Answers To Life's Questions


Feb 4 2010, 4:01

Go to your media player and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song titles as your answers. NO CHEATING!

#1 - How am I feeling today?
Song:Sweet Tooth
Comments:"My sins of excess prove to me that I exist" Something along those lines,yes

#2 - Will I get far in life?:
Song: Two Winters Only
Artist: My Dying Bride
Comments: Ok,this one was way too explicit,yet not a good answer at all xD "The pain I think, should go on forever, for always but no, not mine, not now, my life now begins" I like to think it that way anyway.

#3 - How do my friends see me?:
Song: Display to Me...
Artist: Napalm Death
Comments: "Domesticate me Into your ideal creation,Fondle me when in need of attention,Brutalise me as a target for your aggression"??

#4 - Where will I get married?:
Song: Bloodshed
Artist: Amon Amarth
Comments: "Midgard's cold and hatred reigns"..In Midgard?xD Or,being the band from Switzerland,maybe there?

#5 - What is my best friend's theme song?:
Song: Love Bites
Artist: Nevermore
Comments: ok,I seriously doubt this one!

#6 - What is the story of my life?:
Song: Bewitched
Artist: Candlemass
Comments: Hmm...

#7 - What was high school like?:
Song: Crawl
Artist: Chimaira
Comments: Not at all

#8 - How can I get ahead in life?:
Song: A Perpetual Need
Artist: Crowbar
Comments: "Letting it go,Promised myself this time I've got to hold my head up" Maybe ignoring the crap and just keep forward?

#9 - What is the best thing about me?:
Song: Atomic Coming
Artist: Darkthrone
Comments: ::grasps:: I won't comment this one

#10 - What is today going to be like?:
Song: Under the weight of my stone
Artist: Deadsoul Tribe
Comments: "Before you know,tomorrow is a memory gone by" Awesome..

#11 - What is in store for this weekend?:
Song: Memento
Artist: Eluveitie
Comments: Well,it's an awesome song but an instrumental..A lot of wind,loads of folk and bagpipes?Sounds like my last weekend,if so,awesome!:D

#12 - What song will they play at my funeral?:
Song: Land of Confusion
Artist: In Flames
Comments: "Now did you read the news today/They say the danger's gone away/But I can see the fire's still alight/Burning burning, into the night"

#13 - How does the world see me?:
Song: Shooting Star
Artist: Iced Earth
Comments: "Don't you know that you are a shooting star and all the world will love you just as long as you are a shooting star" O..k...

#14 - Will I have a happy life?:
Song: The One
Artist: Annihilator
Comments: "I try to put myself to sleep but I miss the one I love,I miss the one I love" Damn,I hate the sound of that!

#15 - Do people secretly lust after me?:
Song: People are people
Artist: A Perfect Circle
Comments: "You should hate me" Quite explicit..

#16 - How can I make myself happy?:
Song: Dead Beat
Artist: Converge
Comments: "Pick your poison as dead beats do/Leave a wake in the hearts that hurt you(...)Wound them"..By headbanging till death,the song tells it all!

#17 - What should I do with my life?:
Song: Silent Wars
Artist: Arch Enemy
Comments: "We believe in nothing" Guess I shall keep it as it has been so far..

#18 - Will I ever have children?:
Song: And the Swallows Dance Above The Sun
Artist: Porcupine Tree
Comments:"I'm sitting in the concrete,I'm listening for a heartbeat" Yeah,I don't get the answer either..

#19 - What is some good advice for me?:
Song: Final Product
Artist: Nevermore
Comments: "I've told that all your seas are black,I've learned the question is unanswered and opaque"Good boy,no advices for me!

#20 - How will I be remembered?:
Song: Let them burn
Artist: Kataklysm
Comments: "Fuck them all, kill them all... LET THEM BURN..." As a bitter,misanthrope pyromaniac,period.

#21 - What is my signature dancing song?:
Song: Shadow Sun
Artist: Moonspell
Comments: ..?

#22 - What is my current theme song?:
Song: Soror Sui Excedium
Artist: Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows
Comments: Quite a depressing song..Not THAT depressed currently.

#23 - What does everyone else think my current theme song is?:
Song: Teutates
Artist: Omnia
Comments: Well,a pagan folk band..Lots of folkish traditional instruments..I'm quite into folk lately.Got the song wrong(although Omnia is AWESOME!) but the genre is definetly right!

#24 - What type of men/women do you like?:
Song: Calling the Rain
Artist: Eluveitie
Comments:Lol!..Ok,Chrigel does it perfectly,I'll take him!(Someone in love with the rain as much as I am it's also quite perfect)


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