Long Music Survey


Ott 23 2008, 3:54

Taken from styla84's profile after GunsNRoses13 told me about it

List 10 musical artists that you like:

1. Alter Bridge
2. Rush
3. Smashing Pumpkins
4. R.E.M.
5. Dream Theater
6. Oasis
7. The Mayfield Four
8. InMe
9. Shinedown
10. Pantera

What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
Don't Look Back in Anger

What is your favourite album of 8?
Daydream Anonymous

What is your favorite lyric of 5?
"Why do I feel so numb
Is it something to do with where I come from
Should this be fight or flight
I don't know why I'm constantly reeling

Helpless hysteria
A false sense of urgency
Trapped in my phobia
Possessed by anxiety

Try to hide
Overwhelmed by this complex delirium"
Panic Attack

What are your three favorite songs by 7?
1. Mars Hotel
2. Suckerpunch
3. Believe

What are your favorite three songs by 2?
1. La Villa Strangiato
2. Limelight
3. Afterimage

What are your three favorite songs by 9?
1. I Dare You
2. The Crow & The Butterfly
3. 45

What is your favorite album by 1?
One Day Remains

How did you get into 4?
I found out that Orange Crush was going to appear on Rock Band, I then went to Youtube, checked the song out & I immediately fell in love with the band

What are your three favorite songs by 3?
1. 1979
2. Tonight, Tonight
3. Appels + Oranjes

What is a good memory concerning 2?
A good memory concerning them is that I will always know that musically, they are the best band ever

Is there a song by 8 that makes you emotional?
Turbulence, That song really tugs at my heart

What are your three favorite songs of 1?
1. Open Your Eyes
2. Down To My Last
3. Find The Real

As a final note, what is your favorite song of the 10 artist?


1. Of all the bands & artists in your collection, which one do you have the most of?
Rush, I have all of their studio albums, & 3 of their live albums

2. What was the last song you listened to?
Blood Is Thicker Than Water

3. What's in your CD player right now?
None, I gave away my CD player

4. What is your favourite instrument?
Guitar, when a solo is played it makes me feel alive

5. Who's your favorite local band?
None, there aren't any bands that come from near me that I like

6. What was the last concert you attended?
R.E.M. at Twickenham Stadium on August 30th this year. Although later TODAY I will be seeing Oasis in Cardiff

7. What was the greatest concert you've ever been to?
The R.E.M. gig I mentioned above, although the Alter Bridge gig I'm going to in November will probably take this

8. What's the worst band you've ever seen in concert?
None, I've enjoyed EVERY band I've seen, that's why I pay to see them... because I like the bands

9. What band do you love musically but hate the members of?
I like the members of EVERY band I like

10. What is the most musically involved you have ever been?
I have sang vocals live with my brother & his band

11. What show are you looking forward to?
The Oasis gig later today & the Alter Bridge gig in November

12. What is your favourite band shirt?
My Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgeist European Tour Shirt

13. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge, my music idol & the best rock vocalist alive

14. What musician would you like to be in love with you for a day?
Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, the only woman of music I find attractive

15. What was your last musical "phase" before you wizened up?
Listening to music I like is my only & current phase of music I'm in

16. Sabbath or solo Ozzy?
Black Sabbath are influential for Rock, but Ozzy is better on his own

17. Did you know that filling out this survey makes you a music geek?

18. What was the greatest decade for music?
Has to be 1970's, Most of the best music came from that

19. What is your favourite movie soundtrack?
The Punisher

20. What would you be without music?


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