Apr 9 2007, 6:36

This is just a random list of albums I think are absolute masterpieces. I wouldn't list it if I haven't already listened to it the album TONS of times or know that I will be over time, and truly felt it was worthy of such a title. Some will reflect on my charts and some won't because hasn't existed my entire lifetime. :P

And if you see something on here you feel belongs, feel free to make a suggestion; I most certainly haven't heard every album in the world. :D

Thirteenth Step Anybody that argues this is clearly demented and/or desensitized.
Jagged Little Pill Pure classic.
MTV Unplugged I listened to this album non-stop for months. The performance was also the first music DVD I bought.
Audioslave Tone down the funk a couple notches and replace it with Cornell's scathing lyrics and you have an incredible piece of art.
Greatest Hits I don't have all of her CDs yet, but of the ones I do have, I still enjoy this one the most from start-to-finish.
Deja Entendu I can't tell how you this CD consumed me.
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me The soundtrack to this past winter for me. This album will stand the test of time.
We Are Not Alone Again, one of the few albums that I just never seem to tire of.
The Fiancée This JUST came out and the production, the lyrics, the unique blend of hardcore, punk, and random old timer glimpses make this CD something I'll constantly be amazed over.
Point #1 The thick atmosphere, attitude, and passion found on this record is impossible to duplicate.
Human Clay Love 'em or hate 'em, this album sold over 10,000,000 copies, and was one of the last albums ever to have to done that. This doesn't make it a masterpiece; excellent songwriting, musicianship, and tone make it a masterpiece.
Vegas I still remember the day somebody gave me a burned copy of this...I hadn't even really heard (of?) any techno music before this record, and now, years later, it's still the best. (I did buy it a short time after hearing it :P)
O Do I even need to say anything?
Free At Last This Grammy-winning record (before Grammy's became awards for sales) was a radical breakthrough in the Christian music industry, shattering the mindsets of ultra-conservatives everywhere; the absolute freedom displayed on this album changed Christian music---and my interest in music---forever. Every song catchy with a GREAT sense of humor throughout, this album rescued me from the drab hatred of Christian music I was beginning to develop....and, in turn....
Jesus Freak's my opinion that bands like Norma Jean and Underoath would still be decades away from accepted by the Christian community if it weren't for Jesus Freak. Bold, unforgiving, and relentlessly honest, this record sums the Christian life. Not a single track is filler, everything meant to be there, even the poem at the end of the CD. It's a beautiful album, and you'll probably never find another Christian record as honest, as open, and as glorifying as this one. Ever.
Adrenaline Wow.
White Pony Doesn't get much better.
Saturday Night Wrist I couldn't pick a favorite Deftones album, but I can definitely tell you this is one of the best.
Endtroducing..... The pioneer of an abused genre, DJ Shadow brought even a wannabe metalhead like myself into the world of instrumental hip-hop. I'm still amazed that this record is over 10 years old.
Demon Days Very few bands are ever 110% completely art; not only in their very creation, but all the way to their very ending...Gorillaz astonishes me in every senses of the word. Pure genious.
Speak for Yourself I'm a new fan... 7 years to make this record; probably one of the only CDs I own that I think would have been worth it if I had to wait.
Clarity This album is amazing. Definitely one of the 10 cds I'd want with me if I were stuck on LOST.
Hot Fuss They'll never top it.
Mezzanine If you've heard it, you know it.
Live at Stubb's Only Killswitch Engage and Matisyahu have live recordings that top studio albums, in my experience. Live At Stubb's is flawless.
S&M Haha, and Metallica. *oops*
Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child Probably my favorite record of the decade. Most Likely.
Satellite The energy doesn't quit. God's influence on this band throughout the writing of this record shows throught the album's entirety. Most Christians bands cannot evoke that seem feeling of energy and awe throughout an entire CD.
Tranceport The only other trance/techno album that has stood the test of time with me. I cannot bare to listen to it unless it is from start to finish.
Vs. One of the only albums I've been listening to for over a decade and still find totally absorbing and moving. All their other works are totally overshadowed by this.
Dummy The world of (good) trip-hop is...well, after several attempts of trying to find something fitting, it is simply indescribably.
Drawing Black Lines Another one of the few albums that has stood the test of time with me. Would you believe this record sold over 100,000 copies with virtually no support from their label?
Truthless Heroes After being royally screwed by Atlantic, P86 went on to record a masterpiece of a concept album dedicated to the music industry: corporate and consumer alike. Though it's their least accessible (in my opinion), the statemens made more than validate this record's importantace to me as a musician.
...And the Rest Will Follow "We once drew some lines in black and now it's time we take them back"
Songs for the Deaf Another amazing concept album about today's industry that rocks your socks off.
Clearing the Channel I'm starting to sound like a broken record without meaning to. The album's title says it all about the main theme, though a few songs do discuss other topics. But this album's remarkable melancholy throughout strikes a heartstring so tender that you can't help but feel in sync with this band.
Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses Even agress that this is a metal masterpiece that leavs you thiking only the band that wrote it could top it.
Fush Yu Mang Way better and still good.
Astro Lounge A lot of people, myself included, frown on bands that produce one of this instanty likeable hits that was just made for the radio. This band wrote an entire album of stuff that could've been on the radio...I wore this album out big time.
Third Eye Blind The greatest record of the 90s, imo.
Blue As fun as it feels, the title is so subtle that it would take many listens to hear that every song on this album is totally depressing. And utterly enjoyable.
Full Collapse Though I ahaven't listened to it in quite awhile, this album is truly remkarable.
Ænima No need to say anything.
Lateralus " "
Cries of the Past The guitars and keys in this album will never cease to amaze me.
The Changing of Times I love the style of this CD.
Visual Audio Sensory Theater I will never know how Jon Crosby ever got the idea for his style of songwriting, but however it started, the music I hear is the definition of creative.
Elephant Jack White is a genious, plain and simple.
The Funeral of God Many thanks to my good friend Tim for getting me into Zao. Though it's not my favorite album by them, it is probabaly their best effort, a blistering, uncompromising look at the world should God leave or die. It's a metal album that, minus the first two songs, does not feel metal at's a very strange listen after awhile, and I've yet to figure out how they did it..


  • Impreza22B

    I definitely agree with Lateralus, Mezzanine, Dummy, Deftones, and Alice. All great stuff. Lateralus and Mezzanine would be in my top 10 albums of all time (if I had already made that list, which I haven't).

    Apr 11 2007, 4:11
  • CovinS

    Yeah, beautiful stuff.

    Apr 11 2007, 4:33
  • acertainpain

    Totally agree with The Killers' Hot Fuss. It's a great album, their current one didn't really blow me away. The only song I REALLY like on Sam's Town is Read My Mind.

    Apr 29 2007, 0:35
  • CovinS

    Thanks. It really is a good's not my favorite style anymore, but it's still a great piece of work.

    Apr 30 2007, 19:33
  • machinations

    good to see that someone else digs Point #1 as much as I do when I was first introduced to Chevelle it was through hits like [i]The Red[/i] and [i]Send the Pain Below[/i]...I didn't stumble upon Point #1 till after I was familiar with their newer hits and I've got to say there's just something about Point #1 and its grainy guitar riffs and lulling vocals that makes the entire album a masterpiece

    Mag 8 2007, 18:22
  • Simgirl012

    I completely agree with Tranceport. One of Paul Oakenfold's best albums I've ever heard [that's just my two cents ;)]. That album really is to be heard non-stop, from the start to the end. Nice choice there.

    Ott 27 2007, 13:37
  • PinkFloydrulez

    nice to see some love for astro lounge

    Lug 6 2008, 2:40
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