here i go


Apr 18 2010, 16:15

this is the first entry in a whole while, and i must say a lot has changed.
i am producing my own music, and putting together my own mix tapes ... right now, i am going through old mix tapes recorded and am loving this shit, i have put together tunes i have never heard out together before, and with the programs now, damn, pretty good. i must say , i have to say i know how to throw a party... i just need the right sound system to throw this shit in full swing, everything is great when your chest is pushed in by mega bass. I have a partner who is building music on a whole 'nother level and scheme then i... and that is most refreshing... i think this can really get off the ground...its just a matter of passion and even more passion pursuit... got to make this happen or i have to go to school for real, and fuck that shit.. it is hard enough to find someone who listens to the same music, let alone someone who wants and lives to build upon that, i am going to take this and ride it...making some paper, doing what I love to do most. spread music and make others happy..what else is there....???? really, tell me........serato can suck my dick hard, but it would be sweet.... vinyl is major weight , and to stop that is money well spent...and i can say i am a true master of spreading music even in my own way, i tunes--------no torq... and my mind blazing is all i really need, no longer doing parties by vinyl and a notebook.. now i have something a little more concrete.........and i still am better than 80% of djs out there.. i hunt and play to well... next birthday party watch out, your legs might just hurt extra good the next day...


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