must find at least one other person, who can tag every single one of these same artists and their streamable tracks with <--(Insert your band name here), , , and , at the very least.

Finally, you can wait one to two weeks for this your new Artist Title Tag to go Global and be playable as a radio through the LastFM web page, Flash radio. However, you can play this immediately, if you install the LastFM Scrobbler Desktop Client and play tags directly through that from your desktop.

The more you, your friends and fans play this Artist Title Tag Radio, the faster your Similar Artists Radio will fill in with the music artists you really want to be there. This will also aid in adding your music artist to those other artists Similar artist radios and over time, this will get your music artist more and more royalty streams on radios at LastFM.

Here are some examples, that will take you to playable custom built Artist Title Tag Radio pages, which include some very nice artist stats as well:

Please click on these name tags and browse around ;-)

@ Lastfm (industrial, electronic rock, piano rock),

@ Lastfm (gothic metal, metal)

@ Lastfm (gothic, darkwave)

@ Lastfm (rapcore, crossover)

@ Lastfm (folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter)

@ Lastfm (techno, electronic)

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  • rwitte

    This is especially important for artists that are just starting out because the variance on small statistics is large...and consequently the algorithms will perform badly. Once an artist is getting sufficiently many listeners (say 3000+?) you should stop thinking of 'anomalies' in your 'similar artists' as being artefacts, and start asking yourself what your audience is telling you.

    Lug 10 2011, 17:34
  • CrybKeeper

    Excellent addition rwitte ;-) and very true. This is simply a great way to jump start a new music artists page.

    Lug 15 2011, 12:57
  • headey

    ! I see george ellias already has 4k uses! I think it would be good to keep the no of bands down to a few dozen? Maybe even having a separate tag for each track so you didn't get that old lfm problem of repeats. A lot more work though.

    Lug 24 2011, 17:41
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